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  • NetSuite 2020.1 Release Notes 1

    NetSuite 2020.1 Release Notes

    Release Preview Draft Revision Date: January 22, 2020 PDF File Version: v1

    Important: This document summarizes the changes to NetSuite between 2020.1 and the previous release.

    These release notes are subject to change every week.

    The 2020.1 enhancements and changes listed in this document are not available to customers until they are upgraded to NetSuite 2020.1. Please check the version number at the bottom of your Home page if you are unsure which NetSuite version you are using. The features and SuiteApps described here may not be available in your NetSuite account. Your access to these features and SuiteApps is subject to the terms of service in your NetSuite contract. Some features may require extra purchase.

    Click the following links for details about product changes:


    NetSuite · Accounting

    ■ New Feature to Balance Transactions by Segments

    ■ Advanced Revenue Management Enhancements

    ■ Entity Merge User Interface Enhancements

    ■ SuiteAnalytics Enhancements

    ■ Transaction Email Enhancements

    ■ Budgets for Customers’ Secondary Subsidiaries

    ■ SuiteApprovals Enhancements

    ■ Contra Account Sheets (Beta)

    ■ Country-Specific Reports (Beta)

    ■ France Localization

    ■ Germany Central Bank Reports (Beta)

    ■ Germany Localization (Beta)

    ■ GL Matching

    ■ New Japan Trial Balance and Enhancements to Financial Statements

    NetSuite · Administration

    ■ Account Setup and Maintenance

    □ Deprecation Plan for the Full Access Role

    □ See Differences in Employee Access Permissions on the Role Permission Differences Page

    □ New File Cabinet Default for Hide Attachments Folder Preference

    □ Antivirus Scanning on File Cabinet Files in All Accounts

    ■ Internationalization

    □ Introducing Localization Context — User Event and Client Script Association

    ReleaseNotes_2020.1.0.pdf —Release Preview Draft— Subject to Change

  • NetSuite 2020.1 Release Notes 2

    □ Subsidiary Hierarchy Modification

    □ Automated Intercompany Management Preferences Relocated

    □ Internal Tags Displayed in Translated Record and Transaction Names

    ■ Authentication

    □ OAuth 2.0 Delegated Access for REST Web Services and RESTlets

    □ Deprecation of Google OpenID SSO and NetSuite Inbound SSO Features

    □ TBA Authorization Flow Enhancements

    □ Inbound SSO Access to Commerce Websites through OpenID Connect (OIDC)

    □ Service Provider-Initiated Flow Support for SAML Single Sign-on Access to Commerce Websites

    □ Session Invalidation on Commerce Websites Can Result from Changes to User Credentials

    □ Password Policy Changes for Commerce Websites

    □ Embedding Sensitive Website Pages in an iFrame is Prohibited

    ■ Cloud Infrastructure

    □ Data Center-Specific NetSuite Domains for Integrations are Targeted for Deprecation

    □ Automated Conversion of Data Center-Specific Domains in NetSuite

    □ New Content Delivery Network Available for Secure Commerce Websites

    □ Incorrect HTTP Status Code 206 is Changing to 500

    ■ SuiteApps

    □ Operation ID Field Added on Page Time Details

    □ Deprecation of Script Queue Monitor (Beta)

    NetSuite · Banking

    ■ Bank Feeds

    ■ Financial Institution Connectivity API

    ■ Bank Data Matching Improvements

    ■ Bank Statement Parsers Enhancements

    NetSuite · Employee Management

    ■ Manager Self-Service Enhancements for Employee Change Requests

    ■ CSV Import for Effective Dating

    ■ Advanced Employee Permissions – Customizable Restrictions

    ■ Advanced Employee Permissions – Exclusion of Lists > Employees Permission

    ■ Bonuses in Compensation Tracking

    ■ Paying Employee Bonuses with SuitePeople U.S. Payroll

    ■ Workbook Template: Employee Bonus History and Current Compensation

    ■ Expense Account Override

    ■ Employee-Specific Expense Report Attachments in File Cabinet

    ■ Time Modification Enhancements

    ■ Vendor Time Thresholds

    ■ Onboarding Checklist Enhancements

    NetSuite · Item Record Management

    ReleaseNotes_2020.1.0.pdf —Release Preview Draft— Subject to Change

  • NetSuite 2020.1 Release Notes 3

    ■ Inventory Costing Preferences

    NetSuite · Inventory Management

    ■ Supply Allocation Exceptions Management

    ■ Partially Receive Transfer Order Fulfillment Quantities when Transfer is at Cost

