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  • 1. Technology and Dystopia:Do You Dream ofAngry Android Sheep? Deb Nicholson11.26.2012

2. Appalachia 3. Power isntalwayscomplicated 4. Knowing the rulesdoesnt mean you can change them 5. I dontsee a lion 6. Robotoverlords? 7. Increasetech literacy 8. Avoidconsolidation 9. Whos behind the curtain? 10. Power and Powerlessness: CC-BY-SA CC-BYQuiescence and Rebellion Boat! by Kwame Nkansahin an Appalachian ValleyRed Sky by Michael Lehenbauerby John GaventaGiant Eye by swanksalotSmokehouse by Don OBrien Public DomainGirls in Papua New Guinea by Nosferatu from Wikipedia OLPCCouple by Aditya RahkmanRobots by jerekeyCat and Mouse by steve p2008Referee by Dan 4thLion by Fountain HeadGenoese Fortress by