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University of Southampton The MRes Wildlife Conservation research masters degree is an exciting new addition to our portfolio of programmes, designed for graduates of biology, zoology, ecology and other relevant biological or ecological disciplines. It offers you the chance to build on the background of your undergraduate degree, while allowing you to develop within the field of wildlife conservation.

Text of MRes Wildlife Conservation

  • Connecting people with nature. MRes Wildlife Conservation

  • Nature is in a continuous state of flux but the rate of change is accelerating with uncertain outcomes for all species, including our own. Restoration of functioning ecosystems is critical but success is dependent upon 21st century conservation biologists with the aptitude, knowledge and experience required to rise to the challenge

  • Our new MRes in Wildlife Conservation is designed to support your development as part of the next generation of conservation biologists. This collaborative programme is jointly delivered by the University of Southamptons Centre for Biological Sciences and Marwell Wildlife, an action orientated conservation organisation.

    Marwell Wildlife (registered charity, number 275433) is dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity and other natural resources. The organisation works with local communities and a network of long term institutional partners towards aspirational and tangible outcomes for the benet of people and the environment. Marwell Wildlife also owns and operates a large zoological park in Hampshire in the south of England which provides a centre for the study of endangered species and their conservation, where you will be based for a proportion of the course.

    The MRes Wildlife Conservation is applicable to students with degrees in biology, zoology or ecology ; or a closely related subject; or those already working within a conservation organisation.

    Marwell-delivered modules include: Wildlife Conservation - Principles and Disciplines; and Techniques in Monitoring and surveying. A research skills and statistics module, with a focus on approaches essential to the analysis of datasets generated by conservation science, will be delivered by the University of Southampton. The course will begin with a taught element and following successful completion of this, you will undertake an in-depth 10-month individual research project. The research project will be in collaboration with Marwell Wildlifes ongoing conservation research, either in the UK or abroad. Research project preferences are indicated as part of your application and will aect course fees.

    You will:

    Learn from the existing team of conservation biologists at Marwell about a range of approaches and issues important to active wildlife conservation projects, and undertake a eld course with them in the UK or Africa.

    Develop an understanding of conservation endeavours along a critical spectrum: from individual animals, to populations, reintroductions, habitat restoration and sustainable living.

    Learn about the statistical and communication skills needed to draw robust conclusions from your work, publish them in peer-reviewed journals and engage wider communities and stakeholders in conservation science.

    Graduate from the University of Southampton and become a member of the Centre for Biological Sciences graduate school.

    Work alongside an active and dynamic team of practising conservation biologists and take the opportunity to expand your practical and research skills and to create, for yourself, a place within the conservation science community.

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    How to apply

    Applications should be made via the Universitys online application form.

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    For registration and further information contact:The Graduate School Office+44 (0)23 8059

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