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New Success Intermediate Workbook

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    Present SimpleWe use the Present Simple for habits and routines: I go to the tennis club every Monday. The tennis coach doesnt work here in the winter.

    facts: You become a teenager when you are thirteen. Do British people have ID cards?

    generalisations: Lots of young people are sports fans. Teenagers often argue with their parents.

    State verbs (seem, like, feel etc.) are usually in the Present Simple:You seem interested in photography.Do you prefer colour or black and white?

    Adverbs of frequency (occasionally, often, never, always etc.) with the Present Simple show how often things happen. We put them before a main verb: He occasionally goes to rock

    concerts. after to be: She is often at home on Sunday

    evenings. between auxiliary (e.g. can, do, have) and main

    verbs: We dont usually go to away games. You can always get a taxi at the station.

    Present ContinuousWe use the Present Continuous for things which are happening now: Im making a poster for the school chess club now. Shes not sleeping, you can go in.

    temporary situations: At the moment, hes working for a charity. Are you staying with your parents until term starts?

    changing situations: More people are joining internet forums these days. Is the chess club becoming less popular?

    Time expressions (now, these days, at the moment etc.) usually go at the beginning or end of the sentence.

    1 Label the words in order from all (100%) to none (0%) of the time.

    always never occasionally often usually

    2 Look at the information about Joeys evenings and choose the best alternative for each sentence.

    TV homework basketball friendsMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

    In the evening 1 Joey sometimes / often meets his friends.2 Joey always / usually watches TV.3 Joey usually / sometimes plays basketball.4 Joey occasionally / never does homework.

    3 Find the errors with the position of the adverbs in the sentences. Write a tick for correct sentences and a cross for incorrect ones.

    Members of a fan club usually can buy cheap tickets.

    1 My schools societies meet never on Fridays.

    2 People dont work usually full-time when they are studying.

    3 Always I feel good when I give money to charity.

    4 Her favourite music is hip hop but she sometimes listens to soul.

    5 They travel often by coach to away games.

    6 Do you often get a seat on the supporters coach?

    7 I usually am at home on Saturday evenings.

    8 She fi nishes her homework never before midnight.

    9 Does he always help you with your homework?

    10 She often is tired when she gets home from work.


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    4 Choose the unnecessary word or phrase in each sentence.

    1 At the moment I work very hard every Saturday.

    2 She is sometimes living with her aunt until she goes back to London.

    3 Were not always going shopping much these days.

    4 I every weekend go for a long ride on Sundays.

    5 She now is talking to him now.6 He sometimes has no time right now so you

    cant talk to him.

    5 Complete the sentences with the correct alternatives.

    1 People often a club to make new friends. a are joining c joinb joins d arent joining

    2 At the moment, I lots of new friends. a make c m makingb s making d makes

    3 you the supporters clubs Internet address?a Are knowing c Can knowb Does know d Do know

    4 He always the clubs newsletter. a writes c writeb is writing d doesnt write

    5 Paul and Sue the car to work this week instead of the bus because its so cold.a take c is takingb takes d are taking

    6 the phone or is it a car alarm?a Does ring c Does ringingb Is ringing d Is ring

    7 The clubs committee members a lot at the moment. a argue c is arguingb argues d are arguing

    8 This year, the number of club members very quickly. a is growing c are growingb grows d growing

    9 In Britain, people more money to animal charities than to childrens charities. a are giving c doesnt giveb arent giving d give

    10 he to the Scouts?a Is belonging c Do belongb Does belong d Do belongs

    11 They young people in their club.a arent wanting c doesnt wantb arent want d dont want

    6 Write the sentences. Use the correct forms of the verbs, either Present Simple or Present Continuous.

    she / never / use / the Internet. She never uses the Internet.1 more young people / join / the Scouts / these


    2 parents / always / not understand / their children / problems.

    3 she / not do / a lot of work for charity at the moment.

    4 the club / not have / a website.

