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Natural Gas - Clarke Energy · PDF fileNatural Gas Natural gas is an abundant, clean ... As afuel,naturalgas is setto become a significant source of power in the coming years. Natural

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Natural Gas

Clarke Energy is the authorised distributor and servicepartner for GE Energys gas engine division in a growingnumber of countries across the world. In addition toproviding high-efficiency, reliable gas engines we combinethiswith the expertise and resources to deliver unbeatableproduct support.

Whether your requirement is for the supply of a single gasengine generator or a complete turnkey power generationfacility, we can meet that need. Our ability to add value byoffering an end-to-end service, from initial proposal toreliable long-term maintenance, has led to us becoming amulti-national company with operations in ten countriesacross the globe. Our company prides itself on integrity,delivering only the highest quality products whilst providinga reliable accountable localised service.

Benefits of working with Clarke EnergyClarke Energy provides flexible solutions for your gasgeneration projects. Our services range from the supply ofa gas engine generator, through to the complete turnkeyinstallationofagaspoweredgeneration facility.ClarkeEnergyhas a dedicated, top-quality team of sales, engineering,projectmanagement, commissioningandmaintenancestaffto meet your needs. We also offer long-term maintenancecontracts backed up by a strong balance sheet, givingpeace of mind with respect to the long-term performanceof your GE gas generation equipment.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is an abundant, cleanlow-carbon fossil fuel that can bereadily utilised for the production ofelectricity. The high efficiency of theGE Jenbacher gas engine is wellsuited to the provision of reliabledecentralised electricity utilisingnatural gas as a fuel.

Natural gas originates from plant andanimal matter which decomposedmillions of years ago and is nowlocated in reservoirs under the Earthssurface. Natural gas is primarilycomprised of methane with othergases in smaller proportions.

The concentration of gasescontributing to climate change isincreased by human activities,particularly by the utilisation of fossilfuels in industrial processes andagriculture. The utilisation of naturalgas in gas engines is characterised bythe lowest carbon dioxide emissionlevels of all fossil fuels. Due to thefact natural gas is low in carbon, buthas a high hydrogen content, naturalgas has the most favourable carbondioxide balance. The combustion of natural gas produces around40-50% less carbon dioxide thanwhen coal is burned to produce thesame amount of energy. Notably italso has low emissions of sulphurdioxide (SO2), oxides of nitrogen(NOx) and particulate matter.

As a fuel, natural gas is set to becomea significant source of power in thecoming years. Natural gas isprojected to become the mostsignificant fossil energy medium inthe next fifty years.

In countries where the national gridis unreliable and supplies of naturalgas are abundant, gas enginesprovide an excellent source ofreliable island mode power.


Reliable production of electricityat high efficiency

Financial benefits compared toseparate purchase of electricityand heating fuel

Flexible and can be used toprovide heating, cooling andclean carbon dioxide

Cleanest fossil fuel with lowestrelative carbon emissions

Natural Gas

Flour Mills, Lagos, Nigeria,11 x JMS620

Preston Hospital, UK,1x JMS616

Methane Number

The methane number provides anindication of the knock tendency ofthe fuel. It is a product of thedifferent constituent gases withinthe natural gas, particularly theproportions of methane, ethane,propane and butane.

Methane, which has high knockresistance, is given an index value of100. Hydrogen, which burns quicklyrelative to methane, has low knockresistance and is given the indexvalue of 0. If a gas mixture has amethane number of 80, its knockresistance is equivalent to that of agas comprised of 80% methane and20% hydrogen. There are gasconstituents which have a highermethane number than100 therefore itis also possible for a gas compositeto have a higher methane numberthan100.

Understanding the methane numberof the natural gas fuel is an importantfactor when determining theappropriate engine version to select.


Natural gas generators can beconfigured in a number of ways. Inaddition to the production ofelectricity, generators can alsoprovide heating as hot water orsteam, cooling water and cleancarbon dioxide. Cogeneration or combined heatand power (CHP)

Trigeneration of combined heat,power and cooling (CCHP)

Greenhouse cogeneration / CHPwith carbon dioxide recovery

Quadgeneration or CCHP withcarbon dioxide recovery

Island mode operation powerproduction isolated from theelectricity grid

Natural gas generation relies upon awell-developed and stable naturalgas supply.

Our Competence

Clarke Energy has extensiveexperience in the engineering,installation and maintenance ofnatural gas generation facilities.

The GE Jenbacher gas engine isknown for having the highest levelsof electrical efficiency on the market.When coupled with a contractualmaintenance agreement with ClarkeEnergy, it will give peace of mind tothe customer that they will achievethe highest levels of availability andhave constant returns on theirinvestment.

0 20 40 60 80 100


Typical Natural Gas Composition

CH4 Methane

C2H6 Ethane

C3H8 Propane

C4H10 Butane

N2 Nitrogen

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If you would like to find outmore about natural gasbased power, pleasecontact your local ClarkeEnergy office.

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