    ■ Warehouse Management System Enhancements

    □ Support for GS1 Bar Code Types

    □ Inbound Shipment Management Integration

    □ Multi-App Support

    □ Export and Import of Custom Mobile Processes

    □ SuiteScript Exposure of Warehouse Management Records

    ■ Supply Chain Control Tower Enhancements

    ■ Shelf-to-Sheet Inventory Count

    ■ Warranty and Repairs Management Enhancements

    NetSuite · Manufacturing

    ■ Outsourced Manufacturing

    ■ Actual Production Dates

    NetSuite · Mobile

    ■ iOS Push Notification Changes

    NetSuite · Order Management

    ■ Subscription Revisions

    ■ Automatically Extend Estimated Revenue Recognition End Date

    ■ Multi-Subsidiary Customer Integration with Billing Accounts

    ■ Set Subscription Charge Periods to Align with the Subscription Start Date

    ■ Enhancements to Standard Roles and Permissions

    ■ Enhanced Visibility into Automatic Fulfillment Request Creation

    ■ Create Automatic Fulfillment Requests on Expected Ship Date

    ■ Improved Handling of Rejected Payments

    ■ Visa Cards on File Mandate Compliance with Payment Instruments Enabled

    ■ Inventory Details on Inbound Shipment Record

    ■ Automation Usage Figures Now Available on Billing Information Page

    ■ Electronic Bank Payments Enhancements

    ■ Grid Order Management Enhancements

    ■ Subscription Billing Bulk Operations

    ■ Subscription Billing Pricing Interval UI Enhancements

    ■ Route Delivery

    ■ Philippine Invoicing

    ■ Auto Close Back Orders

    NetSuite · Projects

    ReleaseNotes_2020.1.0.pdf —Release Preview Draft— Subject to Change

  • NetSuite 2020.1 Release Notes 4

    ■ Advanced Project Budgets Enhancements ■ Advanced Project Profitability Enhancements ■ Project Revenue Recognition Enhancements ■ Preferred First Day of a Week Available for RACG Calendar

    NetSuite · Vendors, Purchasing, and Receiving

    ■ Vendor Prepayments from Purchase Order ■ Vendor Prepayments Auto-Apply ■ Vendor Prepayments Additional Functionalities ■ Vendor Bill Approvals in the Employee Center

    NetSuite · Taxation

    ■ SuiteTax Support for Non-Claimable Reverse Charge Tax Types ■ Portugal Tax Audit Files Field Mapping Page Update ■ Philippines Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld at Source (Form 2307) Update ■ Cyprus VAT Return Enhancement ■ Singapore Goods and Services (GST) F5 Return Update ■ Germany VAT Return Update ■ Tax Reporting Category for Country Tax Reports ■ Tax Reporting Category Support for Australia and Philippines Tax Reports ■ Tax Point Date Support for SuiteTax Reports ■ JAPAC Support for SuiteTax Reports ■ EMEA Tax Audit Files Support for SuiteTax Reports ■ SuiteTax Support for Tax Groups ■ Belgium Localization ■ EMEA Localization ■ Netherlands Localization ■ New Simplified India GST Tax Return Reports ■ Sweden Tax Reports ■ United Kingdom Localization

    NetSuite · User Interface

    ■ Submit an Advanced Customer Support Case Through SuiteAnswers ■ Help Center Available in Chinese ■ Advance Notice: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 End of Support


    Commerce · Commerce Applications

    Commerce · Site Management Tools

    ■ SMT UX Sustainability ■ Sass Pre-Processor Enhancements

    Commerce · Commerce Merchandising

    ReleaseNotes_2020.1.0.pdf —Release Preview Draft— Subject to Change

  • NetSuite 2020.1 Release Notes 5

    ■ Bulk Item Download using the Item Search API ■ Improved Process for Applying Merchandise Hierarchy Attributes to Items ■ Merchandise Hierarchy Visual Layout Enhancements ■ Standard Merchandise Hierarchy SuiteAnalytics Workbook

    Commerce · Commerce Platform

    ■ New Domains Setup Procedure ■ Redirect URL Domain Enhancements ■ Creating and Editing Web Sites by Type ■ Adding Items to Item Collections using Saved Searches ■ Creating Item Collections using CSV Import ■ Introducing Web Store Order Workbook Template ■ Update to Commerce Elevated Permission Framework ■ Account-Specific Domains for Marketing Campaigns and Online Forms ■ System Email Template Customization ■ Commerce Category Customer Segment Assignment ■ Commerce Category Multi-Language Support

    Commerce · SuiteCommerce InStore

    ■ New APM Sensors

    SuiteCloud Platform

    SuiteCloud Platform · SuiteApp Distribution

    ■ placeholder

    SuiteCloud Platform · SuiteBuilder - Customization

    ■ Sales and Purchase Custom Transactions Available ■ System Notes v2 Page Available for Custom Transaction Configuration and Roles and Permissions ■ Account–Specific Domains Supported in Custom Fields and Custom Center Links ■ New Languages Supported in Advanced Printing Templates