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News Letter Issue : 02 Month : October 2016 My Halcyon Days · PDF fileKalpana Chawla Space Science Club Inauguration & ECO CLUB On 13th October 2016 Kalpana Chawla S p a c e Science

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Text of News Letter Issue : 02 Month : October 2016 My Halcyon Days · PDF fileKalpana Chawla Space...

  • Issue : 02 Month : October 2016

    News Letter

    My Halcyon DaysMy Halcyon Days

    GENESIS (Highlights)

    01Issue . OctMy Halcyon DaysMy Halcyon Days

    Save Environment Rally Branch received a coverage in Times of

    I n d i a o n

    20th Sept

    w i t h t h i s

    article T h e

    students of Grade 5 and

    6 conducted a rally to spread the awareness of the program of Garbage Segregation started by the school. The students made umpteen banners and posters and displayed the same. They went for a rally in the sectors 25 and 27 of Akurdi Pradhikaran and chanted slogans and jingles to spread the message far and wide. The students visited the houses on the way and also spoke to passersby's. They went to shops and educated the public about the correct way of disposing garbage. The students spoke with the sweepers on the roads and thanked them for the job they do to keep the city c lean. They w a l ke d t h e area for nearly 2 h o u r s spreading the messages. The people were

    listening to the students eagerly and they also promised to help them achieve the goal.

    Parenting Workshop (Pre-primary and Primary) The Parents of Nigdi Branch again got a

    taste of a session in positive parenting where parents were asked to reflect and introspect how a child and parent come to an argument or disagreement and were demonstrated tips to develop positive strokes and get the child accept parental guidance more readily. Through group discussions, real time situational role plays and sharing parents were shown how a traditional approach towards disciplining a child backfires and an assertive adult's language was demonstrated where parents felt that this can be readily accepted by their children in creating a better environment at home, in studies and for eating habits too. The Session was conducted for Pre primary and primary groups separately on 17th and 24th September by Ms Krithika Padmanabhan who has been conducting several parenting workshops at the branch and in several parts of the country as a clinical and behavioral therapist, psychiatrist and psychologist.

    Chief Editor : Principal Editor Palasha Bakre Designed by : Rohini Peshave

  • GENESIS (Highlights)

    My Halcyon DaysMy Halcyon Days 02Issue . Oct

    Training on Composting We have been collecting dry and wet waste at our Branch since a fortnight and on 24th

    September we put these waste in the Composting Bin with the Bio Culture to be converted into compost after 70 days. Principal Ma'am had organised a workshop for all teachers and maids to understand how to use

    the composting bin, what the proportion of using the bio culture is and how much of wet and dry waste collected from classrooms must be put in the bins for the decomposing and the composting to begin. After training, live demonstration was done and 6 composting bins have been started on the floors of the school. We now look forward to the next level of the workshop after 70 days when our students will use this compost to begin an organic farm to grow vegetable in the school ground.

    Handwriting Olympiad Examination st

    On 21 July 2016, students participated in the Handwriting Olympiad Examination. The results of the same were announced on

    th26 September '2016. The winners from category B (Grade 5 and 6) were:

    st1. Preeti Yadav – 1 place nd

    2. Aarti Kulkarni – 2 place rd

    3. Shivam Pal – 3 place The winners from category C (Grade 2 to 4) were:

    st 1. Pranav Marayan – 1 place

    nd2. Pranjal Bhosale – 2 place rd

    3. Kashvi Agarwal – 3 place

    Adolescence Education

    Adolescence is a time of big social and emotional development of a child. It is very necessary to guide the children regarding his or h e r E m o t i o n a l D e ve l o p m e nt d u r i n g adolescence. It is a transition between childhood and adulthood and leads to rapidly changing behaviours, identity disturbances and strong emotions. Under the guidance of the Principal Ms. Ishita Ghoshal, organised a guest lecture on Puberty and Adolescent Emotions on

    27th September '2016 for the students of Grade V and VI. It was a one hour session conducted by Dr. PP. Rtn. Avinash Bhondwe.

  • GENESIS (Highlights)

    My Halcyon DaysMy Halcyon Days 03Issue . Oct

    Hindi Diwas Grade I to VI students celebrated hindi

    diwas samaroh on 3rd October 2016 .Hindi is our mother language and we should respect and give honor to it. On this day children performed some of the highlighting activities like speech, drama, dance, group song, poem

    recitation... Etc. Speech has given by grade IV Disha Soni.

