Natural Resources Lesson Plan

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  • 8/2/2019 Natural Resources Lesson Plan


    UIUC El ED/EC Student Teaching


    Name: Juanita CastroDate: March 14, 2012

    Grade Level/Subject: 3


    grade/ Writing-ScienceUnit Question Addressed: What are natural resources? Why are they important?

    Prerequisite Knowledge: Students should be familiar with what natural resources are and what

    some of these are since we have been reading about them for the past two days. Someprerequisite knowledge terms are soil, natural resources, renewable sources, non-renewable, etc.

    Approximate Time: 11:45-12:30

    Student Objectives/Student Outcomes:

    Students will define other natural resources besides soil, coal, gas, etc. They will determine how these have affected our planet and continue to affect it. Students will take what they have learned, brainstorm about it and put together a

    presentation proposal.

    Content Standards:CC.3.SL.1 Comprehension and Collaboration: Engage effectively in a range of collaborative

    discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grade 3 topics and

    texts, building on others ideas and expressing their own clearly.

    CC.3.SL.1.d Comprehension and Collaboration: Explain their own ideas and understanding in

    light of the discussion.CC.3.SL.4 Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas: Report on a topic or text, tell a story, or

    recount an experience with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details, speaking clearly at

    an understandable pace.

    CC.3.L.1 Conventions of Standard English: Demonstrate command of the conventions ofstandard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking


    Science Book (Chapter 10) Bubble Map/Web (brainstorm) Presentation Proposal Slip

    Implementation:Opening of Lesson/Motivators:

    As you all already know we have been learning about Natural Resources for the past two daysand today we will finish reading the last mini chapter so we can get started on our NaturalResources Competition! Our goal today is to finish reading and learning as much more as we can

    so we can have enough information to start working on our projects. Remember that the most

    creative presentation will win two tickets to watch The Lorax


    We will begin the lesson by reading the last section on Natural Resources (Chapter 10)

  • 8/2/2019 Natural Resources Lesson Plan


    As we read through this chapter. We will stop here and there to clarify concepts, askquestions, and jot down some notes.

    Once are done reading, as a class we will write down (whiteboard) the concepts (in bold)that we addressed in this section as well as those in the previous two sections.

    After reviewing all of the main concepts we have been discussing for Natural Resources,I will ask students to choose and complete the bubble map that I will pass out. We havebeen working with bubble maps so our students should do fine with them. Nevertheless,I should emphasize that the main topic (one of those that we wrote on the board) goes in

    the middle of the map and then supporting details go on the outside.

    Students are to complete this bubble map before they start writing on it. Whencompleting the bubble map students should be using Chapter 10 in the science book. AsI told students before, they can create a: poem, book, short summary, or even a news

    broadcast scripts informing their audience about what they have learned in respect to

    Natural Resources.

    In addition to finishing the bubble map, students should also fill out the presentationproposal and show them to me for approval. I will be walking around the classroom

    supervising students and also checking if anyone needs help. As soon as someone is donethey are to go to the Lorax (me) for approval at my Tuffula (table).

    Everyone will need to have their bubble maps and presentation proposal approved(together) by either myself or Mr. Maradiaga. (At the beginning of the lesson I will point

    out that we are at the brainstorming stage for our presentations and we are working

    slowly toward publishing it via presentations)

    Critical Thinking Questions:

    What new ideas did I learned about Natural Resources? Is there anything in this chapter that I might want to create a presentation on? What new vocabulary did I learned today? How were Natural Resources affected in this chapter? Are there any actions that we might take to prevent harm to our Natural Resources? What is this chapter so important? How does it affect me?

    Summary and/or Closing:

    Everyone should have had a chance to finish and gotten their bubble map andpresentation proposal approved. As I mentioned at the beginning of this lesson, our goal

    was to choose a topic (under Natural Resources) we want to create our presentations on.

    If you didnt get a chance to get these approved, I expect those students to bring bothworksheets (bubble map and proposal) completed tomorrow morning otherwise you

    wont be able to start of the project.

    Accommodations for Individual Needs: (including gifted and talented students).

    There are students who have problems getting started such as Kavon, Jose, Yamari,Alexa, Yadivel, and other ELLs. Keeping this in mind, I will have Mr. Maradiaga help

    them get started through simple conversations with them. I will also walk around and

    even take a group of students to help.


    The assessment for this lesson will basically informal and formal in a few ways. Whenwe are reading I will ask them question to check for comprehension (informal). I will

  • 8/2/2019 Natural Resources Lesson Plan


    also ask them to refresh my memory on the writing process steps and this will be another

    informal assessment. The formal assessment of this lesson will be the bubble map andpresentation proposal. The objective is to have students started on their Natural

    Resources presentation though brainstorming activities and the use of the entire Chapter

    10. The final assessment (formal) will be our presentations which will all be graded but

    only one will get a pair of tickets to go watch The Lorax.


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