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  • 1. Overview Who we are What we do Experience the Space Customized Experience Competitive Advantages Current Progress Future Direction Tech Demonstration

2. Who We AreAnil Rohatgi Graphics Engineer for Electronic Arts Masters Degree in Electrical andComputer Engineering from Georgia Tech Co-Founder of 4thWall Technologies Lead Technical DirectorEric Sherwood Lead Environment Artist for Electronic Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in ComputerAnimation from UCF Co-Founder of 4thWall Technologies Lead Artist 3. What We Do Fourth Wall Technologies is dedicated to pushing theboundaries of interactive visualization for real estatedevelopment. Through our unique and innovative products, aperson can freely explore a property before it is built 4. Experience the Space Using advanced motion Video Exampletracking and photorealisticgraphics, users can feelwhat its like to walk a foot orturn a corner as if they areactually in the property Motions in the real world aremirrored in the virtual world. 3D display provides a truewindow into the virtual world 5. Customized Experience Furniture, fixtures, wallcolor, flooring types, anda myriad of differentoptions can be swappedin real time Instant Change Customers no longerneed to imagine whattheir dream design willlook like and feel likeWe can show the buyerthe possibilities that canmany times be thedifference in making asale 6. Other Existing Tools QuickTime VR 360 degree views of a propertybased on series of images from afixed position Requires property to be finished Misleading scale Pre Rendered Fly through QuickTime VR Screen Artists provide a movie showcasinga camera motion through a virtualscene No changes can be made withoutre-creating the entire movie again User has no control of what hesees, and is locked to the predetermined camera path Pre Rendered Movie 7. Competitive AdvantagesWe dont just offer a technological advantage, but canalso save you time and money, increase the quality ofyour designs, and increase sales. 8. Current Progress The Nalpha Panther series 4 is thelatest integration of our technology Everything needed to explore avirtual property in a single compactunit Light and friendly design makes itnon-invasive and intuitive to use Simply walk up to it, put on theglasses, and you are free to walkaround and explore 9. Financial Trend Consumers are rapidly flocking to interactive technologies Nintendos Wii console is proof of this Interactive technology is growing at a fast pace 10. Future Direction We have many ideas forimprovements that are currentlyunder development and will beavailable in the near future Photorealistic Graphics Higher Field of View Stationary walking More user interaction with environment This is the future of real estate 11. Summary Our system allows prospective buyers to enter and explore aproperty before it is built We can customize any property to fit the buyers tastes toincrease sales Fast iterations can save a developer time and money as well asincrease the quality of their designs The portability of our technology can expand a developerscustomer base Financial trends support that our technology is the future of realestate

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