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<ol><li> 1. REWARD WITHIN THE HR COMMUNITY Jamie Mackenzie Marketing Director </li><li> 2. A G E N D A 1. Incentive and recognition today 2. Reward for now, tomorrow and the future 3. Sodexo rewards in practice 4. Summary 2 Reward within the HR Community - Jamie Mackenzie </li><li> 3. Defining Reward A reward programme that is easily communicated across the business; managers use it daily to motivate and engage their staff with flexible / engaging communications tools; and it can be easily linked to key HR goals and objectives Incentive and recognition are components of reward: 76%Of those practising reward says this describes their ideal programme Incentives Recognition Designed to encourage people to achieve pre-defined objectives or targets Designed to reinforce behaviours on the job. In some cases it is not pre-defined, like on the spot awards </li><li> 4. 45% Practitioners HR professionals with programmes already in place 14% Planners HR professionals intending to introduce a programme 41% Non-practitioners HR professionals without a programme and no plans to introduce one 4 55%of HR professionals have no reward programme in place I&amp;R in practice Reward within the HR Community - Jamie Mackenzie </li><li> 5. Common challenges 5 No impact without communication Main challenge for Practitioners is communicating the programme Larger companies often have a widespread employee demographic, affecting communication channels Wide range of tools needed to communicate to whole workforce both online and technology-based media Visibility across multiple sites 63% insufficient senior management time devoted to incentives 63% measuring the impact of rewards on staff behaviour and morale 56% lack of clarity concerning objectives for staff incentives Reward within the HR Community - Jamie Mackenzie </li><li> 6. Having the right tools in place to effectively manage and communicate I&amp;R is key. Without these, it is difficult to determine whether the programme is achieving the companys objectives. 6 44%of non-practitioners think the portfolio of reward tools used are too basic or narrow Leveraging tools to deliver effective I&amp;R Information systems Dashboards, online reporting tools and automated tracking of performance and rewards take up Communication toolkits Online catalogues, apps, newsletters, briefings, product updates &amp; social media tools Proving ROI Demonstrating value to senior management; activity reports, ROI calculators, benchmarking tools, engagement surveys Reward within the HR Community - Jamie Mackenzie </li><li> 7. Why implement an I&amp;R programme? 7 Achieve core business KPIs Its proven that annual company objectives such as corporate revenues and KPIs are higher in organisations who actively reward their staff. 1. 3. 2. 6.6%Higher annual revenue achieved by companies who provide non-cash incentive &amp; recognition 4. Engage employees 86% of employees said that recognition for good work was one of the most important aspects of working life. 90% of employees said recognition programmes motivate them to do their job. Promote your company values Individuals who are rewarded feel proud and more likely to spread the word to family and friends, promoting your business outside of its direct circle. Be memorable Recipient is likely to think about your business whenever they think about or use their reward. Reward within the HR Community - Jamie Mackenzie </li><li> 8. VIDEO 8 Reward within the HR Community - Jamie Mackenzie </li><li> 9. Redefining reward for now, tomorrow and the future REWARD FOR NOW Rewarding on ad-hoc basis Gift card and vouchers REWARD FOR TOMORROW Rewarding as part of a strategic reward programme Online reward platform REWARD FOR THE FUTURE Rewarding long term individual objectives and performance Financial planning tool </li><li> 10. SODEXO GLOBALLY 10 Europes largest I&amp;R provider Global programme roll- out capability Active across all industries Reward within the HR Community - Jamie Mackenzie </li><li> 11. Conclusion 11 55% of companies do not practice I&amp;R 63% find communication to be the biggest challenge 6.6% higher revenues achieved in companies who practice I&amp;R Define your strategy Reward within the HR Community - Jamie Mackenzie 86% of employees say recognition for good work is critical in their working life REWARD FOR THE FUTURE REWARD FOR NOW REWARD FOR TOMORROW </li><li> 12. WIN A 200 SIMPLY GIFT CARD Create an account today to be in with a chance. Visit us at stand 501 </li></ol>