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  • 1. MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSIS: Demi Lovato - Skyscraper Shot Shot type and movement: High angle shotAnalysis This particular shot is used at the beginning of the music video which shows the figure of the artist walking through an isolated dessert, by using a high angle shot it makes the artist (Demi Lovato) appear very small, therefore creating a venerable representation of Demi. It also gives off a sense of helplessness whilst creating a sad mood for the audience which is common in this particular genre of music which is a pop ballad.Music/lyric: InstrumentalEdit: At the end of the high angle shot it slowly cuts to the next shot therefore matching the slow paced song.ShotShot type and movement: Extreme long shot, slowly trackingAnalysistowards the artist, with the slow movement matching the slow paced song. The extreme long shot establishes the setting, the setting itself creates a sense of isolation by having Demi surrounded by an empty desert. This therefore creates the idea that Demi feels alone, which leads to us as an audience feeling sympathetic towards her whilst also being able to relate to this particular feeling. The bland setting and dull colors also creates sad mood which anchors the fact that this song is a ballad.Music/lyric: Instrumental ShotShot type and movement: Close upEdit: At the end of the shot it cuts to the next shot. Analysis This music video consists of numerous close ups. These close up shots not only allow us as an audience to recognize the artist (Demi Lovato) but also allow us to see her facial expressions, which in this case are sad, therefore matching the genre of song and also creating a sad and worrying mood for the audience. Close up shots are up close and personal, therefore by using them in this particular video it makes it feel more personal to the audience by creating the sense that she as an artist trusts her fans enough to reveal her problems and struggles.Music/lyric: "Skies are crying, I am watching, catching tear drops in Edit: At the end of the shot cuts to the next shot. my hands"

2. ShotShot type and movement: Mid shot quickly tracking into a closeAnalysisup. The fast paced tracking shot anchors the change in mood. This particular tracking shot creates a complete change in mood for the audience. The faster paced tracking shot along with the close up showing the change in facial expression, the faster tempo and the drums being added into the music changes the mood completely from sad to empowering and encouraging. Whilst also changing the representation of Demi from venerable to strong by crating the sense that although she has been through struggles, she has come through them and she will not let them break her.Music/lyric: "As the smoke clears, I awaken and untangle you from Edit: At the end of the shot it cuts to the next shot. me" these lyrics also anchor the change in mood.Shotthe editing is faster than before, emphasizing the change in mood.Shot type and movement: Low angle shot followed by the camera Analysis tilting upwards The low angle shot creates a sense of authority and domination therefore creating a strong representation of Demi, unlike the shots used at the beginning of the scene. Therefore this shot also anchors the fact that the mood of the music video has changed from sad to encouraging for the audience by creating the sense that you can go through struggles but you can get through it. The camera then tilts up showing a long shot of Demi walking angrily towards the camera almost like she isn't afraid to show how she feels anymore.Music/lyric: "All my windows, still are brokenEdit: At the end of the shot it cuts straight to the nextBut I'm standing on my feet"shot.Read more: Demi Lovato - Skyscraper Lyrics | MetroLyrics