Native American Indians

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Native American Indians. An Examination of their Struggles: Current & Historic. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Native American Indians

Native American IndiansAn Examination of their Struggles: Current & Historic1Native American Indians have experienced a variety of hardships throughout their history. They continue to struggle in todays society and without assistance the Native American could be lost. PICTURE


2This Web Quest will give student directed groups an opportunity to research the struggles of Native American Indians throughout history and evaluate current issues within their culture today. Students will use what they learn to develop a plan for a brighter future for Native Americans. PICTURETask

3Instructions and questions are provided in this section to facilitate student thinking and learning. PICTURE


4Exploring HistoryIn order to better understand their culture and hardships we will begin with researching their first interactions with the British/ English Colonists.Answer the questions below using the corresponding links to find information.

Diseases brought to America by English settlers killed a large percentage of Indians. What diseases? Which was the worst? Why were Indians so susceptible to the new diseases?Link: Fur Trapper Website The Indians first attacked British to begin King Phillips War of 1675. What was his Goal for fighting the British? Both sides were greatly affected in this bloody war. Which side (colonists or Indians) were able to recover from the losses and rebuild?Link: Colebrook Historical SocietyThe French and Indian War was mainly between the Franch and British concerning Territory and Trade. How were the Indians affected by the war?Link: US History5Exploring History ContinuedRead the Overview of the Indian Removal Act and List possible motives of the U.S. Government to remove the Indians from their land, also list ways that this was detrimental to the Indians, specifically the Cherokee. Link: Indian Removal Act During the late 1800s and continuing into the 1900s the U.S. Government moved Indians onto reservations. How close were these reservations to their natural home? How similar were they to their natural lands? Link: ReservationsThe Government has also tried to assimilate Indians into American Society to make them full citizens of the United States. Is this/ has this worked? Why or why not? Link: AssimilationWhere do 70% of todays Indians live?Link: Heritage

6Exploring Current EventsUsing the following link, search current policies, and briefly describe what the U.S. Government is Currently doing for Native Americans. Record your findings.

Now continue your search to explore the different Organizations that support Indians, you may use a search engine to find additional resources. Record your findings.

7Exploring Current Events ContinuedWith your knowledge of American Indians locate and discuss two similar articles of choice from resources in the right column. Record your findings.Your discussion should be very through (keep this in mind when choosing articles) and include:Possible causes of the problemHow long has it been a problemSide effectsHow will it affect their cultureHow it will affect future generations What has been done to address the problemIs a specific group taking actionHave other Cultures/ Societies experienced similar issuesWhat are possible outcomes

HealthcareVariety of ArticlesEducationCultural StruggleIndian Newspaper- Searchable Articles


9Evaluation CriteriaPresentation

Presentation shows the plight of the Native American people that the group has chosen, as well as given background into this issue and the history of the Native American people.Presentation shows the plight of the Native American people that the group has chosen, but doe not give back ground into this issue or the history of the Native American people.Presentation shows the plight of the Native American people that the group has chosen, as well as given background into this issue but doe not give the history of the Native American people.Group WorkGrammar, Organization, and Reference

Everyone in the group participated in the presentation and had a clear roleNot everyone in the group participated in the presentation or had a clear roleOnly one person in the group participated in the presentation and had a clear roleLess then 3 grammatical, reference, or organizational errorsMore than 3 but less than 7 grammatical, reference, or organizational errorsMore that 7grammatical, reference, or organizational errorsADVANCED 5ptsEXPERIENCED 3ptsBEGINNER 1ptPICTUREConclusion

11Conclusive ProjectUsing notes and information gathered from this Web Quest and the current events articles your group choose, develop a comprehensive plan for solving these issues within the Indian culture. Consider budget, funding, willingness to participate, outside support, changing governmental policies, timeline for your plan, organizations to participate, how to preserve their culture/ knowledge/ skills, local action in communities across the U.S., etc. The plan may have a timeline of several years, depending on the issue. Your group should analyze the problem and synthesize a solution pulling information from available resources and existing knowledge. A conclusive presentation will be required to share your understanding, findings, and comprehensive plan with your peers. The use of technology and graphics to support your presentation is encouraged. Presentation should include plenty of background information on the issues and should be an equal effort between all group members.

12Interested in Doing More?To share your findings and comprehensive plan, you can contact the Native American Heritage Association, (NAHA) at:Native American Heritage

If you are still interested in helping the Native American People you can do more by contacting:Native American Heritage AssociationNative relief Charities American Indian Prevention Coalition 4 Wellness

This Web Quest was developed by: Nichole Grant, Heather Covil, and Travis Ullum. PICTURECredits