Natural Gemstones, Loose Gemstones

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Planets begin to influence and control the life of a person right from the day he was born. Thus it is only appropriate that the person’s lucky stone should be ascertained based on the day his soul first entered the physical realm of the most accurate for ascertaining the lucky stone, even though individual preferences may vary.

Text of Natural Gemstones, Loose Gemstones

  • Lucky Gem stones in a Nut shell

    Planets begin to influence and control the life of a

    person right from the day he was born. Thus it is

    only appropriate that the persons lucky stone

    should be ascertained based on the day his soul first

    entered the physical realm of the most accurate for

    ascertaining the lucky stone, even though individual

    preferences may vary.

  • Ruby for the sun

    The Sun is the sovereign planet of the zodiac, furnishing the light and

    heat upon which all life depends. The Suns position in a persons

    horoscope determines his or her external appearance and public

    persona and provides the energy for ones personal power and

    influence over others. Gemstone ruled by the Sun is natural Ruby. RED

    is the cosmic color transmitted by rubies and other natural red gems. In

    order to property transmit solar energy. Ruby Stone must be flawless

    (eye-clean) and should be set in gold

    Astrological benefits of Ruby Gemstone:

    Astrologically, Ruby is a precious gemstone which is related to sun. It rules ones

    authority, persona, confidence and status. The Sun is related to the soul and has a

    great deal to do with career and the person's worldly activities. Success in

    maintaining a healthy body, vitality, immune system and the willpower to achieve

  • greatness in society, under the purview of the sun. Wearing a ruby of at least 1

    carat is said to increase popularity and professional status. It will cure diseases of

    the eyes and of the heart.

    Pearl for the Moon

    The Moon governs the mind, and its position in ones horoscope determines a

    persons habitual patterns of thought, feeling and volition. Gemstone ruled by the

    Moon is natural Pearl, White coral & Moonstone. ORANGE is the cosmic color

    transmitted by Pearls and other Lunar gems. Flawless (eye-clean) stones are

    required in order for Moon astral talismans to properly transmit beneficial lunar


    Astrology Benefits of Pearl Gemstone

  • Astrology Benefits of Pearl Gemstone

    Pearls are governed by the moon. Lord of cancer sign of the zodiac. They have always embodied the mystery, power, and life-like sustaining nature of water.

    Weak moon in the horoscope leads to health problems like weak mind, depression, insanity,

    indigestion, heart problems, asthma, menstrual disorders in females and weak eyesight.

    Coral for Mars

    Mars is a masculine planet which radiates an intense and fiery energy. The position of Mars in ones

    horoscope determines relations among brothers, courage and strength, vitality and sexual drive.

    Gemstones ruled by Mars include Red Coral Stone, Carnelian, and other pink to red ocher coloured gems. As always, the use of fine quality gems, free of defects, is imperative for

  • transmission of auspicious astral energy rays. YELLOW is the cosmic colour transmitted by coral and

    other and other ochre coloured gems.

    Astrological Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone:

    Specifically for the people, who are particularly been effected by the negative impacts of Mars.

    It is recommended that the red coral should be pure & should be obtained from a good source, which definitely gives good effects.

    To protect children from the stomach disorders or malnutrition conditions, it is highly recommended.

    Emerald For Mercury

    Mercury governs intelligence and therefore rules such field as education, Literature,

    communication, and public speaking. It is associated with the earth element, cold energy, the color

    green, agriculture, travel, and the nervous system. GREEN is the cosmic color transmitted by

    Emerald Stone and other green gems. Gemstones governed by Mercury include Emerald, Peridot,

  • Savorite, Chrome Tourmaline, Chrome Diopside, Green Jade and other natural green gems of

    flawless (eye-clean) quality.

    Astrological benefits of Emerald Gemstone

    Emeralds can be useful for businessmen, printers, publishers, scientists, and writers. They can be

    good for those working in the chemical business, in public relations, medical equipment, diplomats,

    mediators, and factory owners.