    5 he / be / happier now that he / know / more people.

    6 you / listen to / the concert?

    7 I / not support / a political party.

    8 every week / she / forget / the time of the meeting.

    9 we / wait / for / the rain / to stop / before / we / go out

    10 it / not snow / at the moment.

    7 Complete the conversation with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

    Kay What do you usually do (do) at the weekends?

    Mark I 1 (spend) a lot of my weekends camping because I 2 (belong) to the Scouts.

    Kay 3 you (go) camping every weekend?

    Mark No, not every weekend. Kay What about this weekend? Mark I 4 (do) exams at the moment so

    I 5 (spend) this weekend revising. Kay Why 6 you (belong) to the

    Scouts?Mark I 7 (not like) watching TV, I 8

    (prefer) outdoor activities.Kay 9 the organisation (grow)

    these days?Mark Yes, it is. And at the moment, I 10

    (organise) open days to attract new members.

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  • Country music is wonderful, it has such emotion and fantastic lyrics.

    I dont understand this painting. Its just lines and spots.


    8 Complete the text with the correct forms of the verbs in the box.

    allow be build do go have join learn live save train work

    SPEAKING1 Match the beginnings and endings to make phrases.

    1 That may2 Im sorry but I cant3 Thats a4 Youve got5 No6 I agree7 Come8 Im afraid I have

    a way!b off it!c up to a point.d be true bute good point.f to disagree.g a point buth agree with you.

    2 T2 Choose the correct phrases to complete the conversation. Then listen to check.

    Mr Gordon Graffi ti everywhere! Its so ugly.Carl Come off it! / I couldnt agree

    more. Graffi ti is OK, Dad. I think graffi ti is art.

    Mr Gordon Oh, 1 Im afraid I have to disagree with you / I agree with you up to a point, Carl. Graffi ti is not art. Its just vandalism.

    Mrs Gordon Hmm. 2 I agree with you up to a point / Im afraid I have to disagree. But Carl 3 has a good point / is so true as well. Some graffi ti is really clever.

    Mr Gordon Well, 4 that may be true but / thats so true a lot of graffi ti isnt. And why not paint inside if they are artists?

    Carl 5 No way / I couldnt agree with you more! Graffi ti has to be outside. Otherwise its not graffi ti at all!

    Mrs Gordon 6 Come off it / Youve got a point but what if the building belongs to somebody? There should be special places for it, not just ordinary buildings.

    Mr Gordon 7 I couldnt agree more! / Im sorry but I cant agree with you. Somewhere else, not all over the railway station!

    3 Choose the best ending for each sentence.

    Raleigh International s a youth development charity that 1 with young people aged 1724. Young people of all nationalities take part in their home country or abroad. The expeditions 2 self-confi dence and skills and encourage the young people to understand more about the needs of others. Nitin Rishi, a volunteer from India, joined a Raleigh expedition in his home country and says, I decided to join Raleigh because I wanted to learn more about developmental work, do some travelling and get a true insight into the ways different people 3 their lives.The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is the sister organisation of the Scouts. This worldwide organisation 4 more than 10 million members in 144 countries. Girls 5 the Guides to develop leadership and life skills. This year, 23,000 Guides and Scouts 6 to a big international meeting in Sweden. Guide Katy Dawes said, I am very excited about going to Sweden. At the moment, I 7 all my spare money for a new sleeping bag and rucksack.The Duke of Edinburghs Award scheme is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of activities that lead to bronze, silver and gold awards. The programme 8 people aged 1425 to do individual challenges which are exciting and fun. I fi nished my bronze award when I was sixteen. Now I 9 my silver award. I 10 a new skill, guitar making, and for my community service, I 11 a junior football team.

    1 Oh, come off it! Its terrible / I love it.2 Youve got a good point but I think its great /

    I prefer metal.

    3 That may be true but its really not very interesting / the colours are beautiful.

    4 I couldnt agree more! It doesnt make any sense / Its very clever.

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