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Contributions were made to the My Style online blog on a weekly basis from August to December, 2010. Innovative, unusual and design focused products were sourced from the internet, popular online parenting blogs and product pages. Blog entries allowed me to showcase my personality and writing style as well as gain experience laying out images.

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  • Growing, growing, gone

    Words by Hannah Thompson from My Style 20 December 2010

    Height is something that many of us have an issue with. For those who are lucky enough to be growing and havent reached maturity its pretty important to keep track of how youre getting along. For the goal setters out there, I recommend picking a number and willing yourself to get to that height. Theres nothing wrong with a little positive thinking, eh? Check out these height charts by Aussie brand Mister Mista. Featuring illustrations that rival Nickelodeon masterpieces, the charts are designed for boys and therefore have appropriate themes. The devil is in the details, with themes as wild as a Big Lebowski-inspired bowling jaunt, to a spooky, haunted mansion and a Three Little Pigs DJ collective. Best of all, theyre wall decals that can be peeled and repositioned to your heights delight. Visit (Source)

    Wear the force

    Words by Hannah Thompson from My Style 20 December 2010

    Ive only recently gained an appreciation of the wondrous world of Star Wars (I know, shame on me) but you can learn from the mistakes of my parents and educate your children much earlier. The lessons to be learned from the films are priceless: not all criminals are necessarily bad, the government isnt always right, stay away from hordes of clones and dont kiss your sister Oh, and be as overdramatic as possible. Younger members of the Rebel Alliance and Imperial Forces can pick up some sweet Star Wars gear from Fabric Flavours. The retro-style prints feature awesome art, cool quotes and an appliqud logo on the sleeve. I love that there is a saying imprinted into the inner collar of each shirt; it almost makes you want to wear them backwards. Find yours at (Source)

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  • The classic tee

    Words by Hannah Thompson from My Style 6 December 2010

    One of my favourite hobbies is trawling through second-hand bookshops and admiring the art adorning the covers of the classics. Unfortunately, with the rise of the e-book, these beautiful books are so often left to sit forgotten at the back of a dusty shelf. Out Of Print has licensed some of the most iconic covers and transferred them onto a tee for you to proudly declare your favourite reads. Until recently this privilege was only for adults, but now anyone two years and older can wear one! And, with every purchase a book will be donated to a community in Africa. Visit to get yours before their print run finishes too. (Source)

    Charitable creativity

    Words by Hannah Thompson from My Style 22 November 2010

    Heres one for the Triple J tragics out there, which definitely includes me. The Indie Rock Colouring Book joins my mutual love of trying to keep inside the lines with some of the most awesome music imaginable. Your kids (and by your kids I mean you) will have the best time colouring MGMTs playground, working through the Broken Social Scene maze and finding the birds inside Devendra Banharts beard. All proceeds go to charity thanks to the Yellow Bird Project, a Canadian not-for-profit organisation that links artists and great causes. Just make sure youve got a good assortment of colours to make the best of the book. Check it out at (Source)

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  • Grow your greeting

    Words by Hannah Thompson from My Style 22 November 2010

    When I was younger, a globetrotting aunt of mine would intermittently send my family a postcard from some exotic destination. It was incredibly exciting to not only see where in the world she was but also know somebody was thinking of us. Now the reign of Postman Pat is coming to an end thanks to faster, new-fangled electronic mail, but theres still nothing like getting a little surprise in the letterbox that isnt a bill. PostCardens, by Another Studio for Design, are the most quirky and fun postcards Ive seen in a long time. Your chosen recipient can grow their own garden inside each one of the five themes, including a botanical garden and a football pitch. Check them out, as well as some cool time-lapse photography, at (Source)

    A little privacy please

    Words by Hannah Thompson from My Style 15 November 2010

    IIm one of those people who doesnt think its anyones business to know about my, ahem, bathroom behaviours. I can therefore totally understand why children being toilet trained might get a little performance anxiety if everyone can see what theyre doing. Ma Cacabane by French company Piroette Cacahouete provides a fun and private place for your portable potty to reside. The inside of this 100 percent recyclable cardboard cubby features cool illustrations by Marie Paruit, which are like a childs equivalent to the morning paper. You can find them at (Source)

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  • Forever young

    Words by Hannah Thompson from My Style 1 November 2010

    How embarrassing are your baby pics? I know that Ive rocked some amazing styles over the years. Think of your best (read: awkward and downright strange) childhood pictures that are tucked away in a nameless photo album and give you an instant giggle. Now that youre all grown up, imagine recreating them, outfit and all, as you are today. Young Me/Now Me is the brainchild of American performance artist Ze Frank and has adults around the world posting images that show just how far theyve come. From the downright hilarious to the very touching, the site and its accompanying blog will be your new favourite time waster. The amount of effort that has been put into some of the shots is incredible, including the same facial expressions and outfits. Im keen to attempt to squeeze into an old dancing outfit and try it out for myself. Go to, just dont blame me when youve lost half of the day. (Source)

    High society style

    Words by Hannah Thompson from My Style 25 October 2010

    Oscar de la Renta has been responsible for some of the most beautiful ready-to-wear collections since the early 1960s. Featuring capped sleeves and floral prints, this line of fabulous frocks is for fashion-forward society ladies sized six and under (thats a childs six, not a models). Ive fallen in love with the velvet and lace frock; its old-world charm and considered construction have resulted in a piece that will remain admired for years to come. View the full range at (Source)

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  • Me too, me too!

    Words by Hannah Thompson from My Style 25 October 2010

    Italian furniture company Magis has been behind some groundbreaking domestic design, with their items appearing in modern museums around the world and receiving countless awards. In 2004 Magis brought their brilliance to kids items. Their Mee Too brand caters for children aged two to six, and each of the quirky, modern designs encapsulates the whimsy and wonder of kids lives. I absolutely love the Nido hideout from designer Javier Marsical. Looking like an alien, insect and monster all at once, Nido excites the imagination while providing a secure place to play. Maybe they could make one for adults too! Check out more at (Source)

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  • Perfect portraits

    Words Hannah Thompson from My Style13 September 2010

    You might have seen some snaps from Lisa Allport, from Babies by Lisa, in our spring issues newborn fashion shoot (theyre pure heaven). At the My Child office we have been blown away by these beautiful shots. This mum of three has taken her passion for babies, family and art, and turned it into stunning and creative portraiture. Its not hard to get lost in every one of them!Specialising in newborn photography, Lisa has an amazing ability to capture the precious moments in the first two weeks of your babys life. I think her most gorgeous images are those that showcase natural fibres and textures against a newborns skin. Located on the Central Coast of NSW, Lisa also travels to the Hunter and Sydney regions for photographic sessions. To see more beautiful, modern keepsakes visit (Source)

    Stylish Sprouts

    Words Hannah Thompson from My Style30 August 2010

    Maybe I would eat my veg if the brussel sprouts on my plate looked this good! The mother and daughter team from Aussie brand Brusselsprouts has created super looks for girls and boys. Every one of the unusual but totally cool designs is handmade, and this season they feature vibrant reds and charming prints. Its pretty hard to pick between the frocks, shorts and shirts, but theyre a must for fashionable kids. Check them out at (Source)

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