NextGen Month End & Fiscal Year End Local Government Corporation.

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<p>NextGen Fiscal Year End Resource 2012</p> <p>NextGen Month End &amp; Fiscal Year End</p> <p>Local Government Corporation</p> <p>1NG Financial Management - Month End &amp; Fiscal Year End</p> <p>NextGen Period (Month) End</p> <p>NextGen Month EndMonth/Period End Process</p> <p>Reprinting/Saving Period End ReportsMonth/Period End Process</p> <p> From the menu select Financial Management, Period End, and then Period EndSelect New from the Ribbon BarThen select the period (month) you wish to close</p> <p>Month/Period End Process Select the Account Controls (Funds) you wish to close You can close months by Fund (Account Control) Move to the bottom of this screen to complete this process</p> <p>Month/Period End Process To run each option in the process you will click on the hyperlink not on the checkbox Select the Scan for Unposted Transactions hyperlink to verify there are no unposted transactions If the process finds unposted transactions, you will be given the option to print these transactions</p> <p>Month/Period End ProcessSelect the Post Transactions hyperlink to post any transactions if needed. If there are no unposted transactions, this option will be greyed out and not be available</p> <p>Month/Period End ProcessSelect the Print Period End Reports hyperlink to print your period end reports</p> <p>Month/Period End ReportsSelect the Report Package that has been set up for your reports from the drop down menu Click the Next button to continue</p> <p>Month/Period End ReportsThe report will appear in the preview windowThe ribbon bar contains options to print or save the reportsClick the Finish button to return to the Period End process</p> <p>Month/Period End ProcessSelect the Complete Period End hyperlink to complete the Period End processThis will complete the period end process and mark the selected funds closedReprinting Month End Reports NextGen allows the reprinting/resaving of any month end closing reports From the menu select Financial Management, Period End, and then Period End Remove the check from the Open only checkbox, and click Find</p> <p>Reprinting Month End Reports Select the month you wish to reprint/resave by double clicking You still have the option of running the Print Period End Reports All other options are greyed out and inaccessible, but the month end reports are still available</p> <p>NextGen Fiscal Year End</p> <p>NextGen Fiscal Year EndGASB54 Reporting</p> <p>Create Fiscal Year</p> <p>Roll Balances</p> <p>Year EndGASB54How will you handle GASB54 entries? YF TransactionsRoll to New Year: If you choose this method, the GASB54 entries for reclassifying these accounts must be posted before you close the last period of your fiscal year.Also, the flag Include GASB54 Adjustments in Beginning Balances needs to be checked in the account control table. Reporting Only: If you choose ths method the GASB54 entries to reclassify the Fund Balance accounts can be made before or after you close the fiscal year. In this case, the flag Include GASB54 Adjustments in Beginning Balances needs to be un-checked in the account control table. </p> <p>NOTE: The encumbrance entries (YE) will not roll in beginning balances. The prior year encumbrance account will report as normal and not spread in the new year, even with the flag Include GASB54 Adjustments in Beginning Balances checked.</p> <p>GASB54 Closing EntriesBefore you make the GASB54 entries (whether before or after year end), you must Generate GASB54 Closing entries </p> <p>Financial ManagementPeriod End Generate GASB54 Closing EntriesThis option generates a closing entry using a YC transaction type that mimics the year end closing entry that closes out the revenue/expenditure accounts to fund balance. The entries will be posted in the last period of the fiscal year that is ready to be closed and it allows you to see the anticipated fund balance totals. This entry only affects the GASB54 reports.GASB54 Balance SheetFinancial ManagementReportingReports</p> <p>You may print, view or export the GASB54 Balance Sheet before making entries. This will show you the anticipated fund balance totals and can be used as a basis to calculate your GASB54 entry. GASB54 Balance SheetFind and Open the GASB54 Balance SheetReport Criteria:General Tab Report By: PeriodFiscal Year: Select the current fiscal yearThru Period: Select the last period of your fiscal yearCheck mark the appropriate account controls Advanced TabSelect Account Types: Assets, Equities, and LiabilitiesAt the bottom of the screen check Show Revenue and Expenditure Totals </p> <p>Default GL AccountsIt is important that you verify your Default GL Accounts are set up correctly. These must be accurate for the year end balances to roll properly. Financial Management</p> <p>Administration</p> <p>Default GL Accounts </p> <p>Select the current fiscal year</p> <p>Click Find</p> <p>Default GL AccountsTabbed screens across the top allow you to maintenance the Default GL Account (fund balance), Budget Offset Account, and the Prior Year Account for prior year POsExceptions may be entered in the section below </p> <p>Create Fiscal Year</p> <p>This has to be executed before any entries can be entered for the new fiscal year. </p> <p>Creates all administration tables for the new fiscal year</p> <p>Rolls the ACTIVE and INACTIVE account control (funds) that are flagged in the Account Control Administration table .</p> <p>If you used the Nextgen Budgeting option the fiscal year may already be created. It does not hurt to run the option again. Also if any accounts have been added since it has been ran it will create those. </p> <p>FinancialManagementPeriod EndYear EndSelect Current Fiscal YearNew Year Defaults Roll Balances</p> <p>Note: This option can be run at any time before the year end is started. You can run a balance sheet for the new fiscal year after executing the Roll Balances option to see the new balances. If you see corrections that need to be made, you can make them and roll the balances again. </p> <p>Financial ManagementPeriod EndRoll BalancesSelect Fiscal YearSelect Account ControlsNextGen Fiscal Year EndYear EndYou may close account controls individually or all at once. Clicking New from the ribbon bar allows you to start new year end processes. Clicking Find allow you to search for all year end processes that have been started and not completed. </p> <p>Year EndSelecting New from the ribbon bar will display a list of account controls that are available for year end processing. </p> <p>If you are closing all account controls, place a check mark in the top heading box and it will select all account controls. Otherwise, select only the Account Control you wish to close. </p> <p>Make sure all of your account controls are listed. If account controls are missing you may not have closed all of the periods for the fiscal year. </p> <p>Year End</p> <p>Select Create Fiscal Year If you have already created the new fiscal year, you will be prompted. Click Yes to create or update the new Fiscal Year.</p> <p>NextGen Fiscal Year EndScan for unposted transaction Scans for unposted transactions for all users. If any exists, this option will allow you to print a report of them. The next options will allow you to post or delete them. If there are no un-posted transactions, the next two steps will not need to be executed. </p> <p>Print Un-posted report step This option allows you to print the un-posted transaction report.</p> <p>Post Transactions This option allows you to post or delete un-posted transactions</p> <p>Year EndPrint Balance Check Report This option will display/print a Year End Balance check. Verify the closing accounts are correct and the balances are as you expected. This will list the accounts that are flagged to close, as well as your closing fund balance and prior year purchase order accounts. </p> <p>Year EndClick Print Year End Reports: This option will print your year end reports. </p> <p>Select the Year End Report PackageClick NextThe Year End Reports will display, you may print them or save them to a PDF.Click Finishwhen done. </p> <p>Year EndClick Complete Year End: This option flags year end as closed on the account control. </p> <p>Note: Once you have completed the year end, print a balance sheet for the new fiscal year to verify the balances are as they should be. </p> <p>Audit Files</p> <p>Financial ManagementPeriod EndAudit Files</p> <p>SDE, YTD Audit File, and STATEPC exports are under this option.User can save files to variety of locations.Options can be run at any time.</p> <p>This completes NextGenMonth/Fiscal Year EndThank You for Coming!Any Questions?</p>


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