Nationalism in Latin America

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Nationalism in Latin America. HWH UNIT 5 CHAPTER 8.3. Review of Latin American Society . Peninsulares : those born in Europe Held all government positions Creoles : American-born Spaniards Resented Peninsulares Mestizos : of both Native American and European heritage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Nationalism in Latin America

Nationalism in Latin AmericaHWH UNIT 5CHAPTER 8.3Review of Latin American Society Peninsulares: those born in EuropeHeld all government positionsCreoles: American-born SpaniardsResented PeninsularesMestizos: of both Native American and European heritageMulattoes: of both African and European heritage

Impact of the Enlightenment, French Revolution, and NapoleonCreoles identified with the EnlightenmentSimn BolvarFrench Revolutionary ideas of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity inspired changeNapoleons invasion of SpainCreoles saw weakened Spain as an opportunity for independence

Haiti Gains Independence

Toussaint LOuvertureSlave Revolt, 1791Napoleon attacks, 1802LOuverture capturedHaitian Independence, 1820Mexican IndependenceFather Miguel HidalgoThe Cry of Dolores, 1810Rallied poor mestizos and Native AmericansUprising failedHidalgo executedNo Creole support

Mexican IndependenceFather Jos MorelosMestizo priestLed a revolt calling for social change in 1815Captured and killedRevolt in Spain, 1820Agustn de Iturbide leads Mexico to independenceEmperor Agustn IMexico becomes a republic in 1824

South American IndependenceSimn BolvarThe LiberatorLiberated Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and BoliviaFailed to create a Gran ColombiaCivil wars followedJos de San MartnJoined with BolvarLiberated Argentina and PeruBrazilian IndependenceWhen Napoleons army invaded Portugal, the royal family fled to BrazilDom Pedro becomes Emperor