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My Crazy Journey to Medical School

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My Crazy Journey to Medical School. Allie Thomas. So you want to go to medical school Where?. There are just over 200 medical schools in the U.S. AAMC Medical School Admission Requirements Definitive resource for every Medical school in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of My Crazy Journey to Medical School

The Journey to Medical School

My Crazy Journey to Medical SchoolAllie Thomas

1So you want to go to medical school Where?There are just over 200 medical schools in the U.S.AAMC Medical School Admission RequirementsDefinitive resource for everyMedical school in the U.S., Canada, and the

2In state Schools In state schools are a definite choice for applicants.Almost everyone applies to their in state schools and several (like myself) only apply to state schoolsBenefitsCheaper tuition! (much cheaper!) without sacrificing quality, as they receive funding from the state.More likely to get an interview and be accepted if you are an in state resident!3Tennessee and Kentucky SchoolsIn state tuition Tennessee Schools (tuition $16000-17000/yr)University of Tennessee MemphisEast Tennessee State University Johnson City, TNPrivate Tennessee SchoolsVanderbilt University (very competitive $32,000/yr)Meharry Medical School ($26,000/yr)In state tuition Kentucky Schools ($22,000/yr)University of LouisvilleUniversity of Kentucky

4Components of the applicationAll medical schools accept primary applications through the AMCAS website hosted by the AAMCApplications available on AMCAS website starting in May or June 1st. FEES! (expect a 130$ fee for just filling out the application and 30$ for each school you are applying to)APPLY EARLY!Transcripts are sent to AMCAS. (Enter requests spring of your junior year and make sure they include that semesters grades)You have to manually enter your courses and grades in for EVERY college course you have ever taken (tedious and it can take a while just sit down with your transcript and do it in one sitting)5Components of the applicationGrades! Grades! Grades! (3.5 combined and above is standard for most state schools)MCAT scoresPrep books of every flavor availableIf you have the resources, take the MCAT course which can help raise your score significantlyPRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!AAMC provides one full length free practice test with MCAT registrationKaplan website (personally I preferred their books over McGraw Hill because they had a lot more MCAT like practice questions)6Components of application (cont.)List of all extracurricular activitiesSports, clubs, honors societies, awards, volunteer work (brighter shinier nickel)Above all though do things you like and are passionate about. Show initiative. Dont just be the president of a club for the credentials do it because you like it so you have something to talk about thats genuine.VOLUNTEER IN A HOSPITAL (talk to Dr. Robertson volunteer applications at Gateway accepted before school in the fall and spring semesters contact person Sandy Wooten.)Very important to admissions committeesEVERY interviewer asks about clinical experienceComparable experienceEMTNursingCaregiver for nursing home or chronically ill

7Components of application (cont.)Recommend you take MCAT in spring of Junior yearRegister at AAMC website

8Components of application (cont.)Personal StatementMake it Personal, you dont have a lot of space Admissions committee people like an engaging essay, they really do read them!GRAMMAR!Blurbs on applicationEvery activity you put on the application, up to 15, you can write a small blurb about. Use up EVERY word, it will save you space in your personal essay.GRAMMAR!

9Secondary Applications, The Gauntlet has been thrown!Yeah! You got invited for a secondaryMORE FEES! (One of my fees got lost in the mail, ironically to the school I am going to, make sure to send fees in the mail certified)MORE ESSAYS! Just when you thought you couldnt write ANY more.This is when your recommendation letters come in handy. The more competitive the school, the more these letters count!If you did research with someone ask them for an recommendation and any teacher you did really well with who knew you a little moreTwo recommendations from science professor (minimum)One from non science professor (minimum)Some schools accept additional recommendations from volunteer groups (Sandy Wooten at gateway if you did that program), employers etc.10INTERVIEWOMG! An interview! After months of applications and countless hours describing in detail every thing you have ever done in your life. You get to talk about it IN PERSON!

11Preparing for the InterviewBuy a suit!Practice! (yes I know again)Conservative dress (no hot pink or flames)Figure out what you want to know about the schoolFacilitiesFinancial aidProfessorsA tour with current medical students who do not report to admissions committee is usually involved. Wear comfy shoes and come with LOTS of questions.Studentdoc.comGives interview example questions from other students who have already had interviews at your school the interviewDont rush (yeah I did that at the first one)Practice responses to common questions so they are not a surpriseBest one I got that I felt I did well onWhat is the best thing that has ever happened to you?How do you feel about HMOs? Politics and general questions about healthcare policy are part of the interview. Its not what you believe its how thoughtful you are about it. Shows interviewer your ability to analyze a position for both strengths weaknesses, and potential benefits over long termGlad I didnt get this one!If you wanted me to tell the adcom one thing about you to persuade them to admit you, what would it be?One I got that I kind of froze onWhat are your three weaknesses and three strengths? 13And Now We wait.Some schools take longer than others to get back to you after the interviewSome are quick (under a week for me from Louisville) snail mailSome take longer (more than a month for UK) snail mailAcceptance requires a depositUsually about $100Must give up seats to schools not attending by May 15th14Which one to pickHow did you like the facilities?What were the other med students like?Was the testing schedules and environments comfortable to you?

15Which one to pickDo you want MD/PhD?More research oriented programsWhat kind of environment do you thrive in?Very CompetitiveLaid back




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