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The Reason Thousands Trust MultiCam EZ ControlThe EZ Control concept began in the early 1980s as the mouse-and-graphical-user interface reshaped the personal computer. Building on this concept, MultiCam set off to develop a powerful, feature-rich motion control system that would be so easy to teach and use that it could empower the average person with the ability to produce CNC parts. When you purchase a MultiCam cutting solution, your goal is to automate a process. There are many competitive choices, but only MultiCam offers EZ Control -the ultimate advancement in the human machine interface (HMI) that allows anyone to run the CNC machine. When companies automate, they focus on reducing cost and maximizing profit by producing more parts faster and more accurately with less waste and less labor. EZ Control helps customers best achieve these goals, with the added benefits of shorter production times and extreme ease-of-use. If the machine operator is out and the next worker in line must continue with the days work, then the process is made possible with the EZ Control system. With only a few minutes of training, the replacement machine operator can continue with the workload and save the days production. Now that is EZ Control! The MultiCam motion control is one of the most powerful yet easy-to-use motion control systems available on machine tools today. No wonder MultiCam named its motion system EZ Control!






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EZ Control offers many powerful standard features:Open Architecture: EZ Control accepts both industry standard G-Code and HPGL files from almost any CAD/CAM software, so you can choose the software that bests meets your production requirements. High-level Math Algorithms: EZ Control supports linear-circular and helical interpolation along with simultaneous four-axis motion, which translates into clean, smooth motion from the most complicated cut files. Internal Diagnostic Self-test: EZ Control has a built-in self-test routine that will notify the operator of issues that may impact the production run. EZ Control features a simple-to-use keypad interface with built-in hot key control of all major user functions including online Help: Pause Button: EZ Control has a pause button that allows you to halt all motion, check the cut or tool, inspect the edge quality, make a change if necessary and press Continue to finish the cutting sequence. Not all changes made to the process will be immediate. Some will, if it affects "motion" it typically will take affect on the next pendown (the next new stroke). Material Libraries: Operators merely select a material type and thickness, and EZ Control accesses previously selected information to set up feeds and speeds along with other particulars that manage a perfect cut with no other operator knowledge required. Proximity Restart: If the power fails or other issues occur that cause the machine to stop, operators do not have to scrap the material and start the cutting sequence over. Complicated backplots or rewriting of the CNC program using jump to commands are not required. EZ Control includes a Proximity Restart function which allows the operator to simply move the tool to the area where the sequence was stopped and pick up where the machine left off. Your operator just saved the material and possibly the job!Mild Steel Shield ARC THICKNESS AMP 1/4 inch 60 FEED OPT

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More standard features:Depth Safety System: EZ Control provides maximum depth protection that helps programmers and operators prevent tools from crashing into the material or tabletop. Z-axis Management: EZ Control features automatic Z-Axis surfacing using an electric touch probe for fast, accurate location of Z reference at the top or the bottom of your material. Tool Management System: EZ Control enables operators to electronically calibrate tools automatically, which eliminates manual tool setting. This function stores tool offset values into non-volatile memory locations that can always be accessed, even after the machine is powered down. Tool Compensation: Tools change shape after sharpening. EZ Control provides tool compensation to adjust for tool variance, which allows parts to remain accurate and consistent in the cutting sequence. Cut Speed Override: EZ Control permits cut speeds to be issued from CAM software, and operators can always make changes in real time by overriding the machine on the fly. Unlike most cut speed overides, EZ Control does not overide rapid speeds which can significantly lengthen the cut cycle time. Spindle RPM Override: EZ Control permits spindle speeds to be issued from CAM software and overridden by the machine operator on the fly. Spindle direction can also be reversed for both right- and left-handed tools. Home Position Management: EZ Control has 10 non-volatile home position memory locations: one for the immediate job home and 9 additional homes for fast fixture locators. Complicated G Code work coordinate offsets are not required. DNC System: EZ Control provides Ethernet connection via TCP/IP. The control manages files of unlimited size and can immediately execute files without waiting for the whole job to be loaded!DNC System

