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  • 1. A profile Positive People Builders 2007-2010 Cell: 090990 35303 email:
  • 2. Positive People Builders is a team of trainers, expert consultants, top business managers with a collective work experience of over 100 years. We endeavor to understand the needs of our clients and provide simplified solutions to achieve them in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We give our clients access to highly reputable consultants for training, management, performance improvement, facilitation, executive and organizational development that are ready to share their expertise with your team. Our team has worked together in developing the world class profitable solutions for modern businesses, always refining our services to ensure that we remain the best choice for our clients requirements. Strategic Goals 1. Develop a flexible and capable Training and Development organization that is responsive to the clients leadership and strategic goals. 2. Helping clients build competency-based, integrated systems and processes for managing employee performance. 3. Develop and implement a measurement systems to monitor the effectiveness of what we do. OUR VISION We drive business performance through learning. OUR MISSION To continue to listen, understand and deliver innovative learning and performance solutions, producing competitive advantages for clients around the world. VALUES STATEMENT Positive People Builders specializes in workforce development and training that supports businesses and industries in reaching and maintaining excellence and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We are dedicated to the continuing pursuit of exceptional Service, Quality, and Performance. This is based on our understanding of our customers needs and our ability and desire to fulfill such needs. We believe that long-term growth is best served when our customer and Corporate Services are both making a Return on Investment. OUR CORE VALUES INTEGRITY Our actions (internal and external) are open and honest. TEAMWORK AND RESPECT Our efforts are based on collaboration. We focus on win/win situations for customers and coworkers alike. To do this, we value and respect the diversity of the people and their ideas. Positive People Builders 2007-2010 Cell: 090990 35303 email:
  • 3. COMMUNICATIONS We are good listeners and share information promptly and completely to gain the trust and respect needed to offer productive solutions. Two-way communication exemplifies our desire for common understanding with our customers and co-workers. COMMITMENT Our behavior is demonstrated by taking responsibility and accountability for our promises and actions. INITIATIVE AND INNOVATION We proactively search for best practices and creative solutions to the needs of our customers and co- workers. WHAT WE DO Positive People Builders work with your leadership team to identify training needs, design, develop, implement and evaluate employee Training and Development programs to meet your companys strategic objectives. We have experience in developing end-to-end employee training and development programs for Fortune 500 companies. Our experience and insight surely shortens your Human Capital Development Cycle and free you to focus on other areas. Employee Training and Development is essential to the ongoing success of every organization. Although technology and the internet have enabled global collaboration and competition, Quality of Human Capital is the organizations competitive advantage. Employee training and development enables employees to develop skills and competencies necessary to enhance bottom-line results for their organization. Essential skills for many organizations include effective time management, effective communication, collaboration, project management, customer service, teamwork and more. A targeted training and development program focused on strategic skills significantly enhances profits quickly. Few Benefits from Employee Training and Development Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees Increased employee motivation Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods Increased innovation in strategies and products Reduced employee turnover Enhanced company image Risk management Lost productivity due to training gaps is expensive. For a free consultation for your organizations needs, contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer support staff through a variety of methods. Positive People Builders can be reached through. Phone : +91 90990 35303 Email: Positive People Builders 2007-2010 Cell: 090990 35303 email: