NEVADA SENIOR ... From Readers Digest OWN YOUR OWN MASTERPIECE Proceeds from the purchase of artwork,

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  • Adult Day Care Center of Las Vegas 901 N. Jones Blvd.

    Las Vegas, NV 89108 P: 702.648.3425 F: 702.648.1408

    M-F 6:30 AM—6:30 PM SAT 8:00 AM—6:00 PM

    Adult Day Care Center of Henderson 1201 Nevada State Drive

    Henderson, NV 89002 P: 702.368.2273 F: 702.243.2273

    M-F 6:30 AM—6:30 PM SAT 8:00 AM—6:00 PM

    Adult Day Care Center of Henderson

    Newsletter January 2019


    The Adult Day Care Centers of Las

    Vegas and Henderson wish our

    families a Happy and Healthy New

    Year! Our Centers strives to create a place of fun, love, kindness and caring. We would

    like to encourage all of our participants to

    try a new activity at our center. Discover a

    new kind of music, make a new friend,

    create a new picture and enjoy new life

    experiences. We will be making New Year’s

    resolutions and see how long we will keep

    them. Please join us as we celebrate the

    start of another amazing year.

    This month, we will be honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

    by celebrating peace, acceptance and justice. We will be writing

    poetry, listening and moving to inspiring music, and creating art.

    I have a dream I have a dream I have a dream I have a dream I have a dream I have a dream I have a dream

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”MLK

    “The time is always right to do what is right.” MLK

  • Highlights from December

    The Friday Connections Group

    Cheering on the New Year!

    Happy 2019!

    Many thanks to our WYNN Las

    Vegas team of ANGELS for another

    delicious and successful holiday

    luncheon. All the delicious food at

    the Adult Day Care Centers of Las

    Vegas and Henderson was donated

    for these wonderful events with kind

    generosity from Wynn Las Vegas.

    Julie Murray of Moonridge Group, her amazing staff

    and some incredible donors connected to her

    organization helped one of our families this Christmas

    after a tragic loss. Just days before the holiday, the

    main caregiver (a mother & grandmother) passed away

    suddenly. The Moonridge Angels generously provided

    food, toys and clothing

    for this family of 7 in their

    most sorrowful & urgent

    time of need. We are all

    blessed to have these

    Moonridge Angels in our

    Nevada Senior Services

    Family. Thank you!

    Celebrating the Holidays

    with our furry friends!

    They are making regular




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    Birthday Corner January Our Monthly Birthday Celebrations are held on the 4th Wednesday

     “Spa” Day Fridays

     Sign Language and Spanish Th at 10:00 LV and 2:00 HD

     Matinee Movie Saturdays

     2019 Calendars are Here!!!!

     Martin Luther King Events Friday, January 18

     Friendly Paws Day Thursdays Jan 10 +14th


    03 MARY P.

    04 HARLAN R.

    13 MARIO G.

    21 MARY ELLEN R.

    27 RYAN W.

    28 LETICIA M.

    30 JANICE W.


    03 Lany D.

    04 Mirima A.

    06 Angela D.

    07 Sandra A.

    11 Salvador O.

    13 Saul S.

    18 Katie B.

    22 Paulina G.

    23 Joyce S.

    24 Maria Z.

    26 Aldean H

    26 Paula S.

    31 Doris S.

    REMINDER: Adult Day Care Center of Las Vegas is open 7 days a week & closed

    ONLY on 2 Holidays– Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.

    Please make reservations on other Holidays & Sundays

    so we can accommodate our participants with proper staffing. Thank You so MUCH !

  • We have Tai Chi/ Chi Kung & Yoga Classes. Tai Chi/Chi Kung &

    Yoga are a combination of choreographed seated or standing

    movement, sound vibrations and guided meditations. These

    practices promote healing and relaxation by releasing negative

    emotions such as worry, anxiety, grief and anger.

    GETTING SCENT-IMENTAL JASMINE is the January scent. In a study presented at the Eastern Psychological

    Association Conference in 2011, researchers analyzed 20

    people as they slept in rooms scented with jasmine, lavender, or

    nothing. Participants moved the least during

    sleep and rated their anxiety levels lowest after smelling jasmine.

    They also performed better on cognitive tests. The beautiful aroma

    makes a classic scented black tea. Happy Hibernating zzz From Readers Digest

    OWN YOUR OWN MASTERPIECE Proceeds from the purchase of artwork,

    calendars or cards help fund art supplies and

    other special programs at the Adult Day Care

    Centers of Las Vegas & Henderson.

    GOOD MOOD FOODS  DARK CHOCOLATE Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect

    your health, made with the seed of the cocoa

    tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants

    on the planet. It may improve blood flow and

    lowers blood pressure, raises HDL and protects

    LDL from oxidation. Look for minimally processed chocolate with high

    cocoa content. According to the American Cancer Institute, "Given

    chocolate’s rich supply of flavonoids, researchers have also

    investigated whether it may play a role in cancer prevention.”

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    If you are an Amazon Shopper and login

    to, you can shop as

    you normally would and when you

    designate Nevada Senior Services,

    Amazon donates a portion of your sale to

    Nevada Senior Services! EASY!

    Meet the Staff Mr. RAMP, Tim Rabatsky has worked for Nevada Senior Services

    since 2011 and is the lead for facility maintenance and RAMP

    home safety modifications. Frankly there is NOTHING Tim can’t

    build or fix. He has an intuitively creative, mechanical mind. The

    “tinkering” started when he was a young boy back in Ohio when he

    taught himself how to repair a lawn mower or a dirt bike by taking

    it apart and putting it back together. His skills and interests are

    endless: Sailing, astronomy, photography, science, vintage miatas,

    etc… Tim was a plant manager for a machine shop for 25 years and has certifications in

    HVAC, OSHA, and computer programming to name a few. We appreciate Tim so much—

    not only does he keep our facility running, he has allowed hundreds of

    seniors to live safely in their homes through the RAMP program. Tim is

    a gift to us all.

    We are pleased to Kevin D, Donald G. and Aundry W. to the Adult Day Care Center of Las Vegas & Palma P, Marietta C, JoAn M,to the

    Adult Day Care Center of Henderson.

    2019 ART


    $10 Donation*

    “Advice for a Lifetime”

    Inquire at the front desk of the Adult Day Care

    Centers of Las Vegas and Henderson.

    *Free customized message with a donation of

    $100 or more.

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  • Angel Corner Many Thanks to our Humana Angels for their ongoing

    generosity to our Centers! Then sent a truckload of

    gifts, puzzles, hand-knit mittens, afghans and scarves

    and COFFEE! Thank you for adding more joy to our


    HOORAY to Tina Kelley and her angels at ATI Physical Therapy

    at 7301 Peak Drive for the landslide donation of 275 items!

    Art supplies, sweat suits, hand cream, toothpaste and

    toothbrushes and much, much more– We are overwhelmed by

    their thoughtfulness.

    Feel the Love!

    Watch for upcoming

    Valentine’s Day Events

    February 14th

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    On behalf of our entire family of helpful, caring professionals at The Adult Day Care Centers of Las Vegas

    & Henderson, we would like to thank you for continually being an important and appreciated part of our

    organization. As we continue to strive to make our Centers a place of caring and fun for all our

    participants, always remember our doors are always open to you and your family members’ needs.

    Thank you for choosing us!

    Dee Dee Woodberry Activities Director 702-333-1518


    Dolores Maceda is our new Lead Nurse. She will be