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Mosquito- Borne - ?· What are mosquito-borne diseases? Mosquito-borne diseases are illnesses…

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How can I preventmosquito-borne diseases?

1. Protect Against Mosquito Bitesv Use EPA-

registeredinsect repellentwith DEET,picaridin,IR3535, oil oflemoneucalyptus (para-menthane-diol) or 2-undecanone. Always follow the productlabel instructions.

v Do not use insect repellent on childrenyounger than 2 months. Do not useproducts with oil of lemon eucalyptus(para-menthane-diol) on children youngerthan 3 years.

v Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants.Cover crib, stroller and baby carrier withmosquito netting.

2. Avoid Mosquito Bites After Travelv Avoid mosquito bites for 3 weeks after travel.

This helps to reduce the spread of newdiseases to local New Jersey mosquitoeswhich may then infect other people.

3. Mosquito-Proof Your Home and Yardv Empty or

change outdoorstanding waterweekly to stopmosquitobreeding.

v Use window and door screens. Repairholes in screens to keep mosquitoesoutside and use air conditioning whenpossible.

New Jersey Department of HealthCommunicable Disease ServicePO Box 369Trenton, NJ 08625(609) 826-4872

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Where can I find moreinformation about mosquito-borne diseases?New Jersey Department of HealthCommunicable Disease Service:

New Jersey Department ofEnvironmental Protection Office ofMosquito Control Coordination:

Centers for Disease Control andPrevention Division of Vector-BorneDiseases:

Environmental Protection AgencyInsect Repellents:

What are mosquito-bornediseases?Mosquito-borne diseases are illnesses that arespread to humans by the bite of an infectedmosquito. In New Jersey, the most commonmosquito-borne diseases people can get fromlocal mosquitoes are:

v West Nile virusv Eastern equine encephalitis

In other areas, mosquito-borne diseasesinclude:

What are the symptoms ofmosquito-borne diseases?Most people infected with a mosquito-borneillness do not show any symptoms. Dependingon the disease, if symptoms do appear, theymay be mild. However, symptoms cansometimes be severe and result in death.Symptoms of a mosquito-borne disease typicallyappear 2-14 days after exposure.

Who is at risk formosquito-borne diseases?Anyone can get amosquito-borneillness, but peoplewho spend more timeoutside have a higherrisk of becominginfected. Older adultsand people with weakimmune systems maydevelop more severe illness.

How are mosquito-bornediseases diagnosed?Visit a healthcareprovider if you developany symptoms of amosquito-borneillness. Make sure tomention recent traveland outdoor activities.A healthcare providercan order blood tests to look for infection based onyour symptoms and exposure.

How do mosquito-bornediseases spread?Mosquitoes become infected when they feedon birds or mammals carrying the disease.Infected mosquitoes can then spread the diseaseto people and other animals such as horses.

Rarely, some mosquito-borne diseases can bespread through blood transfusion, organtransplantation, unprotected sex, breastfeedingand pregnancy.

M O S Q U I T O - B O R N E D I S E A S E S

v Chikungunya v Denguev Jamestown

Canyon virusv La Crosse


v Malaria v St. Louis

encephalitisv Yellow Feverv Zika

What is thetreatment formosquito-bornediseases?There are no vaccines orspecific treatments formost mosquito-bornediseases. Mild casesusually improve on theirown. In severe cases,patients may need to behospitalized. If you thinkyou or a family membermay have a mosquito-borne disease, call or visita healthcare provider.

Mild Illness

Severe Illness

Fever Joint pain Chills Body aches Headache Rash

High fever Paralysis Stiff neck Coma Seizures Heavy bleedingConfusion Brain swelling