Moulding and Millwork Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Appealing

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  1. 1. Moulding and Millwork Ideas to Make Your Home Look MoreAppealingIf your walls are looking a bit bare and are in need for some detailing, adding moulding and millwork canmake them more appealing and create some depth. Moulding and millwork generally includes trim, crownmoulding and wainscoting. Moulding and millwork is typically made of wood but is also available in castmetals or modern materials like polymers. Window and door casings, baseboards, chair rail, crown moulding,wainscoting and window stool are all examples of moulding and millwork and are available in a wide variety ofdifferent shapes, sizes and styles.If you have a large house with high ceilings and wide areas, installing moulding and millwork can make thearea look cosier and more inviting. For a simple project, you need to make use of two or three pieces ofmoulding and millwork that can be applied around the ceiling as crown moulding or create your own look byusing multiple single pieces of moulding and millwork. If there is a large window or doorway in your home thatdraws attention, give it a chance to shine by layering the trim around the door or window in order to make it thecenter of attraction in the room. Moulding and millwork can make an ordinary room look extraordinary.There is more to moulding and millwork than just trimming. Moulding and millwork also includes wall coveringssuch as wainscoting or wood panelling. If you are tired and bored of the same old plain flat walls in yourkitchen, living room or master bedroom, add a bead-board or flat panelled wainscoting along the bottom of thewall in order to add depth and detail to the plain room. There are a number of types of wainscoting, from raisedto flat and is also available in both panels and interconnecting formats. Wainscoting can be purchased at alocal home improvement store.If youre looking to do something different, think outside the box. Use moulding and millwork to create stripes inyour bedroom or install some moulding and millwork around a ceiling fan in order to attract the eye. If you arelooking for a more elaborate look, buy hand-carved pieces of moulding and millwork from an antique shop or alocal artisan to add a historic design or an individualized flavor to a special room.For more information on Moulding Installation, including other interesting and informative articles and photos,please click on this link: Moulding and Millwork Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Appealing