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Nadeem Naseem CV
Nadeem Naseem CV

Nadeem Naseem CV

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H#353 Mughlia Park Near Noor Jahans

Tomb Shahdra Lahore.Contact No:

+923334733246.E-mail: PERSONAL INFORMATION:Name:




3rd May, 1986.



Passport No:

AB9851792N.I.C No:


Lahore, (Punjab).Religion:



75.76% Lahore.


D.A.E. (Electrical)

78.08% Lahore. CAREER OBJECTIVE:To enhance my skills by working with a dynamic and progressive organization for bright future.Experience:

10 years I am working in SABA POWER PLANT (134MW) as a Sr. Electrical Technician since 18/01/2010.Saba Power is RFO fired 134 MW thermal power plant having B&W USAs 435 t/h boiler & Toshibas steam turbine & generator. Westing house Switch Gear Systems. Worked in Fauji Fertilizer Company as an Electrical Technician from 16/07/2007 to 02/02/2010.

Two year apprenticeship (from20/06/2005 to 20/06/2007) as an ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN from Fauji Fertilizer Company Goth Machhi Sadiqabad Distt. Rahim yar khan.


I was a team member in major overhauling of 134MW generator. Performed overhauling, preventive maintenance and testing of excitation system of 170 MVA Toshibas generator and 31.375 MVA Turbo Gas Generators 6.3 KV 18.5MW, MS-5000 (General Electric U.S.A made). Worked on 0.9MW WAUKESHA generator. Changed carbon brushes of 18.5MW generator excitation system in running condition.

Worked on two Emergency Diesel Generators 6.3 KV, 1.9 MW & 2.1 MW (Made of Ansaldo and Ergen respectively) with brushless excitation system. Performed electrical wiring, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of ''Diesel Generators'', 380 Volts, 250 KVA, 200KW (Fermont, U.S.A made). Familiar with Generator protections, their operation and performed troubleshooting. Performed polarizing index testing on generators and motors. PROTECTIVE RELAYS:Familiar with operation, configuration and testing of microprocessor based and static relays for Motors (IMM7990, IMM 7000, MP6, and MP3S, IQ1000II, GE369), generators and transformers protections etc. PLC Project:

Worked on PLC project SLC 5/05 installed at FFC Bagg-1 during T/A 2006. This project includes ladder logic development, drawings drawn, testing commissioning and troubleshooting. UPS:

Familiar with the operation preventive, maintenance & troubleshooting of 80 KVA rating UPS which involved Rectifier-Inverter-Static Switch, made by Sice Italy. Power Transformers:Preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and testing of transformers up to 160MVA, 132KV transformer. 132KV Switchgear:Preventive maintenance and testing of 132kv CBs, Isolators, Earthing switch, CTs, PTs, and Protective Relays also performed troubleshooting.

LV, MV Motors Up To 2.15 MW , 6.3KV:

Maintenance & Overhauling, Meggering, PI & Bearing replacement of motors up to 150 KW/380V, 2.15 MW/6.3KV.

LT & HT Cables Jointing & Termination:

Cable termination, jointing & punching up to 240mm sq/6.3KV.

L.V AND M.V SWITCH GEARS:Maintenance and testing of following switch gears and panels of MS, MCCM, and PC & MCC

(A) Magnetic air break CB up to 3150A, 6.3kv(B) Sulpher hexa fluoride (SF6) 1600A, 6.3kv

(C)Oil CB up to 800A, 6.3kv

(D) Vaccum contactors up to450A, 6.3kv

(E) L.v CB up to 1600A and Magnetic Contactors up to 300A


Maintenance & calibration of MOVs.

Welding Sets:

Maintenance & troubleshooting of welding sets motor generator type & transformer type. Thermo generators & CPT:

Maintenance & troubleshooting of thermo generators and cathodic protection transformers. Batteries:

Maintenance, Charging & Discharging of Lead acid, Lead calcium & Nickel cadmium batteries up to 240AH. Overhead Cranes & Elevators:

Maintenance & troubleshooting of elevator & cranes up to 20 tons.

Bagging Equipment:

Worked on Conveyor belts, Scraper, Tripper & PLC based Weighing machines.

PTW (permit to work procedure):I have good knowledge and working experience according to PTW instruction. Sound knowledge of Cold, Hot, electrical, excavation, civil, confined space, Vessel entry, PTW Procedures according to HSE standard.

Uses of Test Equipment:Familiar with the use of test equipment like dielectric strength tester, Multiamps relay tester,Doble relay test set, High pot tester (300mA, 5KV), Frequency meter, Digital low resistance meter (DLRO), Induction heater, Earth tester, Cable fault locater, Phase sequence meter, Megger, Lux meter, Oil treatment machine & Heating blower. Uses of Tools:

Hydraulic puller, Knock out punch, Hydraulic lugs press & cable cutter. Presentations:Have presented on followings

Allen Bradley Plc system Model slc5/05. Load cell. Weighing Machine. SAFETY:Have well knowledge of personal & plant safety.

Hazardous area classification.

Explosion proof categories.

Integral of protection (IP codes).

Gas grouping.

Surface temperature classes.

Hazard, Risk, Probability & Accident etc. SKILL IMPROVEMENT COURSES: Have attended following S.I programmes here at FFC Technician Training Center

(1)Current tmf & potential tmf

(2) Turnaround Safety

(3) M.V Cable jointing and Termination(4) Power tmf(5) Induction motor

(6) Synchronous motor. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:Here in SABA POWER PLANT as a senior Electrical Tech. I am responsible to perform or supervise all the jobs related to electrical field e.g. troubleshooting, record keeping, electrical drawings updating, modifications in electrical circuits and job planning.