Nationalism & Sectionalism of the Early Nation

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Nationalism & Sectionalism of the Early Nation. American Studies I Mr. Calella. BIG IDEAS. Review: NATIONALISM What is SECTIONALISM & how different? Examples? When beneficial? Detriment?. James Monroe. The Era of Good Feelings. Read Aloud-James Monroe Good will tours to New England - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Nationalism & Sectionalism of the Early NationAmerican Studies IMr. Calella

  • BIG IDEASReview: NATIONALISMWhat is SECTIONALISM & how different?Examples?When beneficial? Detriment?

  • James Monroe

  • The Era of Good FeelingsRead Aloud-James MonroeGood will tours to New EnglandPopulation grew and Westward Expansion was the resultAdams & Jefferson relationshipLetters; July 4, 1826Positive nationalism (patriotism)What if Monroe was president during era of bad feelings?

  • From Property to DemocracyVoter qualificationsProperty requirement to disenfranchiseWhy were there requirements?Popular SovereigntyNewly admitted states and democracy

  • Sectionalism (Land Policy)West wanted cheap land why?North feared cheap land why?South feared expansion why?

  • Sectionalism (Slavery)

  • Sectionalism (Slavery)Congress abolishes slave trade in 1808 without incident why?North against why?South for why?Conflict prediction? Victor? Why?West leans towards for it why?States in equal numbers why?Economics of Slavery Handout

  • Transcontinental Treaty of 1819Took West Florida; East is a problemPres. Monroe and Gen. JacksonJackson and the SeminolesDeclares himself commanderWhat if troops in Iraq march to Iran and conquer it?

  • Treaty (cont.)Adams and OnisFlorida & lands in the west to the PacificPeople focused on Fla., why?How was Adams a visionary?Nationalism?

  • Adams-Onis Treaty

  • The Monroe Doctrine

  • The Monroe DoctrineWhat is a colony?Czar new claims in AlaskaU.S. worries that someone will fill vacuum left by the SpanishChange in U.S. policyThe American continentsare henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers.John Quincy Adams

  • Monroe Doctrine (cont.)TIME article & QuestionsExplain political cartoon?How did West. Hem. change?British vs. Rest of Europes interests?Could U.S. have enforced Mon. Doc.?Example of Nationalism? Why?Why is it viewed as final step in American independence?

  • Missouri CompromiseSettlers in Missouri TerritoryMissouri Enabling Act 1819James Tallmadges AmendmentsPass in House not in Senate, why?Norths concerns; why?Slavery political and economic issue1820 CompromiseHarbinger?-READ ARTICLE

  • The Missouri Compromise

  • Election of 18245 CandidatesJohn C. CalhounAndrew JacksonWilliam H. CrawfordJohn Quincy AdamsHenry ClayJackson: most votes but no majority; why important?Vote goes to House

  • The Election of 1824

  • The Corrupt Bargain12th Am-top 3 run off, so Clay had to dropClay held great influence and Adams wins by 1 vote; Clay named Secretary of StateCorrupt Bargain

  • John Quincy Adams

  • John Quincy AdamsHamiltonian ViewFederalist?Smart, but inept leaderSeen as elitist and royalistSpoke over heads of common manSet the stage for Jacksonian Politics1-term president