    They help with communication and verbal skills, and are therefore good for writers, actors, and

    public speakers. Businessmen who wear emeralds can learn to communicate better. Emeralds

    transmit green, which is by nature a cold color.

    Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter

  • Jupiter is the most auspicious and beneficent planet. Wealthy and influential

    individuals generally possess a strong Jupiter in their horoscopes, and this reflects

    the rich rewards of positive karma accumulated in previous lives. Gemstones

    Jupiters energy is transmitted by natural yellow sapphires, topaz, citrine,

    heliodor, and other flawless (eye-clean) Yellow Sapphire Stone.

    Astrological Effects of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

    This rare stone belongs to Jupiter, which is considered as the Guru or the teacher.

    It is very compassionate and it strongly concentrates on the welfare and is

    believed to be really effective in changing bad times to good. It is proven to be

    really helpful in uniting separated lovers, renders marital bliss and ensures heirs

    among the married couples

  • Blue sapphire for Saturn

    Saturn is a powerful planet whose position in ones horoscope strongly influences ones work and

    employment, as well as obstacles one must overcome in order to succeed in ones chosen field.

    Saturn is associated with the colour blue. Saturn transmits its cosmic energy through Blue

    Sapphires Stone, Blue Spinals, Tanzanite, Indicoloite, Iolite, Amethyst and other natural blue to

    violet gems with transparent clarity. Only flawless gems possess the capacity to properly transmit

    positive astral energy from Saturn.

  • Astrological Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

    It is the birthstone for Virgo sunsign (23 Aug-23 Sep). According to Vedic Astrology, Neelam is the rashi ratna for Capricorn (Makar) and Aquarius (Kumbh).

    Neelam strengthens Saturn (Shani) and hence helps gain prosperity in business, wealth, sharpness of the mind and self-confidence. Ascendants of Taurus, Libra, Gemini and Virgo can also wear the Blue Sapphire gemstone.

    Hessonite for Rahu (the ascending node of the moon)

    Rahu is by nature a malevolent planetary influence which can cause personal

    frustration, sacrileges habits, abuse of alcohol and drugs. Possession of ghosts and

    demons, and infectious diseases. However, when located in a powerful spot in

    ones horoscope, Rahu can elevate one to positions of great wealth and power

    and confer public influence over the masses. Gemstones governed by Rahu

    include Hessonite Stone, spessertite, zircon (hyacinth), and other natural gems of

    golden-orange to brownish-orange hues. Only flawless (eye-clean) stones

    transmit beneficial Rahu energy.

  • Astrological benefits of Hessonite Gemstone

    1. The uniform cow urine colored Gomed neutralizes the evil effect of Vedic planet Rahu and protects the wearer from the negative vibes & energies.

    2. It calms the mind of the wearer and relieves him/her from depression, deep seated anxieties and mental problems.

    3. Gomed / Hessonite helps to boost concentration focus and gives clear direction to help achieve goals. Therefore, it is quite beneficial for students and people who are working in the field of research.

    Cats eye for ketu (the descending node of the Moon)

    Ketu is a mysterious planetary influence which, like Rahu, is malevolent and

    afflictive unless located in a powerful position or conjoined with a beneficent

    planet. INFRA-RED is the cosmic color transmitted by Cats Eye Stone ruled by

    Ketu include Cats eye chrysoberyl, beryl, Apatite, Tourmaline and other yellow to

    green-brown gems which display a strong chatoyant cats eye light reflection on

  • the surface and often within the crystal when cabochon cut. These gems should

    also possess a high degree of transparency in order to properly transmit beneficial

    Ketu energy.

    Astrological Benefits of Cats eye Gemstone

    1. If Ketu aspects the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th & 10th house in the horoscope. 2. If Ketu is present with Mangal, Brahaspati or Shukar, then wearing cats eye

    definitely helps. 3. If Ketu is present with Sun or is aspected from sun 4. In the horoscope, ketu is the starlord of the sublord of the auspicious planets.