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Newcastle Business School

Faculty of Engineering and Environment

Module Level Ethical Approval Form

Module Tutor:

Module Title:


Title of Research Project:

Start Date of Research Project:

End Date of Research Project


Brief description of the proposed research methods including, in particular, whether human subjects will be involved and how.

Who will conduct the data collection and analysis (e.g. individual students or groups)

How will informed consent of research participants be acquired?

(If appropriate attach draft informed consent form)

Will the research involve an organization(s)?

(If appropriate attach draft organisational consent form)

How will research data be collected, securely stored and anonymity protected (where this is required)

How will data be destroyed after the end of the project? (Where data is not to be destroyed please give reasons)

Any other ethical issues anticipated?

Outline method for ethical approval and monitoring of student research within the module

Are there any significant Health and Safety issues arising from the research?

Has a Health and Safety Risk Assessment been completed, submitted and approved?

Module Tutor

On the understanding that the research will be conducted in conformity with the above, agreeing that any significant change in the research project will be notified and a further Research Level Ethical Approval Form be submitted, and that any research activity that goes beyond that described above would require separate registration and approval using the standard Faculty Research Ethics procedure.

Date: Staff Signature:.

Please Note:

The appropriate completion of this form is a critical component of the University Policy on Ethical Issues in Research and Consultancy. If further advice is required, please contact the Director of Research Ethics, Dr Paul Greenhalgh.

Director of Research Ethics

I confirm that I have read this form and I believe the proposed research will not breach University policies.


March 2014


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