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Not Another Quiz QBIT BIT, Mesra


  • 1. 1. What did Captain Haddock say when he found Red Rackhams Treasure:Blistering ______, Its Red Rackhams _______!

2. Blistering treasures, Its Red Rackhams barnacle! 3. 2. Fill in the blank. 4. 3. Flag of? 5. Starwars, The Republic 6. 4. FITB. 7. 5. What are: Serpent, Old Woman, PrinceJoey, Catapult, Gorilla, TransporterPad, Golf cart, Time Machine, The BeeKeeper, The Pope, Jet Pack 8. Sheldon Coopers Chess Pieces in3-person Chess 9. 6. Identify. 10. H. C. Verma 11. X : Dont tell me I m wrong u brat!proving Supermans guilt is my whole mission in life.Y : Ow! X, your grief has obssessed youwith this idea of vengeance. I begyou..give it up!Identify this popular comic framewhich has become a internet sensation.