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  • 8/11/2019 NewSuccess Workbook Intermediate


    One of the gang01



    Present Simple

    We use the Present Simple for

    habits and routines: I goto the tennis club everyMonday. The tennis coach doesnt workhere in thewinter.

    facts: You becomea teenager when you are thirteen.DoBritish people haveID cards?

    generalisations: Lots of young people aresportsfans. Teenagers often arguewith their parents.

    State verbs (seem,like,feeletc.) are usually in thePresent Simple:

    You seem interested in photography.

    Do you prefer colour or black and white?

    Adverbs of frequency (occasionally, often,never,alwaysetc.) with the Present Simple show how oftenthings happen. We put them

    before a main verb: He occasionally goes to rockconcerts.

    after to be: She isoftenat home on Sundayevenings.

    between auxiliary (e.g. can,do,have) and main

    verbs: We dontusually go to away games. You canalways geta taxi at the station.

    Present Continuous

    We use the Present Continuous for

    things which are happening now: Im makinga poster for the school chess club now.Shesnot sleeping, you can go in.

    temporary situations: At the moment, hes workingfor a charity. Areyou stayingwith your parents untilterm starts?

    changing situations: More people are joining

    internet forums these days. Isthe chess clubbecomingless popular?

    Time expressions (now, these days, at the momentetc.) usually go at the beginning or end of thesentence.

    1 Label the words in order from all (100%) to none (0%)of the time.






    2 Look at the information about Joeys evenings andchoose the best alternative for each sentence.

    TV homework basketball friends








    In the evening

    1 Joeysometimes/oftenmeets his friends.

    2 Joey always/usuallywatches TV.

    3 Joey usually /sometimesplays basketball.

    4 Joey occasionally/neverdoes homework.

    3 Find the errors with the position of the adverbs in thesentences. Write a tick for correct sentences anda cross for incorrect ones.

    Members of a fan club usually canbuy cheap tickets.

    1 My schools societies meet neveron Fridays.

    2 People dont work usually full-timewhen they are studying.

    3 Always I feel good when I give money

    to charity. 4 Her favourite music is hip hop but she

    sometimes listens to soul.

    5 They travel often by coach to awaygames.

    6 Do you often get a seat on thesupporters coach?

    7 I usually am at home on Saturdayevenings.

    8 She finishes her homework neverbefore midnight.

    9 Does he always help you with your

    homework? 10 She often is tired when she gets home

    from work.


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  • 8/11/2019 NewSuccess Workbook Intermediate


    Country music is wonderful, it hassuch emotion and fantastic lyrics.

    I dont understand this painting. Itsjust lines and spots.


    8 Complete the text with the correct forms of the verbsin the box.

    allow be build do go have join learnlive save train work


    1 Match the beginnings and endings to make phrases.

    1 That may

    2 Im sorry but I cant

    3 Thats a

    4 Youve got5 No

    6 I agree

    7 Come

    8 Im afraid I have

    a way!

    b off it!

    c up to a point.

    d be true bute good point.

    f to disagree.

    g a point but

    h agree with you.

    2 T2

    Choose the correct phrases to complete theconversation. Then listen to check.

    Mr Gordon Graffiti everywhere! Its so ugly.

    Carl Come off it! /I couldnt agreemore.Graffiti is OK, Dad. I thinkgraffiti is art.

    Mr Gordon Oh, 1Im afraid I have to disagreewith you / I agree with you up to apoint, Carl. Graffiti is not art. Its justvandalism.

    Mrs Gordon Hmm. 2I agree with you up toa point / Im afraid I have todisagree. But Carl 3 has a goodpoint / is so trueas well. Somegraffiti is really clever.

    Mr Gordon Well, 4 that may be true but / thatsso truea lot of graffiti isnt. And whynot paint inside if they are artists?


    No way / I couldnt agree withyou more! Graffiti has to be outside.Otherwise its not graffiti at all!

    Mrs Gordon 6 Come off it/ Youve got a pointbut what if the building belongs tosomebody? There should be specialplaces for it, not just ordinarybuildings.

    Mr Gordon 7I couldnt agree more! / Imsorry but I cant agree with you.Somewhere else, not all over therailway station!

    3 Choose the best ending for each sentence.

    Raleigh International sa youth developmentcharity that 1 with young people aged1724. Young people of all nationalities takepart in their home country or abroad. Theexpeditions 2 self-confidence and skillsand encourage the young people to understandmore about the needs of others. Nitin Rishi,

    a volunteer from India, joined a Raleighexpedition in his home country and says,I decided to join Raleigh because I wanted tolearn more about developmental work, do sometravelling and get a true insight into the waysdifferent people 3 their lives.

    The World Association of Girl Guides and GirlScouts is the sister organisation of the Scouts.This worldwide organisation 4 morethan 10 million members in 144 countries. Girls5 the Guides to develop leadership andlife skills. This year, 23,000 Guides and Scouts6 to a big international meeting in

    Sweden. Guide Katy Dawes said, I am veryexcited about going to Sweden. At the moment,I 7 all my spare money for a newsleeping bag and rucksack.

