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My School Year. By Christina. In this power point you will see that in Mrs. Nam’s fourth grade class has learned so much this year! I am so happy I got put in this class !. The Nutcracker Field Trip. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Room 16s Year

My School YearBy ChristinaIn this power point you will see that in Mrs. Nams fourth grade class has learned so much this year! I am so happy I got put in this class !

The Nutcracker Field TripThe first field trip we went on was to go see The Nutcracker in December around Christmas time. It was a dress rehearsal and there were many other classes seeing it too. The company that put it on was the Stapleton Ballet Center.

The Sacramento Field TripAre next field trip was to Sacramento. First, we got a tour of the capitol building. We also got to see lots of the rooms and the paintings of former governors. Then we went to Sutters Fort and saw how the pioneers used to live. While we were there they were making nails, candles, and more. They even shot a real cannon while we were there!

The Audubon field TripOur last field trip was to the Audubon. We were split up into groups and had our own tour guides. They showed us plants and animals. We saw egrets, newts, and many more!

Fractions In MathFractions are very useful to know. You can use them many ways. First if you are cooking and it says to put 2/3 cup of water in the meal you are cooking you will know how much to put in. Also if you are driving and it says you are of a mile from your destination you will know how far you are.

ELAIn fourth grade we have read many books. First, we read Stone Fox that was about a boy named Willy who enters a race with his dog to get money to save his grandpa. Next, we read Island of the Blue Dolphins it was about a girl who gets stranded on an island for years with only her dog Rontu. Then, we read Patty Reeds Doll that was about a family who took the journey to California on a covered wagon. Last, we read By the Great Horn Spoon which was about a boy named Jack and his butler Praiseworthy who went around Cape Horn to get to California to go gold mining.

Social StudiesIn social studies we learned a couple things. First, we learned about California Indians and there tribes, what they ate, how they lived, and other things. Then, we learned about Missions and why the Conquistadors built them. Next, we leaned about Moving West and why they did it, how they did it, what the dangers were, and other things. After that, we learned about the government and about the three branches, how they make laws, and many more things. Last, we learned about the Gold Rush and who found gold first, how did they get to California, was it easy to find gold, and many other things.

ArtSometimes, art docents will come into the classroom and will teach us to draw or paint things. First, near Halloween time they came in and we painted haunted houses. Next, when we were learning about moving west they came in and we painted a prairie for the background and put in some covered wagon and oxen. Last, they came and we made really cool Indian masks with paint, beads, feathers, and coloring utensils.

Thank You For Watching!