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Working to a brief set by New Balance; this document shows the selection process of 'opnion formers'/'trend setters' for the New Balance footwear brand. Three trend setters where picked out from three consumer groups; New Balance then chose a consumer to target a marketing campaign towards.


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  • contents1 . key findings summary

    2 . trend tracking proposal

    3. opinion former moodboad - option one

    4. opinion former moodboard - option two

    5. chosen opionion former - Chris, 42

  • The brief set by New Balance was to find an opinion former suited for the brand that could be given a pair of trainers and tracked over a period of weeks to find out consumer insights and opinions. From this research, a promotional campaign had

    to be devised to promote New Balance Lifestyle.

    Chris aged 43 was chosen as the opinion former. Chris turned out to be a fantastic opinion former for the brief and was keen to wear the trainers that he was given

    everyday and gave an in depth insight to his life. Falling into tier one and borderline two of New Balances consumers, Chris was identified as an early adopter

    with a heightened awareness of new trends and products.

    Overall, Chris had nothing but positive remarks on his New Balance Shoe; as Chris would wear the shoe for most activities it gave a good basis to start with the campaign research to see where consumers would wear or use the product.

    Primary research of Chris lifestyle habits played a crucial part when thinking about the campaign. The information he provided such as brands that he trusted, how he felt about products and clothing that he wore turned out to give a strong view point for the campaign. Following the research into Chris lifestyle, more primary research

    was conducted by giving questionnaires and surveys to a similar consumers.

    After defining the target market for the campaign as generation jones, market research was done to evaluate trends and social preferences. It became apparent that there were lots of trends and similarities with hobbies relating to the outdoors.

    Significantly, work played a major role within the consumers life, however social and outdoor activities also showed to be important. This gave strong rationale for the

    campaign to link to, offering a lifestyle product within social settings that the target audience enjoys. From this, the whole campaign was based around

    The Great Outdoors.

    Research was then conducted to see how the theme of The Great Outdoors could be used in an innovative marketing campaign. Looking at brands and trends that consumers buy gave many visual examples of the type of print advertisements and products that appealed them. Additionally, trends and innovations of marketing were then researched to try and pinpoint an edge that the New Balance campaign could


    It was concluded that the idea of sensory marketing fitted in perfectly with the great outdoors; therefore the basis of the campaign Sense New Balance would use sensory marketing to appeal to the consumer in a different way. Appealing to the consumers other five senses as well as providing visually pleasing images of outdoor settings the product was the concept of the campaign. Incorporating the five senses to traditional advertisements was intended to create a buzz, which would create a better brand awareness for New Balance if it proved to be successful. In addition to the sensory print advertisements, the campaign also included a 3D advert to be played within cinema, events to advertise at, in-store events appealing to senses with the use of VM and a sense pack gift to be given when purchasing. Following the campaign through from first advertisements to after sales strengthened the concept of the campaign, which

    would all be backed up through an online presence.

  • Opinion former - Option one

  • Opinion former - Option two

  • Chosen Opinion Former


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