    The Duke of Edinburghs Award scheme isa voluntary, non-competitive programme ofactivities that lead to bronze, silver and goldawards. The programme 8 peopleaged 1425 to do individual challenges whichare exciting and fun. I finished my bronzeaward when I was sixteen. Now I 9my silver award. I 10 a new skill,guitar making, and for my community service,I 11 a junior football team.

    1 Oh, come off it!Its terrible / I love it.

    2 Youve got a good point butI think its great /I prefer metal.

    3 That may be true but its really not veryinteresting / the colours are beautiful.

    4 I couldnt agree more!It doesnt make anysense / Its very clever.

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    One of the gang 01






    Reflexive pronouns

    Subject Object Reflexive pronoun

    I me myselfhe him himself

    she her herself

    it it itself

    we us ourselves

    you youyourself (singular)yourselves (plural)

    they them themselves

    We use reflexive pronouns

    when the subject and object of the sentence are thesame person or thing:Helooks at himselfin every shop window!The catwashes itselfa lot.Did youenjoy yourselfat the party?

    to stress that something is done without help/independently:My mums a hairdresser but I always cut my hairmyself.Did they build the boat themselves?My great-grandmother is 92 but she drives herselfeverywhere.

    to stress the subject or object only:I complained to the manager herself.The hotel itself was quiet but the resort was verynoisy.The dog itselfwasnt the cause of the accident.

    Mind the trap!

    Theyrethrowingwater over


    Theyrethrowingwater overeach other.

    1 These are all common expressions with reflexive

    pronouns. Match expressions AE to pictures14. There is one expression you dont need.

    A Come in! Make yourselves at home!

    B Please help yourselves.

    C Dont blame yourselves.

    D Be good, and behave yourselves!

    E See you later. Enjoy yourselves!

    2 Choose the correct reflexive pronouns.

    He talks about himself/ herself a lot.

    1 I hurt ourselves / myself at my judo

    class. 2 The politician lied about herself /


    3 The Scouts carried their tentshimself / themselves.

    4 Molly, please sit down and helpyourself / yourselves to a sandwich.

    5 They enjoyed herself / themselvesat the football match.

    6 Tom and I cooked themselves /ourselves a huge meal.

    7 If the temperature drops, the heating

    will turn itself / himselfon. 8 When the train starts to move, the

    doors lock themselves / itself.

    3 Tick the sentences in Exercise 2 where thepronoun means independently.


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    4 Complete the sentences with reflexive pronouns.

    My dad taught hmselfto play the piano.

    1 My grandmother cut when shewas making lunch.

    2 I cant forgive for the terriblethings I said.

    3 The twins always buy anenormous cake on their birthday.

    4 Come to my party, Leo youll enjoy.

    5 When Jake looked at the photograph hecould see in his grandfathersface.

    6 Well win the match if we believe in.

    7 We have a noisy pet parrot which talksto all the time.

    8 Why dont you and Adam take

    away for a long weekend?9 Jess is unhappy because she doesnt like

    very much.

    5 Complete the text with reflexive pronouns,pronouns or each other.


    1 T3

    Read the article by a newspapers dance critic andmatch headings AH with paragraphs 15. There are threeheadings you dont need. Then listen and check.

    A Why I love going to the ballet

    B Where the idea came fromC Why I was worried

    D Romeo and Juliet is the perfect choice

    E A new star is born in Chicago

    F How they found the young people

    G My final thoughts

    H A dancers life

    2 Read the article again and choose the best alternatives.

    1 The article is about

    a a professional ballet performance.

    b why young people become criminals.

    c an unusual ballet performance.

    d the ballet ofRomeo and Juliet.

    2 At the beginning of the evening, the critic thoughtthe ballet was a idea.

    a great c crazy

    b harmless d fascinating

    3 The critic thought the performance was goingto be bad.

    a probably c not

    b possibly d definitely

    4 The two men wanted to make a programme in

    whicha amateur singers and dancers got jobs in a


    b professional dancers taught criminals to dance.

    c ballet helped young people develop self-confidence.

    d ballet dancers worked for a young peoplescharity.

    5 The two men .

    a had no experience of working with youngpeople

    b met while working together

    c worked together before the projectd knew each other before the project

    6 chose the young people.

    a Teenagers from an earlier project

    b Professional dancers

    c People with experience of difficult teenagers

    d The two men and a television company

    7 They choseRomeo and Julietbecause

    a teenagers can recognise the problems in it.

    b there are mirrors in it for the dancers to look in.

    c its a funny story that everyone enjoys.

    d the music and choreography are good.

    8 At the end of the evening, the critic said

    a the performance was not very good.

    b the performers werent good enough.

    c the performance changed her mind.

    d the performers were mad.

    My dad is a fan of Joan Armatrading, aBritish singer-songwriter. I dont like her verymuch myself but my dad says shes fantastic.She writes most of her songs 1and she always accompanies 2on the guitar. She played for Nelson Mandela3 at his 70thbirthday party atWembley Stadium in London.

