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Negation and Inversion

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Instructor; Jenny ChenTaichung Second Senior HighDate: 2010/10/042010/10/41Instructor: Jenny Chen2010/10/42Instructor: Jenny ChenbenotThis is KFC. This is not KFC.He loves me. He doesn't love me. He loves me. He doesn't love me.can + not --> cannot/ can'twill + not --> won'tshall + not --> shan't

2010/10/43Instructor: Jenny ChenThe boy can reach the food on the counter. The boy cant reach the food on the counter.That machine has worked properly for years. That machine has not worked properly for years.

2010/10/44Instructor: Jenny ChenDon't tell him our secret.Let's not lose faith in ourselves.Let + O + VDon't let + O + VDon't let him escape!

DontNever2010/10/45Instructor: Jenny ChenTalk to me. Dont talk to me.Let's learn English online!Lets not learn English online!Let us speak our mind! Dont let us speak our mind!

2010/10/46Instructor: Jenny Chenno, none, nothing, nobody, no one, nowhere, little(), few() seldom, rarely, hardly, scarcely, barelyby no means(), in no way(), under no circumstances(), not at all(), on no account(), no sooner...than...(......), not until(...)

2010/10/47Instructor: Jenny ChenAndy Andy rarely pays attention to class.2013 The earth will never end in 2013. The earth will end in 2013 in no way. He had no sooner arrived home than I turned on the TV.

2010/10/48Instructor: Jenny Chenall, both, everynotnone of them(), neither of them()

Not all of the children are blonde.None of the children are blind.2010/10/49Instructor: Jenny ChenMy classmates are not all coming to my birthday party. = No all my classmates are coming to my birthday party.() = All my classmates are not coming to my birthday party. None of my classmates are coming to my birthday party.()Both of my cousins didn't pass the GEPT. = Not both of my cousins passed the GEPT.() = One of my cousins passed the GEPT. Neither of my cousins passed the GEPT. ()

2010/10/410Instructor: Jenny Chen102010/10/411Instructor: Jenny ChenS + never + V but without N. He never goes to a bookstore _________ he buys some books. He never goes to a bookstore _________ buying some books.

butwithout2010/10/412Instructor: Jenny ChenThere be no + N. + but + V There is no mother but loves her children.There is no victory but comes from hard work.few + Ns + but + V ...I know few people but are concerned about environmental protection.2010/10/413Instructor: Jenny Chenp.238-239He is the last man I will marry.He is the last man for me to marry.

The team failed to perform well.

I never fail to keep my word.I keep my word without fail.

We are above doing such silly things.We are unwilling to do such silly things.

2010/10/414Instructor: Jenny ChenJack is a habitual liar.He is far from honest.He is anything but honest.He is by no means honest.He is not honest at all.He is not honest in the least.

He is nothing but a child.He is nothing more than a child.He is only a child.2010/10/415Instructor: Jenny ChenThe boy was all but drowned.

We cannot but laugh.We cannot help but laugh.We cannot help laughing.

Time was running out, so we have no choice but to call it a day.

2010/10/416Instructor: Jenny ChenIt goes without saying that education is important.Needless to say, education is important.

You cannot be too careful when crossing the street.

He was too sleepy to do his homework.

He is not so much diligent as clever.2010/10/417Instructor: Jenny ChenThere is no accounting for taste.There is no denying that there are still a lot of unknown things in the universe.

Your work leaves nothing to be desired.

Little did I think wed got lost. I should bring a map with us.Little did I dream of running into you here.2010/10/418Instructor: Jenny ChenLets have a quiz!The important thing is _____ this loss reduce our confidence.(A) not to let(B) to not letting(C) don't let(D) don't to letAlthough it's best to be cautious, ______ stranger is dangerous.(A) not any(B) not all(C) not every(D) not each

2010/10/419Instructor: Jenny ChenACThe good and the beautiful ______ go together.(A) not necessarily(B) are not necessarily(C) do not always(D) does not alwaysThere is no ______ for taste.(A) account(B) accounting(C) accounted(D) to account

2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen20CBJohn always goes to work late. He is _______ the employee that our boss likes.(A) nothing but(B) no more than(C) by all means(D) far fromOne of the photo was taken in Seattle and the other in Chicago. ________ of them was taken in New York.(A) No(B) None(C) Nor(D) Neither

2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen21DD2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen222010/10/423Instructor: Jenny Chen2010/10/424Instructor: Jenny ChenOnly/2010/10/425Instructor: Jenny Chenup, down, back, off, out, awaybe, live, lie, sit, stand, come, goSVhere/therehere/thereVS2010/10/426Instructor: Jenny ChenThe sun rose up. Up rose the sun.() One shoe came off. Off came one shoe.()The bus comes here. Here comes the bus. Here it comes. ()2010/10/427Instructor: Jenny ChenA selfish giant lives in the garden. In the garden lives a selfish giant. () A cruel heart was behind her sweet appearance. Behind her sweet appearance was a cruel heart. )