Depth Safety System


The MultiCam EZ Control is a stand-alone board system based on the AMD SC520 microprocessor. The use of 64-bit motion profile algorithms using FPGA technology makes our controller excel in high-speed, continuous motion. It has a 5,000 vector/second sustained calculation and execution rate with 1000 line look ahead capacity. Files are received using a high speed direct Ethernet connection via TCP/IP. Files of unlimited size can be executed and started immediately without waiting for the whole job to be loaded (Drip Feed). The control can interpret HPGL (Hewlett Packard Graphics Language), M & G codes (EIA 274D), and our native (Cito) code internally. All programming is done off line and is accessed via our DNC system. The system has s-curve, circular and cubic spline interpolation. All systems are fully 3-dimensional.

Specifications: AMD SC520 microprocessor - 32 bit CPU, 80-bit FPU. - 80 bit floating point unit with 64 bit algorithms. - 8 Megabytes of RAM - Receive and motion buffers - 4 Megabytes of FLASH (3 Mb for user files) - inits, firmware 1 to 6 axes of coordinated motion Linear, circular, helical & smooth curve interpolation Supports axis mapping Linear and S-curve accelerations 5,000 vector/second sustained calculation and execution rate Pulse rate output up to 500,000 Hz +/- 134,217,727 maximum count range per axis (28 bit) 1000 Line Look Ahead Built-in self testing


Specifications (continued): On-board voltage monitoring. Brown out protection. Software shut-down for over/under voltage. Stand-alone or Hosted operations - On-board Ethernet 10Base-TX - EIA-232 serial port Keypad serial port On-Board EIA-485 (Modbus) serial port 4 user analog inputs (0 - 10 Volts, 500 hz) Easily configurable from host PC Real-time feedrate over-ride Program pausing Expandable I/O with remote interface boards Built-in HP-GL w/3D extensions & auto tool changing CNC (EIA-274) G-code format support Unlimited job file size Expansion Ports for custom daughter boards - Additional I/O - Additional EIA-232

* Specifications subject to change.


EZ SuiteEZ Control comes complete with EZ Suite, a set of powerful MS-Windows based software applications. Each EZ Suite application brings invaluable utility to machine owners and operators alike. EZ Suite updates and upgrades are free to Multicam owners. Connection Manager The Connection Manager configures the connection between a host PC and EZ Control. Connection manager has built-in testing features for diagnosing communications and selecting network IP addressing. One host computer system is able to speak to as many as 16 MultiCam machines via TC/IP network addressing. Thats right; one host computer handles bidirectional communications to many MultiCam Cutting Solutions on a single network. Job Name Server The Job Name Server program is an Advanced DNC that connects the MultiCam machine operator with folders on the network or host PC. It is easy to quickly find jobs for execution from the EZ Control keypad. Other features of Job Name Server help automate the production process even further. Job Console While EZ Control is based on a handheld control, if chosen, Job Console can be loaded on any Windows based PC to act as the graphical interface between a machine tool and the operator. Job Console allows the operator to preview and execute jobs as well as monitor the job progress, pause and resume the job, move to a specific point in the job, and move through the job a single cut at a time. Job Console adds a graphical interface to our proximity restart. Complicated back plots or rewriting of CNC program using jump to commands is not required. All of these activities are done with simple mouse clicks versus code edits. Point at the area of the job you want the MultiCam to resume and press start!


Job Editor For G-code literate operators or intensive tasks, the Job Editor application allows operators to preview and edit jobs through resizing, repositioning, or modifying current job files in any way. G-code editing has never been easier because each edit is shown with graphical feedback to the programmer. To assist with job optimization the user can display the machine rapid moves to verify the efficiency of the file. This information is invaluable to advanced programmers to help minimize production cycle times. A short production cycle means more parts in less time. Now thats EZ! Job Reporter The Job Reporter generates reports on machine use and job production cycles. The report results can be filtered and modified to