    There are lots of other Joan Armatradingfans and they send 4 emailsabout her music and concerts. My dad isalso a member of an Internet fan club whichsends 5 a newsletter everymonth. Every time he gets the newsletterhe finds something he wants to buy6 like a new Joan T-shirt ora rare recording. 7 think heshould spend the money on 8 ,

    not himself!My dads favourite Joan Armatrading albumisMe, Myself, I and he plays it all the time.When my brother and I complain he says,When you have your own homes, you canplease 9 !

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  • 8/11/2019 NewSuccess Workbook Intermediate



    Clubs/Societies/University lifeannual eventbelong tocharity

    chavcliqueDebating Societyfan clubfinal examfirst-year studentfresherganggothguest speakerhalf-term holidayInternet group/forumjoinmember

    membership cardpolitical partyscouting organisationsports club/teamsupport (v)supporters clubtraining sessionuniversity

    Lifestyles/Relationshipsantisocialat weekendsbe late forboyfriendbump into sb

    calm downclose relationshipcompetitioncomputer gameenjoy yourselffool aroundget on with sbget to knowgo campinggo dancinggo out togetherhang aroundhave funinterests

    lifestylemake friendsmarried(musical) tastepartyput on (a disco)put up withrelationshiprole modelyouth (adj)

    Appearance/Clothesand accessoriesaccessory

    appearancebaggybargainbaseball cap

    beltblousebootbraceletbrand new

    brush (v)capcardiganchaincoat (n)cottondenimdress (n)dress (v)earringeyelinerfashionfashionablegold

    hoodjeansjewelleryleatherlipstickmascaranecklacenylonold-fashionedpatchpiercing (n)polo shirtrippedsaleshaveshirtshortssilksilversocksstripedsweatshirtT-shirttop (n)tracksuittrainertrendytry onwear (v)


    Otherattend (school)behavecare about sthcomplainconfusingdistrictgo downharmlesshurry (v)lazinesslitter




    1 Complete the gaps with words from the Word List.

    Noun Adjective

    bag baggy

    1 fashionable

    2 noise

    3 confusion

    4 lazy

    5 interesting

    6 trend

    2 Complete the sentences with words from Exercise 1.

    She has a large bagwhere she keeps all hermake-up.

    1 I like those jeans with patches on them theyre .

    2 Please turn the volume down, Im finding themusic really .

    3 Paris is the centre of the world.

    4 He just sits around all day doing no work.Hes so .

    3 Complete the sentences with the correct verbs andprepositions from the Word List.

    Do you often go outwith friends in theevenings?

    1 C d and tell me why you arecrying.

    2 On Saturdays I often b i schoolfriends in town.

    3 My parents worry because my younger sisterh a on street corners with agang.

    4 We all f a in lessons sometimes you cant always be serious.

    4 Complete the definitions with nouns from the WordList.

    tracksut(n) a set of clothes designed fordoing sport, made up of a top and pants

    1 (n) a small group of people whospend time together and dont let others jointhem

    2 (n) an organised group of peoplewho all like a certain team or famous person

    3 (plural n) sports shoes often worncasually

    4 (n) jewellery which you wear onyour wrist

    5 (n) someone whose behaviour,ideas, etc. people try to copy because theywant to be like them

    6 (n) a part of a town or city

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  • 8/11/2019 NewSuccess Workbook Intermediate


    Animal magic06



    Zero, First and Second conditionals with if

    With all conditional sentences:

    One thing must happen (condition) before the second can happen(result).

    There are two clauses (parts): the if clause tells you the conditionand the other part tells you the result.

    Either clause can be first. We use a comma when the ifclause isfirst.

    There can be a mix of positive and negative verbs in the twoclauses.

    We use the Zero Conditional (if condition and result: Present Simple)to talk about conditions which are always true:

    She always takesher dog to the beach if itssunny.

    Dodogs barkif they arefrightened?

    We use the First Conditional(if condition: Present Simpleresult:will +infinitive) to talk about conditions that are possible or likely tohappen:

    Ifwe leave the dog alone all day, it willdestroythe furniture.

    Ifwebuy you a cat, will youlook after it?

    We use the Second Conditional (ifcondition: Past Simpleresult:would+ infinitive) for unlikely or impossible situations in the presentor future:

    Id besurprised ifmy parents boughtme a pet. They both hateanimals.

    If youwent on a safari, wherewould yougo?

    Note If he were my son, Id send him to college. = If he was myson, Id send him to college.but its more formal. However, when thefunction is to give advice, we normally use the fixed phrase, If I wereyou, Id

    Other conditional clauses

    As soon asor whenboth mean at that time. We use them for

    conditions that are definitely going to happen: As soon ashearrives, well have dinner. Well have dinner whenhe arrives.

    As long as and provided thatboth mean if the condition is agreedor met. We use them to stress the condition on which somethinghappens:As long asyou need me, Ill stay here.You can get a dog provided (that)it sleeps in the kitchen.

    Unlessis used instead of if + a negative statement. It means if thecondition doesnt happen or isnt met:Unlessyou turn off the light, the baby wont sleep.

    Mind the trap!

    The First Conditional ifclause is about the future, but wealways use the Present Simple, not will.

    If we goaway NOT If we will go away

    1 Match actions 16 with results af.Write the Zero Conditional sentenceswith if+ it.

    look after a dog properly c

    1 put oil on water c

    2 a bee stings you c

    3 crocodile loses a tooth c

    4 predator pulls a lizards tail c

    5 an ostrich is frightened c

    a die

    b put/head in the ground

    c grow/a new one

    d fall off

    e float

    f live/for about 12 years

    Ifyou look after a dogproperly, t lves for about 12years.






    2 Complete the sentences with theSecond Conditional forms of the verbsin brackets.

    If I had(have) a million dollars,Idnever work(work) again.

    1 If I (fall) inlove with you, you(promise) to be true?

    2 you still (love) meif I (lose) everything?

    3 If they (want) us tohelp them, they (call)us.

    4 We (go) to theCaribbean on holiday if we

    (have) enough money.

    5 If you (tell) me the

    end of the film, I (notwant) to watch it.


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    Animal magic 0


    3 Use the prompts below to write First or SecondConditional questions. Then correct the mistake ineach answer.

    1 A What will you do if (not have)time to finish your homework?

    B If I didnt have time to finish my

    homework, Ill ask my friend to help in themorning.

    2 A What (do) if a dog bit you?

    B If a dog bit me, Ill go to the doctors.

    3 A What would you buy if someone(give) you a million dollars?

    B If someone gives me a million dollars, Idbuy a brand new red Ferrari.

    4 A If a Hollywood producer asked you to starin a movie, what (say)?

    B I'll say yes if a Hollywood producer askedme that!

    5 A How (get) home if you miss thelast bus home?

    B I would walk if I miss the last bus.

    6 A How would you react if there(be) an elephant in the classroom?

    B If there will be an elephant in theclassroom, I would give it a peanut!

    4 Complete the second sentence so it has the samemeaning as the first.

    Well go on holiday at the end of term.

    As soon as the term ends well go onholday.

    1 If you dont work hard, you wont pass yourexams.Unless

    2 You can have a pet if you promise to lookafter it properly.Provided

    3 Ill go home and take the dog for a walk.As soon as

    4 If our cat has somewhere warm to sleep,shes happy.

    As long as

    5 You shouldnt get a big dog if you havent gota garden.Unless

    6 The dog whines if we leave it alone.When

    5 Complete the conversation with Zero, First or SecondConditional sentences.

    Child Oh, please, Mum. Can I have adog?

    Mum No, you cant. If I bought(buy)you a dog, you wouldnt take(nottake) it for walks.

    Child Oh, please, I promise. If you1 (buy) me a dog,I (take) it for a walkevery day.

    Mum No, you wont! I know you.Shop assistant What about a cat? When you

    2 (have) a cat, you(not have to take) it for


    Child Can I have a cat?

    Mum No, Im sorry, you definitely canthave a cat. Unless we 3(keep) it indoors all the time, it

    (bring) dead birds home.

    Shop assistant What about a mouse? If you4 (get) a mouse, it

    (live) in a cage.

    Mum Would it smell bad?

    Shop assistant No, they are easy to look after. Ifyou 5 (clean) a mousescage regularly, it (notsmell) bad.

    Child Oh, please, Mum.

    Mum OK, provided that you 6(promise) to look after it properly,I (buy) a mouse for you.

    Child I promise. Every day when I7 (come) home fromschool, I (feed) it and

    (clean) the cage.Mum As long as you do that, you can

    have it. If you ever 8(forget), I (bring) itback to the shop. Do youunderstand?

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    1 T15

    Read questions 14. Then listen and choose thebest alternative.

    1 The person is

    a speaking in a school lesson

    b taking part in a family discussion

    c giving a presentation to an audience

    d taking part in a radio programme

    2 The speaker and the host

    a dont know each other

    b know each other a little

    c have only met recently

    d are old friends3 The most popular pets for the audience are

    a small dogs

    b big dogs

    c cats

    d birds

    4 The speaker and the host

    a both own cats

    b both own dogs

    c own a dog (the host) and a cat (thespeaker)

    d own a cat (the host) and a dog (thespeaker)

    2 T15

    Listen again. Are the statements true (T) orfalse (F)?

    1 The audience is very large. c

    2 More than half of the audience own dogs. c

    3 Small dogs are popular with shy people. c

    4 One reason for owning a small dog ishow it looks. c

    5 Owners of big dogs are often not verysociable. c

    6 Busy people often own cats. c7 Reptile owners travel a lot. c

    8 Owners of parrots are usually veryoutgoing. c

    1 T16

    Complete the conversation with words orphrases from the box. Then listen to check.

    ought shouldnt appreciate might findif I were you at a loss worth ought nota good idea remember

    Martin Hello. I want to get a new pet

    something exotic and Id really1 your advice. Do tarantulasmake good pets?

    Vet Well, that depends. They are fascinatinganimals and they dont need muchattention, but its not 2 tohandle them too much, so you 3pick them up very much, for example.

    Martin Are they easy to look after?

    Vet Generally, yes. Tarantulas need agood tank to live in but its not 4buying one too big as they dontneed much space. 5 to makesure the tank has a good strong lid tarantulas are very good at escaping!You 6 to give the spider a placeto hide as well, you can buy somethingfrom the pet shop for that.

