New directions in information theory

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  • EUROPEAN TRANSACTIONS ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS Euro. Trans Telecomms. 2006; 17:702 Publised online in Wiley InterScience ( DOI: 10.1002/ett.1191

    Copyright 2006 AEIT

    Call for Papers

    New Directions in Information Theory

    Telecommunication systems technology is characterized by a continuous, steady progress led by the massive, ever increasing use of Internet in all aspects of everyday life. Within the broader scope of telecommunication, wireless systems are playing a peculiar role in their impetuous pace toward higher bandwidth efficiency, increased reliability, unlimited mobility. We are then witnessing a continuous evolution of telecommunication standards and paradigms, trying to immediately incorporate the last promising theoretical advances, such as powerful channel codes, multi-antenna technology, etc. In this exciting panorama, the present call for papers intends to attract researchers in Information Theory to submit new results and tutorial outlines aiming at setting frameworks, milestones, and new directions in present and future telecommunication systems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: - Multi-terminal Information Theory - Capacity of Multi-antenna Systems in Multi-user Environments - Joint Source and Channel Coding - Network Coding and User Cooperation - Layering and Separation Theorems in Networks - Channels with Feedback - Fundamental properties of message-passing algorithms. In addition to submitting new results in the areas above, researchers in related fields and researchers working on novel applications of information theory are encouraged to submit contributions.

    Submission Instructions: Papers should be no longer than 20 double-spaced pages excluding figures. It is essential that each manuscript be accompanied by a 75- to 200-word abstract clearly outline the scope and contributions of the paper. The papers must be submitted through on-line system Manuscript Central at, going to the Authoring Center, specifying "Special Issue on New directions in Information Theory".All submitted papers must not have been previously published and must not be submitted for publication elsewhere while they are under consideration.

    The following deadlines will apply: - Submission of manuscripts May 31, 2007 - Notification of acceptance November 30, 2007 - Submission of final manuscript December 31, 2007 - Publication Spring 2008

    Guest Editors:Sergio Benedetto, Politecnico di Torino Giuseppe Caire, University of Southern California Ralf Koetter, Technical University of MunichRudiger Urbanke, Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne


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