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Natural Disasters!. By Ellie, Natalie & Courtney! Tornadoes & Cyclones. What Is Tornado?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Natural Disasters! By Ellie, Natalie & Courtney! Tornadoes & CyclonesWhat Is Tornado?A tornado is when a hurricane reaches land, a Tornado can form inside it. A tornado is a twisting column of spinning air that reaches down from a storm cloud to the ground. It can suck up anything in its path.

2How The People Protect Themselves?Not everyone took steps to protect themselves from cyclone Tracy. Whilst some were preparing for the cyclone, others ignored what they thought would be a false alarm. Many people tie down loose objects that could fly around during the Tornado/Cyclone. Some were also boarding up windows and setting up shelter in the strongest room of the house and few even left town before the tornado hit.The Rescue Response from the Rest Of Australia. The first rescue response from Cyclone Tracy came from the Northern Territory police. They had already made preparation at Darwin and Casuarina Police Stations.

Cyclone Larry.Tropical Cyclones threaten more than towns. In 2006, Cyclone Larry ripped through tropical rainforests on Queensland North Coast, the home of an endangered bird called the Cassowary. When Cyclone Larry struck, up to 35 per cent of the Cassowary population were killed.

Extra Info!On average, 10 Cyclones develop over Australians waters each year, and about 6 of these Cyclones reach land. The North Coast of Western Australia is one of the most Cyclone Prone areas of the world.