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  • 1. Common ft. I Want YouRevised: 16/10/2012
  • 2. IntroductionThis presentation is to inform you on the music genre, the artist, our themeand our plan for our music video. We want to deviate from the original musicvideo and add a bit of urban street culture to it.In my group we are all very efficient in different areas in this area which iswhy I believe we can make this video as good as it can possibly be. As agroup, we have extremely creative people, fantastic time keepers andenthusiastic characters and there can not be any better for a group creatinga music video.
  • 3. Target AudienceOne of the fundamentals of music videos is the target audience.There is no point of making a music video without having aaudience to target, its pretty basic. For example; a song likeOne Direction What makes you beautiful, would be targetedat young girls, aged around 12-18 simply because they lust forthis kind of music. The clothes they would be wearing wouldalso please the eye or have similarities to the target audience.Our target audience is pretty tricky to figure out because thiskind of song can be for anyone who is having an affair or once ina very intimate relationship. I wouldnt say this music videowould be for anyone below the age of 18 simply because of itscontent and the meaning, it wouldnt really relate to anyonewhos not fully matured yet.It wouldnt be a wide target audience but Im going for roughlypeople aged 18-28 simply because they are most likely to beengaged in this kind of affair. Although going by my research15-18 year olds listen to R&B the most.The people this song would be targeting would obviously haveto be interested in Rap/RnB because thats the genre of thesong. RnB is a style of music developed by African Americansthat combines blues and jazz, characterized by a strongbackbeat and repeated variations on syncopated instrumentalphrases.Which is generally to do with relationships and the differentscenarios that can be made up of stories aboutlove, affairs, make ups and break ups.
  • 4. Song ChoiceWe want to put across the definition of love and what it islike to miss somebody and not being able to move on andwe believe this song would match the meaning oh soperfectly because of the lyrics and song title I Want You.If you look at the original video, you can pretty muchunderstand the meaning of the song which is what makesthe video so spectacular and difficult to emulate, but webelieve we can do BETTER!One thing people obsess about today and dont really knowthe meaning of is LOVE. People are so obsessed withfinding their love as if its something you work for, itcomes and goes and this is what the song puts across. Webelieve this song is relevant and has such a powerfulmeaning that it would work really well because as aunit, we are very imaginative and creative. Another reasonwe chose it is because its very rare you see many powerfullove related hip hop songs and we as a group fall under theHip-Hop subculture in terms of the way we dress, act andrepresent ourselves as people in society.Ive been thinking bout, Ive been thinking aboutIve been thinking bout you latelyThoughts take me to when we were close this prettymuch makes the meaning of the song so obvious. He hasclearly found it hard to move on from the past and whatkind of relationship him and his former companion used toshare.
  • 5. Lyrics & Video Once the love was strong Now its long, long gone cause the pain, pain now as a storm I remained, holding on cause I want you, cause I want you I want you, I want you Ive been thinking bout, Ive been thinking about Ive been thinking bout you lately Thoughts take me to when we were close Addicted to your love, feel I need another dose I know its a feeling that should be long gone Things seem to come up when I hear our song Golden brown girl, it seemed so long Since I heard your voice, where did the king go wrong? Emotions that, that they linger on I guess cause I never knew a love so strong So many hot girls I need your warm The taste of your mouth girl I need your warm Good food and love I need your warm This here was made before we were born A dreamer so Im a keep dreaming on Its kind of like The Breakup with Jen and Vince Vaughn [Chorus:] Once the love was strong Now its long, long gone cause the pain, pain now as a storm I remained, holding on cause I want you, cause I want you I want you, I want you cause I want you, cause I want you I want you, I want you They say you dont know, know, know what you got Till what you got is gone Yeah I write such and such, youre a lot but the feelings not as strong We were like 2 birds that were able to fly I try to pick the right words to say to the sky Some days I would try but wasnt able to cry I never been good at saying goodbye I take a deep breath when the times is hard When I reminisce over you, my God I spent many years trying to be the heartthrob I guess its only right that I got my heart robbed The scent of a room that reminds me of you A hint of perfume it reminds me of you Take a look at the moon it reminds me of you Hope the stars and the gods align me and you [Chorus]
  • 6. Music Video IdeaOur music video would have to reflect the theme of the song we have comeup with many ideas on how to make that happen. As a group, weve hadmany discussions on how to make this music video as good as we canpossibly make it, everyone jotted down their ideas and came to a conclusion.This video is not going to be basic nor extremely advanced.The main characters in the video will be the man who finds it hard to moveon from the girl and the girl he reminisces about. As he thinks abouther, things start to go real slow and this vision will be in Black and White(flash backs). All these thoughts and memories will be prompted by seeingher again. He is embedded with the things they use to do when he sees herand seems to forget he has supposedly moved on.
  • 7. Locationwe have many different locations but one ofthe main places and where we believe themusic video will really come alive is in CentralLondon, preferably near the London Eye.Why? Because at times it can be seen as aplace where people can reflect and thinkabout things. Thats exactly what the malecharacter in the music video is doing, thinkingabout his former partner. Another place wouldbe the studios we are lucky to be using whichwill be provided by the academy. We will beusing the studio for the chorus mainly whenour other male character will be lip syncingthe chorus.When the main character is reminiscing, wewant to use Kelsey Park near the lake becauseit really does give the romantic aura which ispretty much what the music video is about.
  • 8. PropsFor the props we will need to use Images of lights and jewellerystudio lights which are provided by must go herethe academy as we intend for thechorus to have a black backgroundwith lights. We plan to use thistechnique to fit in with the genre ofthe music video we are planning tocreate. Hip hop and R&B tend to haveextreme close ups of Jewellery andthe artist face, so along with extremeclose ups with studio lights on a blackbackground brings out the detail ofthe Jewellery we will be using in ourvideo.
  • 9. Costume female actressFemale Actress: will be wearing high heels, tights/ leggings, top and coat, with straight hair. Thereason for this is because the representation of her will be sexy as the hip hop and R&B genrefeatures half naked sexy women in there videos but we will have her clothed as it will beinappropriate to shoot scenes in the streets with our female actress wearing minimal clothing.So to compensate for this I have decided female actress will wear red heels to connote lust andloveSlim fitting dark blue jeans to show her figure in a fetish tic way and a cream and red jumper toshow sophistication as well as show her figure in a fetish tic way by this costume she will fit theR&B genre in a fetish tic way rather than a voyeuristic way so she will feel comfortable whilstshooting also considering the fact it is winter and it is cold outside.
  • 10. Costume male actor 1Male actor 1: will be wearing a hoodie, jeans and trainers as it is a subliminalrepresentation of the urban street life style. So to represent this I am goingto have h