    Martin Are tarantulas dangerous?

    Vet Not really. They bite sometimes iftheyre frightened but theyre not reallydangerous. You 7 it useful toread a bit about tarantulas before youbuy one. There are a lot of books onthem.

    Martin Thats really interesting, thanks, but Imstill not sure. Its a big decision To behonest, Im 8 as to what to do.

    Vet Well, I cant tell you that! You 9to make a decision without thinkingabout it carefully, so 10 Id gohome and have a think. If youre stillinterested tomorrow then come backand well talk some more.

    2 Choose the incorrect word in each sentence.

    1 Ive no idea how finding a job.

    2 Im on my wits end.3 Where dont you look in the library?

    4 Im really appreciate your advice.

    5 You might find this useful to plan it beforeyou start.

    6 Remember to asking your parents first.

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    Animal magic 0

    Everyone agrees t hat we shoul d be as humane t owardsani mal s as possi bl e and t reat t hem wel l . However , noteveryone agrees what t hi s means i n pract i cal t erms: i s i tst i l l humane t o ki l l ani mal s f or f ood, or shoul d peopl est op eati ng meat and become veget ar i ans?

    Many peopl e today are choosi ng to become vegetari ans.Fi r st l y, t hey thi nk that eat i ng meat i s wrong and that

    ki l l i ng ani mal s f or f ood i s cruel . Secondl y, produci ngmeat i s expensi ve: i t woul d be more ef f i ci ent t o f eedpeopl e t he pl ant f ood i nst ead of t he meat . Fur t hermore,many peopl e bel i eve that eat i ng meat may be unheal t hy.The ani mal s are at r i sk of i l l ness because t hey l i vecl ose t oget her so vet s gi ve them ant i bi ot i cs whi ch canget i nt o t hei r meat .

    On t he other hand, many doctors say t hat meat i s good f orus. I f we want , we can buy heal t hy organi c or f ree rangemeat . I n addi t i on, we can see f romt he way our t eeth andstomachs are desi gned that i t i s nat ural f or us t o eatmeat . Fi nal l y, t here i s t he argument of f r ee choi ce: t hatpeopl e shoul d not be t ol d what t hey can or can t eat .

    I n concl usi on, al t hough everybody shoul d be abl e t o eatwhat t hey l i ke, I bel i eve t hat a veget ar i an di et i sheal t hi er, ki nder t o ani mal s and cheaper and wi l l becomemore popul ar i n the f uture. Wi t h so many hungry peopl e i nthe worl d we shoul d use our resources t o f eed everyone.

    Eat i ng meat i s wrong a f or - and- agai nst essay













    WRITING |A for-and-against essay

    Eating meat is wrong. Write an essay givingarguments for and against this statement andstate your own opinion.

    1 Read the essay question and the essay. Find two

    arguments agreeing and two disagreeing with the opinionin the question.

    2 Match information 18 with parts of the essay AH.

    1 Present the arguments supporting thestatement. c

    2 Use examples, quotes and authoritiesto support points you make. c

    3 Explain why the issue is controversial. c

    4 Use linking words to introduce and sequenceeach point. c

    5 Add your own opinion. c

    6 Start with a statement that most people canagree with. c

    7 Present the arguments against the statement. c

    8 Provide a conclusion that pulls together bothsides of the argument. c


    3 Choose one of the statements 13. Write an essay

    giving arguments for and against the statement,and state your own opinion. Remember to:

    plan your essay and make notes beforeyou start.

    use a formal, controlled style.

    present your points logically.

    use linking words and phrases to connectideas.

    1 People should have to pass a test beforethey can own a dog.

    2 It is natural for humans to use animals for

    food and clothing.3 It is wrong to test medicines on animals.

  • 8/11/2019 NewSuccess Workbook Intermediate





    flyfurfurrygiraffegolden retrievergorillaguinea pighorseinsectjellyfishkangarookittenlionmammal


    reptilesalmonsea lionsharksnailsnakespiderstorktabby cattoadturtlevampire batwingworm



    bloodbrainbreeding programmecavechemical (n)evolutionfreezegeneticsholelife formmicrobepatternpest

    primitiveproverecreateresearch (n)rock (n)scientific experimentsingle-celled organismsolutionsolvetheorytrilobiteuniversevet

    Otheraffordancestorchangeablecomplexcontroversialcool downcreaturefit (v)flap (v)guess (v)hide awayintriguingirritablelick (v)loveableloyalmazemiss (v)nakedobedientplayfulpointlessscratch (v)solitaryspray (v)survivor

    train (v)trick (n)uniquewhinezookeeper



    1 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of thewords in brackets.