    Small kids also performed a group song “Hindi bhasha hamko pyari hai . Hindi Hasya kavita and poem recitation competition was held in the school.

    ECO Club - field trip A field trip for the students of Green

    Guards ECO Club at Rudra Environmental Solution (India) Ltd. at Ramnagar, Hadapsar on 05/10/2016 Tuesday. A plastic recycling unit. Rudra Environmental Solution (India) Ltd. is a plastic management factory which converts household plastic waste into Polyfuel. This Polyfuel is used in generators, d i e s e l b o i l e r s a n d s t o v e s .

    Since the students are segregating “DRY WASTE, WET WASTE AND PLASTIC WASTE” in their own classroom each day,

    t h e y understoo d t h e importanc e of it and the reason why plastic is recycled as it doesn't degenerate and pollutes our environment. Overall, it was a very

    Seasons Booth

    Seasons booth for Pre-Nursery, N u r s e r y a n d K 1 children. 3 classes w e r e decorated according t o t h e respective s e a s o n s n a m e l y Monsoon, winter and s u m m e r. M o n s o o n season class contained rain drops, rainbow,

    r a i n c o a t s , peacock and the eatables which are common for the monsoon s e a s o n . F o r winter season the class was decorated with

    snowman, polar bear, igloo, bonfire, and the eatables and clothes that are used in winter season. For summer the class was decorated with the scene of a beach, and an ice-cream seller. The eatables and clothes we wear during these seasons were displayed. The students were also given a take-away for every season.

  • GENESIS (Highlights)

    My Halcyon DaysMy Halcyon Days

    Interhouse Dodgeball Matches 04Issue . Oct

    Integrated Project The week was full of research,

    creativity and teamwork by students. The subjects like E n g l i s h , Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Hindi a n d F re n c h were integrated and a theme was decided for students of Grade 5 and Grade 6 who got an opportunity to exhibit their skills and


    Students were assessed on the basis of skills like working in groups, leadership, decision making and critical thinking that they projected during the entire one week.

    Kalpana Chawla

    Space Science Club Inauguration & ECO CLUB

    th On 13 October 2016 Kalpana Chawla

    S p a c e Science Club w a s inaugurated a n d addressed by Dr. Kelkar. In order to pay

    tribute and give honour to astronaut Kalpana Chawla who made our country proud we have

    named our Space science club as Kalpana Chawla Space Science club. This club was initiated by our Vice Principal Seema Sharma maam who is the Alumnae of Tagore Bal Niketan School, where Kalpana Chawla has studied. The club will be conducting 6 weeks program where the students will be inculcated with various knowledge and they will also practice different activities like Rocket making with straws, star gazing, planet walk, marble roller coaster, etc.

    The Green Guards ECO Club also was

    inaugurated by the guest he also delivered a lecture on save environment.

    Balewadi Stadium Our school receive an invitation to

    Performance participated in cheering for the h o c k e y m a t c h e s co n d u c te d b y S N B P g r o u p o f schools and colleges in B a l e w a d i Stadium. For w h i c h w e received a trophy

  • Luminescence

    My Halcyon DaysMy Halcyon Days

    Luminescence (Teacher enlightens from her experience)

    05Issue . Oct

    My Experience as a Teacher

    Most people work only for the monthly pay check they get. But for me, a job always meant something that would bring a meaning to my life, something that will be worth waking up every morning. I'd like to cite that I'm a teacher for the last 6 years, but I wouldn't want to call it a job, it's rather a passion or a way of life for me. When I was a student, I always idolised my teachers and it was back then that I decided to be one in future. To the students, teachers are not employees of their school, but mentors, friends, and guardians in the world. Teaching basically is a way to live to my dreams and give a pathway to my passion.

    I started with Delhi Public school as a Pre-Primary Teacher. Though I had an option to be a Primary Teacher at the start but being a pre primary teacher was my choice. I lived that. I loved each day.

    I remember the first day of my school as a teacher; I entered the class of 56 students. I was taken aback but somehow taught them for the day. The next day I decided not to go to school as I was scared that I won't be able to manage so many students. But my colleagues called me up and told how students enquired about me. So I gathered my strength and went to school. I entered

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