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My music video production for Paolo Nutini's Iron Sky

Text of Music Video Production Treatment A2

Music Video Practical Production Treatment and Plan for Edit

Music Video Practical Production Treatment and Plan for Edit

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We are proud individualsLiving for the cityBut the flamesCouldnt go much higher

We find God and religionsTo bait us with salvationBut no one, no nobodyCan give you the power

To riseOver loveOver hateThrough this iron sky thats fast becoming our mindOver fear and into freedom


1.25/1.47This is just instrumental based for the opening that gives me imagery of various instruments being played in front of me. We now hear the start of the lyrics. The line proud individuals suggest people who are upright and distinguish themselves as their own person. Living in the city adds to this with me imagining these people outside in urban areas looking different from all others around them. When the lyrics but the flames makes me have the imagery of tyranny and hell representing what is around them as being a fully-fledged materialistic world.

We find gods and religion to bait us with salvation. Having religious imagery shows a fight for good and people coming together however, the word bait shows it is trying to entice us towards it and brainwash what we think. This can be seen as a true representation of religion because of all the extremist groups at the moment and in the past, such as the KKK and ISIS. Then saying nobody can give you the power suggest you must work for what you want in life and dont expect that wealth and being part of a group can make you a powerful symbol.

The next stanza, which is the chorus leads on from the previous verse and we see that emotions are now an obstruction to the path of freedom and becoming a strong individual. The emotions are both good and bad, love is an emotion that takes hold and makes you find your soul mate while hate can cause a person to do certain events that can cause themselves harm and sometimes others. The emotion of fear is what holds us back the most as it is the last feeling the musician says. Fear causes people to stop chasing their dreams and becoming what they were destined for. Lastly Paolo uses the title name for the first time in his lyrics here when he address the sky as this iron sky, this shows that the mind of person with all these emotions makes them feel okay in this shell and they become entrapped with these emotions looming over them.

Oh, thats lifeThats dripping down the wallsOf a dream that cannot breatheIn this harsh realityMass confusion spoon fed to the blindServes now to define our cold society

From which well riseOver loveOver hateThrough this iron sky thats fast becoming our mindOver fear and into freedom

Youve just got to hold onYouve just got to hold on



2.44/2.54We are giving this metaphorical outlook on life as the lyrics suggest paint dripping on the wall and when it says cannot breathe paint dries up because of the molecules reacting with oxygen (science)! This is true with people we can look at it from a geographical perspective through the world polluting itself causing people to become ill from the harmful toxins in the air. But also the hardship in life when you make the climb to greatness but so many fall back down because of problems they dont think they can overcome along the way. The next line Mass confusion spoon fed to the blind. Makes me think of a baby being given food and knowing this child will have to go through the same hardship as all the other people in the world. It also makes me think of poverty and how some less fortunate souls havent even got food or water to survive but we dont really care because no one does anything we just ask others to do it for us. The next line backs up this claim Serves now to define our cold society. We as a people are lost and cold in our attitude to helping others around us.

The chorus plays for a second time. Again I feel the same sought of emotions as the previous one.

Here we see that the repetition of the same line. This shows a direct message that you have to hold on to your dreams, the certain aspects of life that you love and the emotions that are trying to escape from you. I personally believe that loving someone isnt a negative aspect however, the notion of love can be false and cause pain and suffering within you.

[Charlie Chaplins speech from The Great Dictator]To those who can hear me, I say - do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed - the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish... Dont give yourselves to these unnatural men - machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle!... You are men! You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.... let us use that power - let us all unite.

3.18/3.58I believe this is the strongest part of the song and the most influential of the words heard. The speech from Charlie Chaplin is only partly used but to understand how many issues he covers in this short speech you can understand how much this correlates with Paolo Nutinis lyrics. The misery signifies our culture now being all about reality T.V. and movie star gossip with materialistic products being the main focal point of our society. Later he says the word men six times and only on last time he says the word (in conjunction with the sentences they belong to) does he add a positive comment. Men who are usually the people in charge in political power regimes make decisions that dont usually benefit their own people. This is true as we have had tyrannical leaders in the past and present such as Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Colonel Gaddafi and Kim Jong Un. This is what it is targeted to. The film was done when Hitler had managed to rise to power but before his bloodshed had happened. Adding my own subjective view I believe Charlie Chaplin was also talking about fake Democracy in our world because when he does the speech a structure in the background has a similar architecture as the white house. This can be seen as having truth because of their illegal war in Afghanistan with the apparent threat of WMDs that were never discovered and the incidents that have happened in their country that have evidence of not being the culprit or culprits in question. I think Charlie Chaplin had the structure to show that the leaders can become an issue rather than a solution, and to address the people to think about who is the right person to lead them. In the last part of the lyrics it has a direct mode of address breaking the fourth wall saying You (showing he is talking to the person listening to the song to here is words and think. This link shows the full speech and how evident this song is, in conjunction with the speech before it.

And well riseOver loveOver hateThrough this iron sky thats fast becoming our mindOver fear and into freedomInto freedom

From which well riseOver loveOver hateThrough this iron sky thats fast becoming our mindOver fear and into freedomFreedom, freedom

From which well riseOver loveOver hateThrough this iron sky thats fast becoming our mindOver fear and into freedomFreedom, freedom Oh, rain on meRain on meRain on me



5.36/6.13The song emphasizes its message by saying the chorus a further three times. Adding the extra freedom words show a sense of clear emotional impacting lyrics that try to distinguish the subject matter of freedom and equality between all of humanity. As Above

As above

I think that the rain on me shows a person who wants to feel the full force of nature taking control, or the mood of being blank and wishing for misfortune to befall him like the others it happens to.