2010/10/428Instructor: Jenny Chenbarely, hardly, scarcely, rarely, never, seldom, neither, nor, nowhere, no, few, littleby no means, in no way, under no circumstances, on no account, not often, not onlybut also, not until, no soonerthanBe/S2010/10/429Instructor: Jenny ChenSuccess is seldom easy. Seldom is success easy.You can rarely see so many famous people in one place. Rarely can you see so many famous people in one place.I will agree with this conclusion in no way. In no way will I agree with this conclusion.2010/10/430Instructor: Jenny ChenVelvet will not only look and feel luxurious, but it will also keep you warm. Not only will it look and feel luxurious, but velvet will also keep you warm.A person does not realize the value of health until he loses it. Not until a person loses his health does he realize its value.

2010/10/431Instructor: Jenny ChenOnly/Onlyonly just, only then, only once, only in this way, only if, only after, only when, only by, only later2010/10/432Instructor: Jenny ChenBe/SOnlyOnly/It only becomes clear later that Leo, the servant, was actually the leader all along. Only later does it become clear that Leo was actually the leader all along.We can only win by working hard. Only by working hard can we win.He realized he had made a big mistake only after he had spoken. Only after he had spoken did he realize he had made a big mistake.2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen33If + S + wereWere + S If I were you, I would tell the truth. Were I you, I would tell the truth.If + S + had p.p.Had + S + p.p.If I had known it then, I would have told you.Had I known it then, I would have told you.If + S + shouldShould + S If the world should end in 2013, I would not come to school anymore. Should the world end in 2013, I would not come to school anymore.2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen34Terence has witnessed a UFO nearby. Dick has also witnessed a UFO nearby.Terence has witnessed a UFO nearby, and Dick has, too.Terence has witnessed a UFO nearby, and so has Dick.

2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen35Ken will not dye his hair blue. Jeff will not dye his hair blue.Ken will not dye his hair blue, and Jeff wont, either. Ken will not dye his hair blue (and) nor will Jeff. Ken will not dye his hair blue and neither will Jeff.2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen362010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen37

Although he worked hard, he failed. Hard as he worked, he failed.Although Jack is rich, he is not happy. Rich as he is, Jack is not happy.Although she is a woman, she is brave. Woman as she is, she is brave.2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen38ThoughAlthoughSVasSVAlthough he was blind, the old man gazed at the painting. Blind as he was, the old man gazed at the painting.Although they tried hard, Lisbeth and Anna Maria could no longer hold back their tears. Hard as they tried, Lisbeth and Anna Maria could no longer hold back their tears.2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen39So + Adj. + be + S + that The suggestion was so great that the two employees were praised. So great was the suggestion that the two employees were praised.His gaze and movements were so convincing that Mr. Rackner couldnt help but lean forward to read the inscription.So convincing were his gaze and movements that Mr. Rackner couldnt help but lean forward to read the inscription.2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen40Such + be + S + thatHer fright was such (=so great) that she closed her eyes. Such was her fright that she closed her eyes.

2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen41 + V + S + []Those who always help others are happy. Happy are those who always help others.The pure in heart are blessed, for they shall see God. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen422010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen43

Quiz time!Out of the building ______ a great number of people because of a big fire. (A) does rush (B) did rush (C) to rush (D) rushedOnly after I had reached the station _______ that I had forgotten to take my ticket with me. (A) I realized (B) do I realize (C) did I realize (D) I will realize 2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen44DCJenny: Where is your homework? Anna: __________. (A) Here you are. (B) Here are you. (C) There it goes. (D) There goes it.___________ as my brother is, he is afraid when ___________ death. (A) Brave; faced of (B) Doctor; faced with (C) A doctor; facing with (D) Brave; he facing with2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen45ABFranzs wife can no longer hold back her tears, __________. (A) and so can his daughter. (B) and nor can his daughter. (C) and his daughter, too. (D) neither cant his daughter.So __________ that Larrys wife was determined to divorce him. (A) were Larrys cruel words (B) were cruel Larrys words (C) cruel were Larrys words (D) cruel Larrys words were2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen46BCChoose the correct sentence.(A) So rude David was that he offended that old lady.(B) Diligent as Zack was, but he still failed the exam.(C) Tight as the T-shirt is that I cannot put it on.(D) How mysterious accidents they are!(E) Calmly as he acted, Rick was actually angry about the girls rudeness.2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen47ECongratulations! Mission accomplished!Write to me if you are interested in this slide, [email protected] 2010/10/4Instructor: Jenny Chen48