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Text of MUFON UFO Journal - 1990 8. August

  • Mufon UFO JournalNumber 268

    ) August 1990' $2.50

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    UFOs: The Impact of E.T.Contact Upon Society

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    FROM THE EDITORWith any luck we'll soon be back on our regular publication schedule. In themeantime, you'll find the contents of this issue not all that outdated. We havea startling story from a recent issue of Paris Match, a follow-up to last month's"Great Belgian UFO Flap," along with coverage of the MUFON 1990 Inter-national UFO Symposium and a brief survey of events in Medjugorje,Yugoslavia. Perhaps as soon as September we'll be devoting an entire issueto the subject of UFOs and religion. In the meantime, we appreciate yourpatience.


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  • F-16 Radar Tracks UFOby Marie-Therese de Brosses

    (Translated by Robert Durant)Robert Durant is a MUFON

    State Section Director living in Pen-nington, New Jersey.

    Paris Match is a slick French week-ly something like a classy cross be-tween Time and People magazines.It is very widely read and somethingof a journalistic institution. Althoughthe reader can count on the latestgossip concerning Charles and LadyDi, each issue also contains seriouscoverage of political and scientificissues.

    Thanks to the linguistic abilities ofmy wife, I have translated anastonishing article that appeared inthe July 5, 1990 issue. This recountsa series of sightings of a UFO overBelgium. There were thousands ofwitnesses, and the object was trackedsimultaneously by two ground radarinstallations and by the airborne in-tercept radars of two F-16 fighters sentto chase it.

    But by far the most significantaspect of this case is that the Belgiangovernment released all the data andworked in close cooperation with acivilian UFO research organization. Tothe best of my knowledge, this is uni-que in the history of ufology.

    Indeed, it is the "political" aspect thatprodded me to take the considerabletime and effort to make this translationavailable to ufologists worldwide via theMUFON UFO Journal.

    The article itself, by Marie-Theresede Brosses, is copyrighted by ParisMatch.

    The Belgian Defense Minister hasauthorized us to publish this report.It is the "scoop of the sky." These twoscreens (see photos) are the incon-testable witnesses of a meeting ofscience and fiction. In an unprece-dented action, the Belgian Air Forcehas released pictures of the radar im-

    ages of UFOs intercepted by the pilotsof their F-16 fighters. It was the preci-sion and clarity of the pictures thatconvinced the Defense Minister toorder full resources deployed in thegigantic chase of the UFO during theEaster weekend. Paris Match takesyou behind the symbols and numbersof these exceptional pictures todiscover the incredible performanceof those flying objects which are veryreal but nonetheless unidentified. Wemay not be the only ones in theuniverse.

    There are people in the military ser-vices who are normally silent on thissubject, but who now say the UFOsare not a myth. On June 22nd, forthe first time in history, an Air Forcerevealed an important piece of thisstory which is not science fiction.

    On this day, after going through ameticulous security screening, I foundmyself in the headquarters of theBelgian Air Force, near Brussels. Ina small room, Colonel DeBrouwer,Chief of Operations of the Belgian AirForce, started a video tape recorder.On the screen appeared the film thatwas brought back in the "black box"of the F-16 that was launched tochase the UFO. This, it turned out,was not the really important chase,which would happen two weeks later,when practically all of Belgium triedto capture the UFO. But until now wewere not told about the one Col.Brouwer was about to describe.

    The Belgian military had been onthe alert since November 1989, whennumerous reports by the Gendar-merie (National police force) beganpouring in daily telling of observationsof the UFOs above Belgian territory.It had started on the crazy night ofNovember 29, 1989, during which 30groups of witnesses, among themthree police patrols, scattered over800 square kilometers of territory be-

    tween Liege and the German/Neth-erlands border, reported UFOs. All ofthose witnesses observed for hours astrange triangular object nearly silent,maneuvering at very low speed andvery low altitude, without creating theleast amount of turbulence.

    As do all the world's Air Forces, theBelgian military have at their disposalsupersonic interceptor airplanes ready24 hours a day to take off with fiveminutes' notice. In this case we aretalking about two F-16 single-pilotfighters, armed with missiles. Head-quarters was prudent and conser-vative. During the previous month thetwo planes have twice been sent inresponse to sightings, but withoutresults. The first time they sawnothing. The second instance was at-tributed to an advertising searchlightfor a night club.

    On the night of March 30th, oneof the callers reporting a UFO was aCaptain of the national police at Pin-son, and Headquarters decided tomake a serious effort to verify thereports. In addition to the visualsightings, two radar installations alsosaw the UFO. One radar is at Glons,southeast of Brussels, which is part ofthe NATO defense group, and one atSemmerzake, west of the Capitol,which controls the military and civiliantraffic of the entire Beligan territory.The range of the two radars is 300kilometers, which is more thanenough to cover the area where thereports took place. In this region theland is fairly flat, rolling countrywithout any prominent hills. Theradar has a perfect view of all flyingobjects with an altitude about 200meters over the ground. Nevertheless,Headquarters determined to do somevery precise studies during the next55 minutes to eliminate the possibili-ty of prosaic explanations for the radarimages. Excellent atmospheric con-

    MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 268 August 1990

  • ditions prevailed, and there was nopossibility of false echoes due totemperature inversions.

    All military and civilian airplanesare equipped with a device called atransponder which permits their im-mediate identification on the radarscreen in the form of a coded signal.The radar echo received on that nightwas like that of an airplane that wasmoving at very low speed, about 50KM per hour, and frequently chang-ing direction and altitude. But it didnot send any identifying transpondersignal.

    Naturally, the Belgian Air Forcecan't permit an unidentified object tofly over its territory. So at 0005 hoursthe order was given to the F-16s totake off and to find the intruder. Thelead pilot concentrated on his radarscreen, w