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A list of adult fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in December 2013. These titles are available to request from your local Stoke-on-Trent Library or by using our Libraries Online service via


<ul><li><p>New Fiction Books Added </p><p>to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries </p><p>December 2013 </p></li><li><p>Adventure Author Title Series Coughlin, Jack. Time to kill. A sniper novel Crichton, Mi-chael. Easy go. </p><p>Crime Author Title Series Abbott, Victoria. Sayers swindle. A book collector mystery Ball, Brian. The captive clairvoyant. Benacquista, Tonino. The family. Black, Tony. Long time dead. Bradford, Laura. Assaulted pretzel. Brandman, Mi-chael. </p><p>Robert B. Parker's Fool me twice. The Jesse Stone novels </p><p>Buckley, Fiona. A traitor's tears. The Ursula Blanchard mys-teries </p><p>Burke, James Lee. Burning angel. Dave Robicheaux novels ; Champlin, Tim. Fire bell in the night. Chatterton, Ed. Down among the dead men. Christie, Agatha. Crooked house. Christie, Agatha. Death comes as the end. Christie, Agatha. Destination unknown. Christie, Agatha. Endless night. Christie, Agatha. Murder is easy. Christie, Agatha. N or M?. Tommy and Tuppence Christie, Agatha. Passenger to Frankfurt. Christie, Agatha. Sparkling cyanide. Christie, Agatha. The hound of death. Christie, Agatha. The mysterious Mr Quin. Christie, Agatha. The seven dials mystery. Christie, Agatha. The thirteen problems. Christie, Agatha. Three act tragedy. Colfer, Eoin. Plugged. Cotterill, Colin. The axe factor. Jimm Juree series </p></li><li><p>Cotterill, Colin. The woman who wouldn't die. A Dr Siri mystery </p><p>Craddock, Rose- The Lovegrove hermit. Craig, Elizabeth. Quilt or innocence. A southern quilting mystery Craig, Elizabeth. Quilt trip. A Southern quilting mystery Crais, Robert. The two minute rule. Crofts, Freeman Wills. </p><p>Inspector French's greatest case. </p><p>Crombie, Debo-rah. Sound of broken glass. </p><p>An Detective Inspector Gem-ma James novel </p><p>Cutler, Judith. Double fault. A Fran Harman mystery Dahl, Arne. Bad blood. Duncan, Eliza-beth J. </p><p>Never laugh as a hearse goes by. A Penny Brannigan mystery </p><p>Edwards, Martin. Yesterday's papers. </p><p>Estleman, Loren The confessions of Al Capone. </p><p>Evanovich, Ja- Takedown twenty. A Stephanie Plum novel Finch, Charles. A beautiful blue death. Fossum, Karin. Calling out for you. The Inspector Sejer series Fossum, Karin. Don't look back. The Inspector Sejer series Fossum, Karin. He who fears the wolf. The Inspector Sejer series Fossum, Karin. When the devil holds the can- The Inspector Sejer series Glynn, A.A. Mystery in Moon Lane. Gray, Alex. The Swedish girl. Hannah, Mari. Monument to murder. </p><p>Harris, Char- Harper Connelly omnibus. Hart, Carolyn G. What the cat saw. </p><p>High, Philip E. Guilty as charged and other sto- Horst, Jorn Lier. Closed for winter. A William Wisting mystery </p><p>Hunter, Alan. Gently French. The Inspector George Gently </p><p>Hunter, Alan. Gently in trees. The Inspector George Gently </p><p>Hunter, Alan. Gently where she lay. The Inspector George Gently Hutton, Ewart. Dead people. A Glyn Capaldi mystery </p><p>Indridason, Ar- Strange shores. Kelly, Sofie. Final catcall. A magical cats mystery </p><p>Kingsley, Allison. A sinister sense. A Raven's nest bookstore </p></li><li><p>Kray, Roberta. Streetwise. Kurland, Michael. The infernal device. Professor Moriarty Lake, Deryn. Death on the rocks. A John Rawlings mystery ; Lee, Amanda. The long stitch goodnight. Logan, Kylie. Buttoned up. Button box mysteries </p><p>Magson, Adrian. Death at the Clos du Lac. An Inspector Lucas Rocco mystery </p><p>Malliet, G. M. A fatal winter. A Max Tudor novel Marston, Ed-ward. Peril on the royal train. The railway detective