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NAC Technologies Networking Audio & Computers

NAC Technologies

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NAC Technologies. Networking Audio & Computers. NAC Technologies. Audio Event pkgs. *Photos courtesy of Renaissance Cleveland Hotel Ted Van Hyning. NAC Technologies. Portable Networking Solutions. NAC Technologies. Technology Conferences. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • NAC TechnologiesNetworkingAudio &Computers

  • NAC Technologies

    Audio Event pkgs.

    *Photos courtesy of Renaissance Cleveland Hotel Ted Van Hyning

  • NAC Technologies

    Portable Networking Solutions

  • NAC Technologies

    Technology Conferences

  • NAC TechnologiesFaster More Reliable Networking Packages* -Routers -Switches -Cat 5e wired

    *Shared = Wireless 54mbps VS. Dedicated = Wired 100mbps

    Production Packages -Audio -Nexo Line Array Technology -Yamaha Digital Control -Fiber Optic Audio Distribution -Sennheiser Wireless Microphones-Video -IMAG -Projection

  • NAC TechnologiesConsulting Network Technology Partners

    -New Installations-Direct wire pulling -Setup, Configure, & Termination-Network Infrastructure Maintenance & - Repair

  • NAC TechnologiesAdditional Services:

    Computers -Consulting-Repair -Maintenance

    Custom Builds / Server Applications

    Internet Service Provider Assistance-Consulting-TroubleshootingAuthorized Dealers-Nexo -Sennheiser-Yamaha

  • NAC Technologies

    Dedicated Professionals:

    Rick Galbraith Audio 440.328.7745Dave Cooper Audio / Technology 440.213.5153Doug Grayshaw Technology 440.396.0454