National Girl Child Day Celebration

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National Girl Child Day Celebration The Voice of Tomorrow24 JANUARY 2012

Project: Chahat hai Jeene ki Organization: Prayatn Santhan Date: 24.01.2012 Time: 11.30 AM- 3.30 PM Venue: village: Gradarpura, Minute taker:

Panchayat : Khurila,

District : Dholpur

Ms. Reena Tyagi, Mr. kamalIn attendance:

Prayatn Team: Mr. Malay kumar, Ms. Reena Tyagi, Mr. Deepak Sharma , Mr. kamal, Ms Tahira bano, Ms leela , Mr. kuwar singh, Ms preeti bohidar


Objective: Following are the main underlining objectives to celebrate the National girl child day: Create awareness and sensitize people to eliminate all the negative ,cultural attitude and practices against birth of a girl child and girls in general To ensure, promote and protect the rights of the girl child and to increase awareness of her needs and potential. To create awareness about the role of family , village and society at large in improving the status of the girl child and also in eliminating discrimination against girl child in her nutrition, health care ,education ,skill development and participation in all spheres Expected Outcome: With the changing time, it is accepted that the patriarchal mindset of local populace will change. As in future a collective decision to celebrate the birth of the girl child will be taken and will also mark the end of bias against female child in family. People of the village will celebrate the birth of their girl child .The step taken by the villagers will go a long way in encouraging more and more villages to take up the practice. Proceedings:Mobilization & registration:

The start of the National Girl Child Day celebration was done by the bringing together the village collectively and celebrate the birth of the girl. Registration of all the participants was done and batches were distributed to them. The total number of the participation in the celebration was 102, with 50 male participants and 52 female participants.


Introduction of Prayatn : An introduction of Prayatn was given by Neelu ji along with the objective and issues addressed by Prayatn. A Sharing session was also done by the JSS,BM,AGG &YG members in Gadarpura village .

National Girl Child Day : Background , Objective and Importance : A discussion on the concept and background of the girl child day was done by Neelu ji . she told the main focus of celebrating the day is to elimination of all kind of ill practices against the birth of the girl child and to promote and protect their rights , in order to increase awareness, sensitize people to eliminate negative cultural attitudes and practices against birth of a girl child and girls in general. In a bid to raise public awareness on the deep bias against female children in India, the government has decided to observe January 24 as 'National Girl child day' as an effort to fight against the "scourges" of sex-selection abortion. Further in addition to it Neelu ji also told about the reason why 24 January is selected as National girl child day, she told that forty Six years ago, on January 24, India got her First Lady Prime Minister - Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The nation of male dominance stood standstill in the awe of the power of this one lady whose determination spoke volumes. Today, India stands high in the race of urbanization but in the genre of social development, it is away behind. It is an irony in this country that where mother is worshipped as Mother Divine, there is female foeticide . She added that be it in any field, women are making their mark equally. Together we must all pledge to help the Girl Child to get her voice, her dignity and her individuality giving her the right she deserves and give our daughters a healthy, secure, safe, educated, and respectable future.


Prepration of kheer :

The national girl child day celebration was carried out in an interactive and participatory manner as to allow a high degree of involvement of all participants with the contribution of the local people in the process of celebration. kheer (made on all auspicious occasions in Indian culture) with contribution of 5kg rice and 25 liter milk from almost each household of gadarpura village was prepared . This preparation of kheer was done in order to sensitize people to celebrate girls birth as an event of joy and extend their wholehearted support to protect and promote her right. With their contribution in preparation of the kheer , the message of the role of the entire village and society at large in improving the situation of the girl child ,was conveyed .

Celebration Process: Celebration of the Birth of Khushi ( born on 1st January 2012), village : gadarpura , panchayat : khurila : Around the country the girl child suffers needlessly, as daily struggles are increased by the relentless hold of patriarchal history and cultural taboos. And that is the reason why the social mindsets need greater orientation to elimination of all kind of ill practices against the birth of the girl child so that the Girl Child can grow up were her voice, her dignity and her individuality, her right are protected and promoted. Tilak : In Indian culture it represents as a high mark of honour and respect to the individual.


2. Palana (Baby Stroller)

Khusi sleeping blissfully in the Paalna , a tradition which is mostly done on the birth of boy in Indian culture .

Sangeet (Folk Songs and Dance by the Villagers) :

As a medium of expression of joy and happiness on the birth of the girl child the locals of the village sung songs on child birth, which is only done when a boy is born. Some of them also danced with great zeal.


Gifts and Samaan Patr (Letter of Honour ) :


Samaan Patr (Letter of Honour) As a step to bring a change in the historical patriarchy thinking and also mark the end of bias against female child in family, a Samaan Patr (Letter of Honour ) was given to the girl. A baby care kit was also gifted to the mother of the girl and proper method of usage was also told to her.

Money as a birth day gift to the girl by the locals: An amount of 262 Indian rupees were collected, which was given to the girl (khushi) during the celebration process. It was decided that a bank account will be open on the name of the girl with the collected amount.


Guest of Honour:

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Mr Rajendre Dandotiya ( B.D.O,Rajakhera) Mr. Mohan lal Gupta (patvari ,khurila) Mr. Rajesh Saxsena (sachiv ) Mr. J.P Sharma (P.W.D) Mr. Rajendre Singh (Panchayt samiti sadasya) Ms. Kamlesh Sharma( Asha sahyogini) Mr. Malay Kumar(C.E.O , Prayatn ) Ms. Tahira Bano ( Legal Expert ,Acces to Justice , Prayatn)

Wrought with discrimination and prejudiced by rituals, our society has dealt the girl child a rough hand, starting even before birth, till the dark of life. As a mass revolution, it is for each one of us to find the awareness in our hearts, and share it with those who are still in the dark. It is for us to make that extra effort, take that extra step forward from our busy lives, and reach out to the yet un-enlightened and un-informed, biased members of our neighborhoods, families, cities and county, and make that change. Some where the steps taken by the villagers in celebration of the birth of Khushi and contribution of money, 25 litter of milk and rice as a mark to the change in the biased patriarchal thinking and ending the negative attitude, will go a long way in encouraging more and more villages to take up the practice, which might also turn the tide and end up saga of continuous neglect, suppression and discrimination against - the Girl Child. 7