    There are no easy solutonsto the problem ofover hunting wild animals. (solve)

    1 Darwins Theory of explains howspecies change over time. (evolve)

    2 Global warming is still a topic formany politicians. (controversy)

    3 The River Thames in London does notthese days, but it did in the past. (frozen)

    4 A well-trained dog should be to itsmaster. (obey)

    5 Some wild animals can go from quiet and calmto angry and aggressive very quickly. Theirmoods can be very and hard topredict. (change)

    6 The balance of nature is so weshouldnt interfere too much. (complexity)

    7 Cats expressions are extremely hard to interpret,making them very pets. (intrigue)

    8 One of the reasons dolphins are so popular isthat they are very . (playfulness)

    9 The science of may help us to fightmany diseases. (genes)

    10 Many people are to animal fur.(allergy)

    2 Number the animals from largest (1) to smallest (10).

    bat cbee cbutterfly ccrow ceagle c

    elephant cflea creindeer csalmon cworm c

    3 Put the animals from Exercise 3 in the correct places inthe picture.


  • 8/11/2019 NewSuccess Workbook Intermediate


    Animal magic 0


    4 Choose the correct alternatives.

    Bats and rats are bothfurry/ wingedanimals.

    1 After a year at sea, penguins walk many milesinland to their hunting / breedinggrounds.

    2 Rats and crows are bothpets / pests for

    farmers.3 Wolves and bears are majorpredators /

    pestsof wild reindeer.

    4 Tarantulas are unique / solitarycreatures.

    5 The weather in mountainous areas is verychangeable / patterned.

    6 Before I can write the article I need todo some research / experiment.

    7 Life on other planets is likely to be inthe form ofmicrobes / primates.

    8 It is possible to train / obey dolphinsas effectively as dogs.

    5 Match the adjectives with the definitions.

    1 controversial c

    2 naked c

    3 playful c

    4 unique c

    5 intriguing c

    6 pointless c

    7 irritable c

    8 loveable c

    9 loyal c

    10 obedient c

    11 solitary c

    a very interesting because its strangeor unusual

    b supporting your friends, beliefs, country etc.

    c always doing what you are told or what isthe rule or law

    d without clothes

    e provocative, not someone everybodyagrees with

    f getting angry quickly, in a bad mood

    g different from everybody elseh usually preferring to be alone

    i without purpose or sense

    j enjoys games and having fun

    k friendly and attractive so easy to like

    6 Write the correct adjectives from Exercise 5.

    Extend your vocabulary

    1 Complete the gaps with the correct nouns.

    1 biology

    2 botany botanist

    3 chemistry

    4 geology geologist

    5 physicist

    6 psychology7 zoologist

    2 Complete the sentences with words from Exercise 1.

    Bologyis the study of all living things.

    1 A studies animals and theirbehaviour.

    2 Maria Sklodowska Curie was a famous.

    3 The study of the worlds rocks, earth and howthey have changed is .

    4 Sigmund Freud is one of the fathers of

    modern .

    5 study flowers and plants.

    6 Charles Darwin was a famous whostudied the evolution of animals.







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    The hard sell12



    Verb patterns

    When we use two verbs together, the first verb is in theappropriate tense, the second verb doesnt change.

    Present Simple: We liketo cook.

    Past Simple: We likedto cook.

    In addition, the first verb often decides the form of the secondone. The examples below show examples of different verbpatterns.

    Verb + -ing

    admit, avoid, cant stand, dont mind, enjoy, fancy,hate, imagine, keep, miss, practise, stop


    Verb + preposition/phrasal verb + -ing

    apologise for, dream about, feel like, give up, lookforward to, think about


    to be + adjective + preposition + -ing

    bebad at, bored by, famous for, good at,interested in, proud of, sorry for, tired of


    Verb + to+ infinitive

    agree, allow, choose, decide, expect,

    hope, learn, manage, need, offer, promise,refuse, seem, want, would like, manage

    to make(something)

    Verb + object + to+ infinitive

    allow him, ask her, help me, persuade them, tell us to leave

    Verb + object + infinitive (without to)

    help her, let us, make them cook

    Modals + infinitive (without to)

    can, might, must, should, will happen

    Longer sentence patterns

    Adverb + -ingverb

    After eating such a big meal, I felt tired.

    Before eating wash your hands.

    By eating good food youll feel healthier.

    Instead of eating at home, lets go to a restaurant.

    When eating in a Chinese restaurant, you share thedishes.

    Without eating it I cant tell you what it tastes like.

    Mind the trap!Some verbs can be used with more thanone verb pattern and the meaning does notchange:

    She prefers eating convenience food. =She prefers to eat convenience food.

    However, with a few verbs such as stopand remember, a different verb patternchanges the meaning:

    He remembered taking her photograph.(He had a memory of doing this.)

    He remembered to take her photograph.(He didnt forget to take her photograph.)

    I stopped reading the leaflet. (I lookedaway from the leaflet.)

    I stopped to read the leaflet. (I stoppedwhat I was doing and read the leaflet.)

    1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of eat.

    I try to eatfruit every day.

    1 I enjoy my dinner on a tray in front of the TV.

    2 His mother made him all his vegetables before she allowed him any ice-cream.

    3 Every year I give up chocolate for the month after Mardi Gras.

    4 Although she hates cabbage, she managed it when her friend cooked some.

    5 When I had flu I couldnt anything.

    6 If Im on a diet, I think about all the time.

    7 Do you fancy in a restaurant this evening?

    8 Ive been on a diet for two months but I still dream about a big bar of chocolate sometimes.

    9 He didnt like the look of my dessert but I persuaded him a little and then he finished it inabout two minutes!

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    The hard sell 1

    Wonder BreadMachine

    Can you imagine wakng upeach morning tothe smell of freshly baked bread? If you aretired of 1 bread by hand all thatmess and hard work, the Wonder BreadMachine is for you. Instead of working forhours in the kitchen, all you need 2is put the ingredients in, switch it on and youcan look forward to 3 the tasteof delicious freshbread just twohours later! TheWonder BreadMachine is sosimple, all thefamily will want4 it!

