Music History for June 15, 2015

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  • 7/25/2019 Music History for June 15, 2015


    Music History for June 15, 2015

    Elvis Presleys new music single All Shook Up, debuts on the UK charts before its release in 1957,

    due to advance copies of the single which was intended for US troops in Europe but instead find

    their way into the hands of British DJs.

    The Platters perform their new hit Twilight Time on tonights broadcast of CBS_TVs Ed Sullivan

    Show in 1958.

    Country sensation Buck Owens collects his first country music single No.1 Billboard in 1963 with Act


    Jan and Dean release their music single Surf City in 1963.

    Peter and Gordon visit America for the first time in 1964 for their upcoming debut US performance

    of the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York.

    After a prolonged absence in 1964 due to tonsillitis during which he was replaced by Jimmy Nicol,

    Ringo Starr rejoins The Beatles on tour in Melbourne.

    Bob Dylan and his band begin recording a new song entitled Like A Rolling Stone in 1965. But after

    several attempts as a waltz of sorts, the song is abandoned until the next day, when the now-familiar

    hit version is recorded in 4/4 time.

    Capitol releases The Beatles newest US music album in 1966, a compilation of sorts entitled

    Yesterday and Today, featuring a bizarre cover by arts photographer Robert Whitaker where the

    group, dressed in butcher smocks, is surrounded by decapitated baby dolls and raw meat. The

    ensuing outrage forces the label to rush-release a new version with the group sitting in and around a

    large steamer trunk. Despite popular rumor, the photo has never been proven as a statement by the

    group on Vietnam or Capitols practice of butchering their UK albums for US releases; Whitaker

    alone remains responsible for the idea, which at least one Beatle later described as gross and stupid.

    Capitol merely stuck the new trunk cover over the original, and therefore, steamed Butcher Covers

    of the album are among the most popular collectibles in existence.

    John Mayalls Bluesbreakers loses its main guitarist, Peter Green in 1967, who quits to form a new

    band called Fleetwood Mac.

    Hee Haw makes its prime-time debut on CBS-TV in 1969, replacing the controversial Smothers

    Brothers show. The cast includes: Buck Owens, Roy Clark, Minnie Pearl and Grandpa Jones, among

    others. The first guest was Charley Pride and Loretta Lynn.

    Jimi Hendrix opens his new Electric Ladyland Studios in New York in 1970.

  • 7/25/2019 Music History for June 15, 2015


    The Guess Who music album Best of the Guess Who is certified gold in 1971.

    ABBA enters the UK album music charts for the first time in 1974 with their debut Waterloo.

    Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods Billy Dont Be A Hero climbs to the No.1 spot on the Billboard music

    chart in 1974.

    In 1977, 5th Dimensions Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., the married stars of the band, are given

    their own summer variety show on CBS-TV (a move which could lead directly to their stint as hosts

    of the syndicated countdown show Solid Gold.

    Ricky Skaggs reaches No.1 in Billboard with Country Boy in 1985. This would be the only chart-

    topping single to feature the Looney Tunes theme in an industrial break.

    Minnie Pearl performs in Joliet, Illinois in 1991, in what turns out to be her final show. She suffered

    a stroke two days later.

    With his latest release in 1993, My World, Ray Charles becomes the first musician to land an album

    on the Billboard charts in six consecutive decades.

    Tim McGraws Live Like You Were Dying video debuts on in 2004.

    Kellie Pickler got engaged in 2010 to More Than A Memory songwriter Kyle Jacobs on a beach in


    Blake Sheltons video Over debuts on CMT in 2012.

    Dwight Yoakam performs Streets Of Bakersfield, Fast As You and Act Naturally in 2013, adding a

    country thread to the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. The day also features Jack

    Johnson, The Lumineers and Chris Stapleton.

    And now it is time to say Happy Birthday to the people that brought us great music or had a hand in

    creating the music that we all love. Those born today, June 15th are:

  • 7/25/2019 Music History for June 15, 2015


    1910 David Rose singer songwriter who was born in London.

    1917 Leon Payne US country music singer who was blind in one eye at birth and lost sight of the

    other eye at childbirth.

    1929 Nigel Pickering guitarist, singer and co-founder of the musical group Spanky and Our Gang.

    1937 Waylon Jennings A protg of Buddy Holly he becomes a leader in the Outlaw movement of the

    1970s alongside his occasional duet partner, Willie Nelson. Jennings joins the Country Music Hall of

    Fame in 2001.

    1941 Harry Nilsson American singer and songwriter who achieved the peak of his success in the

    early 70s with hit music singles Everybodys Talkin, Without You, and Coconut.

    1943 Johnny Halliday born Jean-Phillip Smet is a French singer and actor. Often referred to as The

    French Elvis.

    1943 Muff Winwood The Spencer Davis Group.

    1946 Janet Lennon The Lennon Sisters.

    1946 Noddy Holder English musician and actor. He was the lead vocalist and guitarist for the rock

    band Slade.

    1949 Russell Hitchcock Australian musician and singer of the soft rock duo Air Supply.

    1949 Michael Lutz American singer and member of the rock

    group Brownsville Stations.

    1951 Steve Walsh American musician, singer and

    songwriter best known for his with the progressive rock

    group Kansas.

    1966 Michael Britt guitarist with Lonestar, which claims

    the Academy of Country Musics Top Industrial Steam

    cleanernew Group honor in 1995. The bands single Amazedtakes a pair of ACM trophies in 2000.



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