Nationalism And Sectionalism

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Nationalism And Sectionalism. Debatable issues of the day. Tariffs National Bank Internal Improvements Economic Depression Slavery. Era of Good Feelings. High spirit of Nationalism caused in large part by 1 political partyThe Republicans. President James Monroe. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chapter 9

Nationalism AndSectionalism

Debatable issues of the dayTariffs National BankInternal ImprovementsEconomic DepressionSlavery

Era of Good FeelingsHigh spirit of Nationalism caused in large part by 1 political partyThe Republicans

President James Monroe5th President from VASec. of State under James MadisonDefeated Rufus King in 1816 (183-34) and had an even easier victory in 1820

Henry Clays American SystemWhat were the three main parts of Clays American System?

Protective TariffsNational BankInternal Improvements

Does this seem familiar?

Henry and Lucretia Clay Internal ImprovementsThe Cumberland Road (1st federally financed interstate road) caused major dissention in the country because the South and New England opposed the roads while the West welcomed the roads The US expandsGeneral Jackson follows the Seminoles into the Florida pan handle (1818)Adams-Onis treatySpain sells Florida to the US for $5 million

Missouri CompromiseDilemma was what to do with Missouri?In 1819there were 11 slave states and 11 free statesRep. James Tallmadge proposed the following:Prohibited further introduction into MissouriRequired slave children to be emancipated at 25would have led to gradual elimination of slaveryHenry The Compromiser Clay respondsMissouri enters as a slave stateMaine was admitted as a free state3630'

Monroe DoctrineIn 1823 Secretary of State John Quincy Adams sent a letter to Hugh Nelson, the American minister to Spain outlining Americas new foreign policyThe Western Hemisphere was no longer open for colonization The United States would regard any interference in Western hemispheric affairs as a threat to its security The United States would refrain from participation in European wars and would not disturb existing colonies in the Western Hemisphere