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  • MOWILITH® LDM 2301

    Mowilith® LDM 2301 is an APEO-free dispersion based on vinyl acetate/vinyl ester that facilitates the formulation of water based intumescent paints. The product shows good adhesion to steel with great intumescent foams and fire resistant times in versatile formulations. With the characteristic of easy to formulate thin layers of paint, Mowilith® LDM 2301 enables a cost efficient formulation of water based paints.

    Interested in a product with excellent performance values being in accordance with the latest environmental and regulatory changes? We are looking forward to your contact.

    Impact of heat on unprotected steel (red curve) in comparison vs. steel coated with Mowilith® LDM 2301 based intumescent paint (blue curve)

    FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS • Excellent intumescent performance in

    water based paints

    • Cost efficient formulation of water based intumescent paints

    • APEO-free

    APPLICATION • Water based intumescent paints


    Chemical composition vinyl acetate/ vinyl ester copolymer

    Stabilisation emulsifier/cellulose derivatives

    Solid content 50%

    Tg approx. 25° C

    MFFT approx. 14° C

    Brookfield Viscosity 1.000 – 3.000 mPas

    Temperature [°C] Steel Coating

    Time 0







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