NFL Power Rankings Top 10

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1.Pittsburgh Steelers, 12-4 ATS 9-7. Steelers are team to beat this year. Bens troubles are behind him with the inevitable dismissal of the assault charges.


Jakes Take

NFL Power Rankings Top 10

1. Pittsburgh Steelers, 12-4 ATS 9-7. Steelers are team to beat this year. Bens troubles are behind him with the inevitable dismissal of the assault charges. It looks like they will have the running game Steeler fans have come to expect with the progress of Mendenhall and the addition of the 2 fireplugs that can get that 1 yard. Fantasy players will be wise to draft Isaac Redman or Frank Summers in the lower rounds. They will be scoring some touchdowns

2. New England Patriots, 11-5, ATS 9-7. Brady looked like the Brady of old last week in his first start since the injury. Top Fantasy pick for QB. Receivers are strong with Moss leading the way. Negative is ageing defense. If they are not decimated by injuries again this year they will be tough to the end. Forget the loss of Off coordinator Josh Mc Daniels, to Denver. Brady is not a rookie and Bellichick is the smartest coach in the NFL.

3. Minnesota Vikings, 10-6, ATS 6-10. Going out on a limb here with this ranking but the addition of Brett Favre may have put Vikes in the Superbowl. I know he is old and his arm went south last year but standing behind him is the best running back in NFL. Peterson is a first round Fantasy pick. Strong defense, number 1 against the rush last year. The NFC is weak. They will be celebrating in Minny this winter until they face Steelers or Pats in Superbowl.

4. Philadelphia Eagles, 9-6-1, ATS 10-6. Eagles were a good bet to win division and get into playoffs anyway but the signing of Michael Vick assured them a strong run to NFC championship game again this year. In the weak NFC Vick will make the difference. Once he is settled in Andy Reid will find a way to get him in the offense. Vick will be a good late round pick in Fantasy football. He will be used a lot near goal line, with McNabb at QB, like Kordell, slash, Stewart. Eagles defense ranked 3rd overall last year and there should not be a drop off this year. Weakness will be running game. Westbrook is a horse but he is getting old and injury prone. Never there in the end.

5. Baltimore Ravens, 11-5, ATS 12-4. They have been saying it for 50 years Defense wins championships. Joe Flacco came a long way last year. I look for him to have the sophomore slump this year. Plus they play in same division with the Steelers. If they could have beaten the Steelers last year they would be Superbowl champs. McClain and Mason are top Fantasy Football picks.

6. Atlanta Falcons 11-5, ATS 9-7. Falcons are an up and comer. Should easily win NFC South this year. Matt Ryan has shown the poise and confidence of a young Tom Brady. The addition of Antonio Gonzales coupled with RB Michael Turner and you now have an offense that will control the game and the clock. This is a bonus since the falcon defense was ranked near the bottom last year. However all the off season moves were made to shore up the defense. Falcon fans should be very optimistic this year. Top fantasy picks Gonzalez, Turner and QB Ryan.

7. Tennessee Titans 13-3, ATS 12-3-1. Tennessee Started 10-0 last year. Big reason for the fantastic ATS statistic. You dont lose a player of Albert Haynesworths stature and not suffer. This means Kerry Collins will have to play better than last year. Coach Jeff fisher has already named Collins the starter allowing Vince young another year of seasoning. If Collins falters or is injured and Young cant return to rookie form the Tennessee will be in for a long year. Lendale White came in 20 pounds lighter interesting to see if the loss of weight effects his Fantasy football potential. I would show some caution until I see how he is at the goal line.

8. New York Giants 12-4, ATS 12-4. Loss of Plaxico Burress will hurt offense but they still have a solid running game and an excellent defense. If Manning does not put added pressure on himself for signing big contract giants will be fine. Not quite Superbowl material but will make playoffs and could cause problems in weak NFC, especially if #1 pick Hakeem Nicks steps up and fills Plaxs shoes. Top fantasy football picks Manning and RB Jacobs.

9. Dallas Cowboys 9-7, ATS 7-9. Poor showing against the spread is due mainly to the disappointing season turned in by the Cowboys in 08. They were pre-season favorites to win the Superbowl and didnt make the playoffs. Could be an interesting pick for NFC East title if dumping T.O. actually helps Tony Romo. T.O. is an exceptional talent but he brings a lot of baggage. I think Romo and Roy Williams were intimidated by him. Romo can take command of the team. Roy Williams was a #1 pick and he has the opportunity to fulfill his promise. Dallas will be able to really emphasize running game and they have a good stable of backs. No T.O. in every huddle screaming give me the ball. Fantasy football picks Romo, Williams, and Barber.

10. San Diego Chargers, 8-8, ATS 7-8-1. With Jay cutler off to Chicago San Diego should cakewalk to AFC West title. Solid team on both sides of the ball. First round pick OLB Larry English will strengthen an already strong pass rush. Philip Rivers is a premier QB. I think LT has another good year in him. They need to rest him a little more and keep him fresh for playoffs. A long shot bettor would be wise to get the 15-1 odds on the Chargers. Fantasy football picks Rivers, LT, and Antonio gates.

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