    Home Caf

    Ifyoulove10 inelegantsurroundings,thenLuigi


    youaneveningtoremember.Welookforwardto12 youthenexttimeyoudecide13 out!



    2 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of theverbs in brackets.

    The pizza company promised to delver(deliver) within half an hour.

    1 I always look forward to (have) a bigSunday lunch.

    2 Hes interested in (cook) so I usuallybuy him recipe books for his birthday.

    3 When I was a child I wasnt allowed(have) sugary drinks.

    4 When we go to Spain we might(bring back) some olive oil.

    5 She doesnt mind (drive) a long wayfor a good meal.

    6 The children must (finish) theirmeals before they leave the table.

    7 We were expecting (get) a nice bigmeal but he only gave us a boring sandwich.

    8 I avoid (buy) too much conveniencefood.

    9 We both enjoy (eat) but neither of usenjoys (cook).

    3 Choose the correct alternative.

    1 I buying her a cookery book for herbirthday.

    a thought about

    b expect

    c manage

    d might

    2 You make a cake for his birthday.a enjoy

    b look forward to

    c should

    d need

    3 We to buy some drinks before we get onthe train.

    a can

    b stop

    c think about

    d need

    4 The hotels guests to have dinner in thegarden.

    a chose

    b fancy

    c will

    d think about

    5 He to make a meal with only four eggs,some cheese and salad.

    a fancied

    b managed

    c might

    d imagined

    6 We to invite you for dinner nextweekend.

    a love

    b think about

    c offer

    d would like

    4 Complete the advertisements with the correctforms of the verbs in the box.

    do drink eat (x2) enjoy give impresshave make (x2) sit use wake upwelcome

    Can you imagine5 in a Paris caf

    drinking a perfect cup of coffee?

    Well now, you can enjoy

    6 freshly made

    coffee every day with Home

    Caf. Home Caf lets you

    7 perfect coffee

    every time. So, if you are tired

    of 8 unpleasant

    instant coffee and you want9 your friends,

    get Home Caf today!

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    1 T30

    Listen and decide if the sentence is about Jeff(J), Alice (A) or both (B).


    1 has ideas for the article?

    J A B2 is surprised at some of the things they talk

    about?J A B

    3 gives an example of what they think isdishonest practice?J A B

    4 talks about how marketing tricks makethem buy more things?J A B

    5 talks about how they try to beat themarketing tricks?

    J A B6 is worried by the tricks they discuss?J A B

    2 T30

    Read the questions. Listen again and choosethe best alternatives.

    1 The aim of Buzz Marketing is

    a to give your product away to the rightpeople.

    b to get people talking about your product.

    c to make people buy more trainers.

    d to identify the coolest kids.

    2 The author who wrote his own reviewsa paid a fine.

    b went to prison.

    c paid a fine and went to prison.

    d did not have any punishment.

    3 There is a better chance a person will buysomething if

    a there is a smell of food.

    b there is the right music.

    c you touch it.

    d you see it on a shelf.

    4 According to Jeff, special offersa make you buy unnecessary products.

    b make you buy bigger packs.

    c make you buy more expensive brands.

    d are very good value.

    5 Jeff says that buying bigger packs

    a saves you money.

    b makes you consume more.

    c makes you go shopping less often.

    d makes you go shopping more often.

    6 Product placement is when a company

    a puts an advertisment in a film.b pays for their goods to appear in a film.

    c pays an actor to use their product.

    d buys advertising time in a cinema.


    1 Complete the conversations with phrases from thebox. There are two extra phrases.

    dont blame me It wont happen againYour waiter was extremely rude to me

    Its not what I ordered Im trying my bestthere is a mistake in the billWell replace it straight away.Its entirely our fault.


    Customer 1 . I asked forthe pasta. He asked for the salad.

    Waiter Sorry. Im new here and2 , Ill swapthe plates for you.


    Customer Excuse me, 3 .We didnt have three bottles ofmineral water.

    Waiter Im sorry madam, you did. There aretwo on the table and one on the floorhere.

    Customer You shouldnt have put it there.

    Waiter Please 4 ,I didnt put it on the floor.


    Customer 5 .

    Manager Im so sorry, madam.6 .

    Customer Thank you.

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    The hard sell 1


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    A I am writing to complain about the laptop computer which I bought through your online shop and about your customer service.

    B I ordered the computer on July 15thand my credit card was charged immediately but

    the computer did not arrive until August 17th, more than a month later, although your website

    guarantees delivery within one week. When the computer arrived the box had a hole in it, the

    keyboard was scratched and the power cable was missing. I immediately phoned your helpline and

    was told that I would have to pay for sending the computer back if I wanted a refund.

