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  • COMPANY CULTUREAt Management Systems International (MSI), we recognize that the success of our projectsand of our companydepends largely on our people. We pride ourselves on our diverse staff of individuals who are truly committed to improving peoples lives around the globe.


    MSI is a global international development firm based in Washington, D.C., providing specialized short-and long-term technical assistance. We are part of Coffey International Development, a development consulting firm with offices worldwide. Together, we employ more than 1,500 development professionals and manage more than 200 projects worldwide.

    We implement a range of analytical and field projects in our core technical areas: democracy and governance, strategic management and performance improvement, organizational capacity building, human development, and natural resource management. Our current and past clients include USAID, the U.S. Departments of State, Justice, and Agriculture, the World Bank, the World Wildlife Fund, and the United Nations.

    MSIs headquarters are located in Washington, D.C.; our houseboat offices make our headquarters a unique and fun place to work. We are constantly in search of talented development professionals to contribute to our team in D.C. and our field-based projects around the world.

    MSI has a great internship

    program. I started my

    career with MSI as a project

    management intern, later

    went on to work in the

    Business Development Unit

    and was recently promoted.

    One of the things that

    sets MSI apart from other

    international development

    firms is the accessibility of

    senior technical staff. At

    MSI, you are not learning

    the tricks of the trade

    through junior- or mid-

    level professionals but

    instead through a cadre of

    highly-qualified and capable

    experts. That accessibility

    in turn supports quality

    professional development.

    -Michelle Buckley Deputy Director, proposal ManageMent

    MSIs unique floating offices on the D.C. waterfront


    InternshIps & entry LeveL posItIons MSI has a comprehensive, paid internship program that provides talented individuals an opportunity to gain practical skills and experience in a wide range of roles. Interns work a flexible schedule of 32 hours a week and are offered transportation benefits. Nearly all of our entry-level openings are filled from our intern pool, making this a great way to start a development career. Internship opportunities are available throughout the year in many departments:

    experIenced headquarters staff MSI is always on the lookout for experienced technical, project management and administrative professionals. Successful applicants have substantial experience working for USAID-funded organizations (particularly USAID-funded contracts), demonstrated expertise in their subject area, pride in their work, and a strong team-focused orientation.

    Business Development


    Contracts Administration

    Financial Management and

    Human Resources Information and Communication Technologies Project Management RecruitmentAccounting Services

  • technIcaL dIrectors/Managers Our experienced development professionals have demonstrated technical depth in their chosen subject area and experience managing long-term field projects, conducting short-term technical assistance and writing winning proposals.

    project ManageMent Our senior project management team has substantial experience managing USAID-funded contracts and grants, in-depth knowledge of USAID rules and regulations, strong financial and personnel management skills and excellent multi-tasking abilities.

    operatIonsThese are experienced specialists in accounting, business development, communications, contracts, human relations, IT/IMS and other operational roles. Our staff are resident experts in their fields and have a commitment to international development and a strong teamwork orientation.

  • MSI puts a human face on U.S. government contracting. This is apparent in its informal style, trust in its team leaders far away from headquarters, and relentless commitment to do the right thing rather than tick a box. They are delightfully supportive of my professional development needs, which allows me to manage my projects more professionally and provide cutting-edge advice to beneficiaries. Last but not least, MSI is understanding of complex family situations, an increasingly important issue as time passes and the moves mount.

    -Juhani GrossMan chief of party, inDonesia project

    MsI fIeLd offIce

    WORKING ON AN OVERSEAS PROJECT Our projects take place across regions and practice areas; each project requires a range of staff members to implement and support project activities. Field projects usually offer employment opportunities for expatriates, local residents, and short-term contractors.

    chIefs of party COPs oversee all technical and managerial aspects of our projects. They are responsible for staff management and project implementation, ensuring that project deliverables are met, and serving as resident technical experts. Strong technical experience and prior USAID project management experience are required.

    technIcaL specIaLIsts Whether a projects focus is anti-corruption, conflict prevention, youth, or judicial reform, MSI works with experienced experts from relevant disciplines to provide technical oversight and ensure that we deliver high-quality services to our clients. The majority of our technical specialist roles are reserved for local hires; MSI is particularly proud of our large contingent of exceptional local staff.

  • JOINING MSIVisit MSIs careers website, to view current openings, sign up for our weekly jobs newsletter, or see answers to frequently asked questions.

    If you do not see a specific position fit, submit an application to our database ( Many positions have quick turnarounds that do not allow for advertising and are filled directly from our consultant pool.

    fIeLd operatIons staff Our projects encompass a breadth of regions and practice areas, and each project requires a broad range of staff members to implement and support project activities. Field projects usually offer employment opportunities for expatriates, local residents, and short-term contractors.

    consuLtants MSI regularly hires experienced consultants. Assignments range from approximately two weeks to three months, and are typically field based. Consultants often establish long-standing relationships with MSI, and many of our full-time technical staff are hired through our consultant pool.



    tel: +1.202.484.7170 | fax: +1. 202.488.0754 600 Water St., SW, Washington, DC 20024 USA