Natural disasters

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  • 1. Tordadoes How They Work

2. Sounds Like Feels Like Looks Like

  • Swishy as the wind goes around in a circle.
  • People screaming
  • Whistling wind
  • The screeching of cars trying to drive away.
  • Rain and thunder creating a storm before the tornado starts
  • Rubbish flying around with the tornado. picking up everything in its path.
  • People trying to run away.
  • Spiral spinning in the air.
  • Houses being pulled up from the ground as the Tornado crosses over it.
  • Cars being torn around, flying through the air.
  • Cold, as the wind is rushing around your body making things flow around crashing into, finding things that are you neighbours which have been blown into you house.
  • Pressure of wind would be blowing at you making it hard for you to stand.
  • The damage would be horrible as you would see you homes possessions that have been blown around the city.

3. 1. When hot and warm air starts to rotate inside a thunderstorm. 2. Then the wind outside the thunderstorm cause the air close to the ground to begin spinning. Emily Grace 4. 3.A downdraft, the rain-cooled air of the storm, pushing down on the air, splitting into 2 columns. 4.An updraft the warm air rising into the storm stretches one spinning column into a tornado. Emily Grace 5. 5.Together the spinning column joined with the mesocyclone form a larger sppinning column of air known as a tornado Emily Grace 6. Compare and contrast WALT compare and contrast Task:Compare and contrast two photos. One before you natural disaster occurred and one after.Success Criteria: How will I know when i have been successful? - I can identify what is the same in the two photos - I can identify what is different in the two photos - I can explain why these changes have occurred How ithappened : Before the tree's looked very healthy but after the tree's looked very deadly and unhealthy because the tornado has come through and pulled them to the ground pushing them over and then start collapsing onto the broken bulding.the grass also looks dead in the before photo but after the tornado has ripped up all of the grass so you can only see the dirt and ripped up grass. -Disorganized - Sloppy - Untidy - littered - Bad shape - Ugly - Messy - Rough - Trees Look dead and unhealthy - Chaotic - Place you wouldn't like to be at. -grass looks dead - Clean - Tidy- Pretty - In good shape - Sleek- Well looked after - Trees look very healthy - Somewhere you would want to be - High class - Rich - Elegant -Grass looks healthy 7. Takouti and Humataktaka It was a very nice sunny day on Utopia Island; all the birds were chirping happy songs and all the snakes slithered through the vines that were hanging from the trees. Nature god and sky god were whistling there Sunday song. Earth mother was tiding up the earth and making it look even prettier than before. All the pretty flowers had grown and all of the trees were tall. Life on Utopia Island was absolutely perfect, nothing could be better. But then night came and you could hear the echos of takauti and humatakataka fighting about who was bigger and stronger. They were getting angrier by the minute and sky god new that if he didnt say something, they would both break out in fury Why dont you just ask everyone who they thing is bigger and stronger? Said Sky god.There heads popped out from behind sky god. They had decided that it was a good idea, so they did they asked everyone who they thought was stronger and bigger.Everyone but Nature god had chosen Humatakataka. Takauti was furious! He thought of everyone who betrayed him and burst with anger! He started twirling as fast as he could he was spinning faster than he ever had before he went through the sky god, over Earth mother and swirled right through the ocean god. He had finally ran out of energy and left Utopia forever, He went to a new island calledWaikerepuru where he made new friends and lived happily ever after. 8. ThinkArticle Write Page one 9. ThinkArticle Write Page Two 10. ThinkArticle Write Page Three 11. Think Write Article 2 Page one