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  • My Favorite Number Project Do you have a favorite number? My first favorite number was 4 because I was born in April and I liked how it was an even number and a perfect square number. Now my favorite number is 18 because it is the date of my birthday and wedding anniversary. For this project you will select your favorite number and discover some information about it. Your final product will be a six page booklet that is accurate and typed. Be creative!

    Expectations (your six page booklet is outlined below)

    Page 1) Cover Write your favorite number, your name, date, and period.

    Page 2) Personal Connection Write one paragraph that explains why you picked the

    number. Tell why your number is special to YOU!

    Page 3) Application. Determine the following:

    Apply the divisibility rules to determine whether or not 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, or 10 are

    factors of your number. Show your work.

    List all the factors of your number.

    Is your number prime or composite? Explain why or why not.

    Find the prime factorization of your number. Show your work.

    List the first 5 multiples of your number.

    Square and cube your number. Show your work.

    Ask a friend or relative what their favorite number is. Pair this number with

    yours. Find the GCF and LCM of these two numbers. Show your work.

    Page 4) Research Find some fun facts about your number. Be creative in your

    research. Include at least 10 fun facts.

    Page 5) Glossary At the end of your booklet list the 10 vocabulary terms underlined

    above in alphabetical order and write their definitions.

    Page 6) Rave Reviews When you are finished with your booklet ask a friend,

    classmate, family member, or teacher to read it. Ask that person to write a brief review

    about your project. You need to have at least 3 people review your work.

    DUE DATE _____________________ Staple this page to the back of your project.