New Literacies & New Technology

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New Literacies & New Technology. Michelle Gornbein Shawn Ellis Derek Frey Joseph Young. New Literacies. Are made possible by new digital technology developments BUT do not necessarily have to involve the use of digital technology. Other Terms for New L iteracies . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


New Literacies & New Technology

New Literacies & New TechnologyMichelle GornbeinShawn EllisDerek FreyJoseph Young

New LiteraciesAre made possible by new digital technology developmentsBUT do not necessarily have to involve the use of digital technology

Other Terms for New Literacies21st century literaciesInternet literaciesDigital literaciesNew media literaciesMultiliteraciesInformation literaciesComputer literacyExamples of New Technologies/LiteraciesDigitalized ClassroomsDigitalized ResearchDigitalized BooksDigitalized NewspapersDigitalized Office and PresentationMobile InformationThe ability to be literate in all modes of information.

4The Cost of New TechnologyThe current cost of the new Apple iPad 2 is $499 a clicker at U of A: New: $53.50 Used: $40.25Cost of a Kindle: $139Using books compared to the new technology is a superior choice for most students. According to The University of Arizona Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid books/supplies will be $1,000 for the academic year. Does not take into account the money a student could get back if he or she sold back their books. of New Technology at U of A The new ResponseCard NXT clickersOffers educators maximum system flexibility and scalabilityMatching the unique needs of the individual educators learning environment and specific assessment and testing objectivesIn addition to standard clicker features: ResponseCard NXT provides advanced capabilities such as cell-phone style text entry for short answer and essay questionsThe highlight of ResponseCard NXT: its self-paced test mode forindividual summative assessmentthat works in conjunction with the newly releasedTurningkey software. 6Teaching with New Technology & New LiteraciesNew literacies are slowly being blended into the classroom (along with the use of traditional literacies)Examples may include the use of rap music to teach about feminism (or lack there of)Not only is it important for teachers to know about new technology, they need to know how to use itAlso need to be able to teach student about it

7ConclusionPros of Using New Technology to teach: Students can visually read lecture slides easier. Environmentally Friendly, doesnt waste ink from writing on whiteboards and also saves paper! Increases productivity meaning that you can accomplish much more quickly. Examples: D2L at U of A Teachers can communicate much easier through D2L and e-mails. Our LRC 320 class is completely online; we use new technology to complete assignments, etc.

Cons of Using New Technology to teach: From our personal experiences, in bigger classrooms it can be difficult to see and understand if you are sitting far away. Time if you are unfamiliar with new technologies it can be difficult to reorganize your teaching techniques. Costs although you save on paper, it may cost more to have computers and projectors on throughout the entirety of the class. Maintenance- if for some reason the new technologies arent working in class you have to figure out a way to get it fixed whether it be calling maintenance and waiting or finding other solutions.




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