Marston, Ed-ward. The fair maid of Bohemia : The Bracewell mysteries Marston, Ed-ward. The laughing hangman : The Bracewell mysteries Marston, Ed-ward. The roaring boy : The Bracewell mysteries Masterton, Gra-ham. Broken angels. Maxwell, Edith. A tine to live, a tine to die. Local foods mysteries McFadyen, Ian. Lillia's diary. McGilloway, Bri-an. Hurt. The DS Black series McIlvanney, Wil-liam. Strange loyalties. The Laidlaw investigations McNeill, Fergus. Eye contact. Nadel, Barbara. An act of kindness. A Hakim and Arnold mystery Neggers,Carla. Heron's Cove. Nesbo, Jo. Cockroaches : Parker, Robert B. Small vices. The Spenser novels Paton Walsh, Jill. The late scholar. A Lord Peter Wimsey mystery Perry, Anne. A Christmas garland. </p><p>Simon, Clea. Grey howl. A Dulcie Schwartz feline mys-tery </p><p>Stabenow, Dana. A grave denied. Kate Shugak investigations Starrett, Vincent. Jimmy Lavender : Story, Jack Tre-vor. The trouble with Harry. Sylvain, Dominique. The dark angel. </p><p>A Diesel and Jost investiga-tion </p><p>Tope, Rebecca. A market for murder. Verner, Gerald. The glass arrow. </p><p>Wagner, David. Cold tuscan stone. A Rick Montoya Italian mys-tery </p><p>Weeks, Lee. Cold as ice. </p></li><li><p>Family Saga Author Title Series Baker, Anne. Nancy's war. Graham, Marga-ret. Annie's promise. Groves, Annie. The heart of the family. Hampson, June. The crying game. Neale, Kitty. Abandoned child. Stirling, Jessica. The wayward wife. Wood, Valerie. The hungry tide. </p><p>Fantasy Author Title Series Abnett, Dan. First and only. Black Library classics Abnett, Dan. Pariah. Ravenor vs Eisenhorn </p><p>Asprin, Robert. The beginning. The adventures of Duncan and Mallory ; </p><p>Boyden, Joseph. The orenda. Counter, Ben. Seventh retribution. Warhammer 40,000 </p><p>Gaiman, Neil. The ocean at the end of the lane. </p><p>Hor-wood,William. Winter. Huff, Tanya. The silvered. King, William. Trollslayer. Black Library classics Kyme, Nick. Vulkan lives. Warhammer 40,000 Magrs, Paul. From Wildthyme with love. McNeill, Graham. Nightbringer. Black Library classics Moorcock, Mi-chael. The sleeping sorceress. Elric Murphy, Pat. The falling woman. Fantasy masterworks Newton, Mark Charan. The broken isles. Legends of the red sun ; Pratchett, Terry. Mort. A Discworld novel Pratchett, Terry. Reaper man. Discworld hardback library Robertson, Freya. Heartwood. </p><p>Tolkien, J. R. R. The hobbit : or, There and back again. </p><p>Tolkien, J. R. R. The return of the king. The lord of the rings ; Williams, Mazarkis. The Tower broken. Tower and knife ; Wilson, Geoffrey. The war of the Grail. </p></li><li><p>General Author Title Series Aiken, Joan. Mansfield revisited. Andrews, Lyn. Liverpool angels. Arthur, Keri. Darkness splintered. Dark Angel series </p><p>Arthur, Keri. Full moon rising. Riley Jenson, guardian se-ries </p><p>Auge, Marc. No fixed abode. Bell, Anna. Don't tell the groom. Bennett, Mag-gie. A family's duty. Berne, Suzanne. The dogs of Littlefield. Blake, Fanny. The secrets women keep. Briggs, Patricia. Bone crossed. Brown, Alexan-dra. Christmas at Carrington's. Brown, Benita. Dreaming out loud. Buckley, Carla. Invisible. Camus, Albert. The outsider. Penguin modern classics Candlish, Louise. </p><p>The disappearance of Emily Marr. </p><p>Candlish, Louise. The island hideaway. Carriger, Gail. Changeless. The parasol protectorate ; Chamberlain, Di-ane. The courage tree. Chance, Rebec-ca. Divas. Clark, Rory. Style &amp; manors : Clarke, Stephen. The Merde factor. </p><p>Colgan, Jenny. The good, the bad and the dumped. </p><p>Collier, Catrin. Long road to Baghdad. Connelly, Victo-ria. Wish you were here. Crane, Megan. Once more with feeling. Crosse, Tania. Wheels of Grace. Da Costa, Por-tia. The accidental bride. Day, Elizabeth. Home fires. De Lazlo, Mary. Shadows in the sky. </p></li><li><p>Dinesen, Isak. Babette's feast Doyle, Roddy. The Barrytown trilogy. Dugdall, R. E. The woman before me. Ee, Susan. World after. Penryn and the end of days ; </p><p>Feehan, Chris- Magic before Christmas. Drake sisters series ; Filer, Nathan. The shock of the fall. Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The last tycoon. Fox, Essie. The goddess and the thief. Fraser, Emma. When the dawn breaks. Gardner, Lisa. Brandon's bride. The Family Secrets Trilogy Grissom, Kath-leen. The kitchen house. Groves, Annie. Only a mother knows. </p><p>Hamid, Mohsin. How to get filthy rich in rising Asia. </p><p>Harrison, A. S. A. The silent wife. Harrison, Thea. Kinked. The Elder races Harry, Lilian. Weddings in Burracombe. Heley, Veronica. A heart besieged. </p><p>Hilburn, Lynda. Blood therapy. Kismet Knight, vampire psy-</p><p>Hitchman, Be- Petite mort. Hood, Evelyn. Festival in Prior's Ford. Hoover, Colleen. Hopeless. Jaaskelainen, Pasi. </p><p>The Rabbit Back Literature So-ciety. </p><p>Jackson, Ange-la. The emergence of Judy Taylor. Jeffries, Sheila. Solomon's tale. Jio, Sarah. Morning Glory. Jones, Terry. Evil machines. Keane, Jessie. Ruthless. Kelk, Lindsey. About a girl. Kwan, Kevin. Crazy rich Asians. Lamb, Victoria. His dark lady. Law, Catherine. The flower book. Lee, Maureen. Flora and Grace. </p></li><li><p>Lewis, Susan. Strange allure. Lightfoot, Freda. Lakeland Lily. </p><p>Lindstrom, Mer- Days in the history of silence. Locke, Kate. Long live the queen. The immortal empire ; London, Jack. Call of the wild. Long, Kate. Before she was mine. </p><p>Malpas, Jodi El- This man confessed. Mansell, Jill. Don't want to miss a thing. Marks, Erica. The guest house. </p><p>McCarthy, Cor- The counselor : </p><p>McDowell, Les- Unfashioned creatures : </p><p>McFarlane, Here's looking at you. Me, Tara Sue. The submissive. Submissive trilogy ; </p><p>Montefiore, San- The French gardener. Moorcroft, Sue. Is this love?. North, Sam. Mistletoe and whine. A Doc Martin novel Picoult, Jodi. Keeping faith. Picoult, Jodi. Mercy. Picoult, Jodi. Perfect match. Picoult, Jodi. The tenth circle. </p><p>Pinborough, Sa- The language of dying. Plath, Sylvia. The bell jar. Robathan, Maga-The reluctant. </p><p>Setterfield, Di- The thirteenth tale. Sheffield, Jack. Silent night. Singh, Nalini. Angels' flight. Guild Hunter series Singh, Nalini. Archangel's legion. Guild Hunter series Smith, Zadie. The Embassy of Cambodia. Spalding, Nick. Love ... under different skies. Sterne, Lau-rence. </p><p>The life &amp; opinions of Tristram Shandy, gentleman. </p><p>Sutcliffe, William. The wall. Swan, Karen. Players. Swan, Karen. Prima donna. </p></li><li><p>Taylor, Eliza-beth. Angel. Virago modern classics Thirkell, Angela. Pomfret Towers. Barsetshire novels Thompson, E.V. The bonds of earth. Thompson,E.V. Homeland. </p><p>Tropper, Jona- One last thing before I go. Tyler, Anne. The beginner's goodbye. Vowler, Tom. What lies within. Wilcox, John. Starshine. Wilde, Oscar. The picture of Dorian Gray. Willocks, Tim. Green River rising. </p><p>Woods, Sherryl. A Chesapeake Shores Christ-mas. Chesapeake shores </p><p>Wyld, Evie. All the birds are singing. Zusak, Markus. The book thief. </p><p>Graphic Novel Author Title Series Aaron, Jason. Wolverine and the X-Men. </p><p>Bendis, Brian Spider-Man. Corbeyran. Hawk. Assassin's creed ; Fortier, Ron. The burning earth. The Terminator Gage, Christos. The dark world prelude. Marvel's Thor </p><p>Gaska, Andrew Space: 1999 : </p><p>Greenwalt, Da- The coins of Zakynthos. Grimm ; Hickman, Jona-than. Infinity prelude. Avengers ; Hickman, Jona-than. Infinity prelude. Avengers ; Jurgens, Dan. Thor vs. Thanos. Millar, Mark. Kick-ass 2. </p><p>Scott, Mair- Beast hunters : Transformers prime Seifert, Brandon. Dark watch. Clive Barker's Hellraiser Yost, Christo-pher. The big leagues. Scarlet Spider ; The definitive Thor. Marvel