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Text of MUFON UFO Journal - 2004 12. December

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    Crop circle effects onindividuals studied, p. 3.

    7.Alaskan encounter, p.


    UFO Press, p. 10.

    South Carolina UFO, p.11.

    New human speciesfound, p. 12.

    Whitley Strieber:What really matters, p.18.

    Michigan priest anET?,p.21.

    Calendar, p. 22.

    UFO Marketplace, p.23.

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    December 2004No. 440


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    Holiday Greetings2004 has been an exciting year for

    MUFON, and that is because of all thewonderful people working together tosolve the UFO mystery.

    It is not an easy job, but all of you, themembers andsupporters ofMUFON, havedone greatthings.

    S i g h t i n g shave increased,and you haveresponded bystepping up theinvestigations ofthese new j0hn Schuesslercases.

    Many have contributed to the pagesof the MUFON UFO Journal, othershave participated in the annual MUFONInternational UFO symposium, while oth-ers have supplied the results of their UFOresearch.

    Many have passed their best wishesand offers of support on to MUFONheadquarters. We appreciate all this andmore. We wish you all a happy and pros-

    perous holiday season and our best re-gards for the new year.

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  • UK researchers

    Crop circles effects on individuals studiedByLucyPringle

    Editor's Note: While many cropcircle researchers are concentratingon the physical effects on the plants(elongated or blown nodes, etc.) andthe soil within and around the circles,the UK's Lucy Pringle is focusing onthe possible effects of the circles onpeople who enter them.

    Interestingly, even some of thosewho emphasize plant and soil re-search, such as Nancy Talbott, havereported apparent physical and emo-tional effects from entering some ofthe circles.

    Results of Pringle's studies arenot yet compiled for the 2004 UKseason, but she and her colleagueshave compiled studies of the 2003season. Extensive charts have beendeveloped which may be viewed onMs. Pringle's website, http://home.darajiet/lucypringle.

    Techniques for measuring effectson individuals are constantly beingevaluated and modified, and it is dif-ficult to determine the extent towhich psychological effects causesome of the reported and measuredphysical effects.

    The appearance on June 15,2003, ofthe glorious Ogbourne St George forma-tion that appeared two miles from anyhabitation ushered in the season for me.

    Its complex series of crescents spi-raled outwards in increasing size from acentral circle, nestling snuggly beneaththe Ridgeway in Wiltshire far from theprying eyes of man.

    The Ridgeway is Britain's oldest road,which during its 85-mile (137km) jour-ney passes many other historic sites asit winds it way through Wiltshire,Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hertford-shire, starting at Avebury in Wiltshire andending its peregrinations at Ivanhoe Bea-con in Hertfordshire.

    The Ogbourne St. George formation.

    Long-time researcher ChristopherWeeks and I visited the formation on June17, two days after its arrival. The farmerwas loath to allow many people into theformation, as he did not wish his privacyinvaded nor his field damaged.

    I drove my car as far as I could, andthen the farmer kindly took us in his 4-wheel drive the rest of the way, bump-ing over deeply rutted terrain. For hu-mans to carry their equipment and walkover such an inaccessibly arduous andpitted tract of land seemed unlikely.

    We examined the formation in mi-nutely close detail, and at the end of anhour could find no evidence of humaninvolvement.

    The stalks were not crushed or bro-ken, and the gray bloom that gives thisearly crop its bluish look was still present.There was no evidence of pole or othermarks.

    The scene was unbelievably peace-

    ful; early summer at its best. Despite thecircle being only 48 hours old, the younggreen wheat had clearly been only lightlykissed and was rising up fast.

    Before entering the circle we buriedtwo pairs of bottles as control samples,and buried a series of pairs of bottlesinside. Towards the end of this exercise,Christopher suddenly asked how manymore bottles were to be buried, "Onlyone more set," I replied. "Thank good-ness for that," said Christopher, "then Iam getting out."

    I had not mentioned that I had alsobeen feeling far from well for some timeafter entering the circle. A feeling ofvague nausea, disorientation, headache,and just generally yuk. But our scientificresearch had to come first.

    As we walked back to my car we dis-cussed our symptoms, which were thenfast disappearing. We decided that thevortical energy of the circle had been


  • increased by a possible rebound of vor-tical energy from the steep banks of theRidgeway, doubling the natural effect.By the time we reached my car, we werefully recovered.

    However, within 48 hours Christopherdeveloped severe gout. This is not thefirst time it has happened to him aftervisiting crop circles. His gout recovered,we returned a week later to collect thebottles.

    Within 48 hours Christopher devel-oped gout once more.

    Causes of goutWe know that gout occurs as a result

    of uric crystals collecting around joints,causing painful inflammation. It is some-times thought that an abundance of richfood and red wine or port can be thecause. Christopher does not drink wineand eats well, mainly organic foods.

    Three other people who visited theformation all felt extremely thirsty as theyleft. Instead of drinking the water.theyhad brought with them, they all cravedred wine. Two of them had forgotten thiseffect when they revisited the formationat a later date. Unexpectedly, this effectwas repeated.

    They are naturally moderate red winedrinkers, but this compulsion was some-thing different.

    Could there be a chemical constitu-ent that is common to both red wine andthe cause of gout? Relating to red winereports, it has been suggested to me thatthe exogenous stimulus was a "kick" tothe reward centers of the brain, ratherthan a subconscious seeking of an in-gredient.

    The next question