    C I am not satisfied with this service. I do not feel that it is acceptable that I have to pay for the

    postage because it is clearly your fault that the computer arrived in this state. I suggest that in

    future you package your goods more carefully before you send them, and that you make sure you

    keep your promises about delivering orders quickly.

    D I would like either a replacement computer or a full refund as soon as possible, and I expect

    you to pay for the courier to return the damaged computer.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Jenny Park

    From Jenny Park To [email protected] 28 August 2011


    WRITING |A letter of complaint

    1 Match the topics with the paragraphsin the letter.

    1 explain the background to theproblem and what happened

    2 say what you want them to do

    3 say why you are writing

    4 suggest how the company canimprove its service

    2 Read the letter again. Matchexamples of these things toparagraphs AD.

    1 a reason for writing

    2 a complaint

    3 a suggestion

    4 a reason for the complaint

    5 two alternative solutions

    6 a standard closing expression

    3 Look at the underlined words and phrases in the email and matchthem to the similar meanings below.

    1 how a company treats its clients (n.)

    2 something you can say yes to (adj.)

    3 not in good condition (adj.)

    4 not present when it should be (adj.)

    5 on the Internet (adj.)

    6 promises (v.)

    7 when you get your money back (n.)

    8 asked to pay for something (v.)

    4 Choose one of situations 13 and write a letter of complaint. Explainthe situation, suggest a way it can improve its service and say whatsort of compensation you want. Remember to:

    structure your letter logically.

    use a formal style.

    use some of the phrases from Exercise 3.

    be polite but firm.

    1 You bought a new mobile phone and it stopped working afterthree weeks.

    2 You ordered and paid for two T-shirts on-line. It is now amonth later and you havent received anything.

    3 You stayed at a youth hostel which was dirty and unsafe.

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  • 8/11/2019 NewSuccess Workbook Intermediate


    The hard sell 1

    Eating out with Mike DeeIf you are thinking of going to Luigis for a romantic dinner,

    dont! I took my favourite person there and although the

    menu described the steaks as delcous, the fish as 1

    from the sea and the ice-cream as completely natural the

    truth was very different. The first course was soup which

    was very salty and it was served with 2 bread

    which must have been at least three days old. The meat was

    next and it was so 3 that it hurt my teeth, the fish

    was not 4 properly because it was still cold in the

    middle. And to end it all, the ice-cream was full of artificial

    ingredients, like bright blue food 5 ! I 6 my

    appetite before the main course even arrived. Certainly not

    a restaurant I can recommend.

    4 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the article.

    A lot of young people in Britain have unhealthya which include too many 1 foods which are

    full of fat and 2 . A lot of people 3 schoolsfor not educating students to know about thebenefits of having a balanced, 4 diet.

    However, others say that parents are at fault forallowing their kids to eat too much 5 foodand too many 6 .

    a diets c mealsb sweets d ingredients

    1 a delicious c fastb natural d appetising

    2 a salt c sweetsb takeaways d ingredients

    3 a treat c stickb exchange d blame

    4 avegetarian c blandb artificial d nutritious

    5 ajunk c faultyb filling d diet

    6 a seeds c cartonsb takeaways d meat

    5 Complete the restaurant review with words from theWord List.

    Extend your vocabulary

    The nounshophas two main meanings: a place where you buy things, e.g. a clothes

    shop a place where things are made or repaired,

    e.g. a machine shop

    1 Read the definitions and complete sentences 19below.

    all over the shop (inf.) things scattered about


    set up shop(inf.) to start a business

    shop someone (v inf.) to report someone to the


    shop around (v) (1) to compare prices and quality in

    different shops, (2) to look for something better

    shop floor(n) the area in a factory where ordinary

    workers are

    shop steward(n) a worker elected by other workers

    in a factory or business to represent them in

    discussion with the management

    shoplift(v) to take something illegally from a shop

    shopsoiled(adj) something that is reduced because

    it is slightly dirty or damaged

    shut up shop (inf.) to close a shop or business either

    temporarily or permanently

    talk shop(inf.) to talk about things that are related

    to your job

    They shopped aroundfor several monthsbefore they decided where to live.

    1 The company director had started her careeras a young worker on the .

    2 The trousers were half price because theywere .

    3 The thiefs wife him to the police.

    4 Our local caf when a fast-foodchain opened next door to it.

    5 Im not surprised you cant find your footballshorts your clothes are .

    6 When Harry and Steve get together theyall the time. Its so boring!

    7 The actress was rich enough to buy theclothes so nobody could understand why shetried to them.

    8 If you have a problem with your boss thentalk to your about it.

    9 I left my job with the school andas a dance instructor last year.

    6 Complete the text with words from the Word List.

    I needed to buy an outfit for my cousinswedding so I went to the shopping centrebecause all the well-known 1c sare there. It was just after Christmas and therewere many items with 2r prices. I spentages looking around and eventually found a veryelegant suit. I wasnt sure if it was the right sizeso I went to the changing room to 3t it

    o . Unfortunately, when I took it to the4c r to pay, I discovered that I hadno cash and I had left my 5c c athome. I was really annoyed but the lady in theshop said she would keep the suit for me whileI h 6 f