platinum </p></li><li><p>Historical Author Title Series Bagwell, Gillian. The September queen. Chadwick, Eliza-beth. The summer queen. Charles, Ed-ward. Seeds of decline. The House of Medici Collard, Paul Fraser. The Maharajah's general. Doherty, Gor-don. Rise of the golden heart. Strategos Donachie, Da-vid. A divided command. The John Pearce series Donachie, Da-vid. A sea of troubles. The John Pearce series Goldsworthy, Adrian. All in scarlet uniform. Hight, Jack. Holy war. Saladin trilogy ; Moehringer, J.R. Sutton. Scarrow, Simon. Arena. </p><p>Romance Author Title Series Anders, Toni. Cupid's bow. Andre, Bella. If you were mine. Banks, Leanne. Happy new year, baby Fortune. Barton, Anne. Once she was tempted. Beaton, M.C. Refining Felicity. The school for manners Bennett,Jules. To tame a cowboy. Britnell, Angela. Flames that melt. Cantrell, Kat. Pregnant by morning. Carlyle, Liz. In love with a wicked man. Carr, Robyn. My kind of Christmas. Carr,Susanna. A deal with benefits. Cornelison, Beth. </p><p>The return of Connor Mans-field. </p><p>Crews, Caitlin. A royal without rules. Crews, Caitlin. Not just the boss's plaything. Crosby,Susan. An early Christmas gift. </p></li><li><p>Dalton, Lily. Never desire a duke. One scandalous season Delamere, Jen-nifer. A lady most lovely. Love's grace ; Delinsky, Barba-ra. Forbidden love. Devoti, Lori. Moon rising. Dreyer, Eileen. Once a rake. Dunlop, Barba-ra. A golden betrayal. Evans, Sarah. The dating game. Flynn,Christine. Her holiday prince charming. Fossen, De-lores. Wanted. Fountain, Mari-lyn. Leap year. Fuller, Meriel. The knight's fugitive lady. Gates,Olivia. Claiming his own. Graham, Lynne. The Dimitrakos proposition. Green, Crystal. The cowboy's pregnant bride. </p><p>Hannay,Barbara. Second chance with her sol-dier. </p><p>Harris, Lynn Raye. </p><p>The change in Di Navarra's plan. </p><p>Hauf, Michele. The vampire hunter. Haymore, Jen-nifer. The rogue's proposal. House of Trent ; Herries, Anne. Courted by the captain. Herron, Rita. Cold case at Carlton's Canyon. Hewitt, Kate. The prince she never knew. Holmes, Valerie. Roses are dead. Hunter, Saman-tha. Unforgettable. Kaine, Margaret. Dangerous decisions. Lee, Miranda. A man without mercy. Lennox, Marion. Christmas at the castle. Lethbridge, Ann. Falling for the Highland rogue. Lynn, Janice. After the Christmas party. Lynn,Janice. The ER's newest dad. Mallery, Susan. All summer long. Mallett, Phyllis. Mistress of Seabrook. Mallett, Phyllis. Sinister isle of love. </p></li><li><p>Mallory, Sarah. Bought for revenge. March, Emily. Miracle Road. Eternity Springs ; Maynard, Janice. Beneath the stetson. McCabe, Aman-da. Running from scandal. McCuaig, Catrio-na. Prairie rose. </p><p>Miles,Olivia. Twas the week before Christ-mas. </p><p>Monroe,Lucy. Prince of secrets. Phillips, Carly. Karma. Serendipity series ; Ramsay, Anna. Heartbeat. Ramsay, Anna. Mistletoe medicine. Reid, Michelle. Bridal bargains. Roberts,Alison. From Venice with love. Ross,Suzanna. Hidden heartache. Schield, Cat. At odds with the heiress. Shalvis, Jill. Always on my mind. A Lucky Harbor novel Smart, Michelle. The rings that bind. Udy, Susan. Tender takeover. Wayne, Joanna. Unrepentant cowboy. Web-ber,Meredith. Date with a surgeon prince. </p><p>Welsh, Kate. The Texas ranger's heiress wife. </p><p>Williams,Cathy. A deal with Di Capua. Yates, Maisey. Forged in the desert heat. </p></li><li><p>Science Fiction Author Title Series Aldiss, Brian W. Eighty-minute hour. Bishop, Michael. Transfigurations. Card, Orson Scott. Xenocide. Ender ; Egan, Greg. The arrows of time. Orthogonal ; Huff, Tanya. The better part of valor. A Confederation novel Huff, Tanya. Valour's choice. A Confederation novel Kent, Steve L. Assassin, The clone rebellion ; Priest, Cherie. Fiddlehead. The clockwork century ; </p><p>Vance, Jack. Jack...</p></li></ul>