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    NeolithicRevolutionFrench RevolutionRussian RevolutionIndustrial RevolutionLatin American Revolution100100100100100200200200200200300300300300300400400400400400500500500500500

  • 100 PointsPeople who moved from place to place in small bands to find food.

  • 200 PointsThe taming of animals

  • 300 PointsThe end of the Ice Age created favorable conditions for the beginning of this.

  • 400 PointsAgriculture allowed people to do this for the first time in history.

  • 500 PointsAnother word for extra food. Food ________

  • 100 PointsThinkers from this period like John Locke and Voltaire influenced independence movements and revolutions like those in France.

  • 200 PointsPre-revolutionary France had this type of government in which people were denied basic rights

  • 300 PointsThe first two of the Three Estates shown below.

  • 400 PointsRadical revolutionary who led France during the Reign of Terror

  • 500 PointsHe would create a French Empire in Europe until he met Russias General Winter.

  • 100 PointsLenins promise to the people of Russia (3 things)

  • 200 PointsLenins political party of choice.

  • 300 PointsDefeat in a war with this country in 1904 made people lose faith in Czar Nicholas the II and brought Russia closer to Revolution

  • 400 PointsAfter coming to power Lenin signed the treaty of Brest-Litovsk, which got Russia out of this costly conflict.

  • 500 PointsAfter Lenins death Joseph Stalin would take control of the Soviet Union and create this type of state where he had total control.

  • 100 PointsInvention of this type of engine launched the Industrial Revolution.

  • 200 PointsThe Industrial Revolution began in this country because it had needed natural resources (coal and iron) and good access to the sea.

  • 300 PointsPoor working conditions and abuses of the working class led this man to co-write the Communist Manifesto. It called for workers to rise up and overthrow the wealthy capitalists

  • 400 PointsPeople moving from the country to the city to work in the factories.

  • 500 PointsType of labor used in factories in the 1800s that is not legal today.

  • 100 PointsTwo revolutions that influenced the Latin American Revolutions

  • 200 PointsGroup that led the independence movements in Latin America

  • 300 PointsThis Creole nicknamed, The Liberator, led independence movements against the Spanish along with Jose de San Martin in South America.

  • 400 PointsToussaint L Ouverture led a Slave Revolt in this country against France and became the first Latin American country to gain its independence.

  • 500 PointsIsm inspiring people in Latin America to seek independence from Spain and France.