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Text of NGB Spain Trip Draft 2

  • NGB Spain 2015 5th 12th April

  • Information gathered over 10 trips in 4 years

    Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours of extra reading and research

    Itinerary isnt comprehensive. It is open to change based on weather and group wishes

    Key species lists based on my own observations over multiple visits, there is always surprises.

    Previous April week long totals: 175 and 187.

    200 is not out of the question this time round.

    Itinerary details

  • When you arrive

    Depending on which terminal you arrive in will dictate which direction you will need to go

    Regardless of this you will want to head out of baggage claim and head towards the front entrance of arrivals It is near the Taxi symbol on the map above

    If we all meet in front of arrivals then we will have everyone together. For those arriving later we will hopefully have the cars by then and will pick you up from here and head straight off.

  • What to bring

    Drivers Driving license Everyone Passport Euros Change before you get to the airport as

    the exchange rate is far better ID for proof of age Optics Something waterproof and warm early

    mornings can be cold Sun lotion Even in April it burns there

  • The Sites

    The next 4 slides show the full list of sites which are worth visiting.

    We will obviously not visit them all but based on the desired species lists you have given me I will suggest the sites we should visit

    However all sites will be detailed here so you can all choose your most desired ones

  • Sites North Cadiz Province

    Chipionia **

    Sanlucar, Bonanza & Trebujena ***

    Mesa de Asta Marsh **

    Laguna de los Tollos **

    Lagunas de Espera **

    Lagunas de Lebrija **

    Laguna de Medina ***

    Lagunas de Puerto Real **

    Lagunas del Puerto de Santa Maria **

    El Puerto de Santa Maria Bahia de Cadiz North **

    San Fernando Marshes Bahia de Cadiz Central **

    Chiclana/Marismas de Santa Petri Bahia de Cadiz South **

  • Benalup ***

    Cantarranas **

    Cape Trafalgar **

    Barbate Estuary **

    La Janda ***

    Bolonia, Atlanterra Sierra de la Plata ***

    Tarifa Playa de los Lances ***

    Strait of Gibraltar ***

    Punta Secreta & Carnero **

    Southern Alcornocales **

    Los Barrios **

    Vejer Area **

    Sites South Cadiz Province

  • Sites East Cadiz Province

    Los Alcornocales (North) ***

    Grazalema loop **

    Montejaque **

    Llanos de Libar ***

    Jimena de la Frontera **

    Castillo de Castellar **

    Gibraltar **

  • Sites Seville, Cordoba & Malaga Province


    Brazo del Este ***

    Laguna de Mejorada ***

    El Arahal-Marchena-Carmona **

    Osuna ***

    La Lantejuela ***


    Rio Guadalhorce **

    Sierra de las Nieves ***

  • Site Maps North Cadiz

  • Site Maps South Cadiz

  • Site Maps East Cadiz

  • Site Maps Seville & Cordoba

  • Plan of action

    1 day spent in Sierra Andujar. Visit here will be done on the day with the best available weather as we will need all hours of light.

    Remaining 5 full days will be spent visiting remaining sites

    1 free day to revisit sites if weather is a problem or a rest day for drivers if needed

  • Proposed Itinerary 6th April La Janda, Benalup, Vejer, Cape Trafalgar, Barbate and Cantarranas (Maybe Bolonia if time allows)

    Key species Little Bustard, Spanish-Imperial Eagle, Black-Winged Kite, Pallid Harrier, Scops Owl, Red-Necked Nightjar, Bald Ibis, Eagle Owl, Purple Gallinule, Calandra Lark

    Habitats Cliffs, woodland, open fields, rice paddies, olive groves All cars start at Benalup and finish at Cantarranas Sea watch at Trafalgar possible for those that want to, can assign people to cars based on what they want to do/see. Start at Benalup for Little Bustard, Montagus Harrier and Black-Winged Kite Finish at Cantarranas for Little Bustard, Scops Owl, Eagle Owl, Red-Necked Nightjar and Black-Winged Kite La Janda a drive through site, a bit like Jurassic Park! Pallid Harrier and MANY raptors possible here, also good for Bluethroat, Ibis, Herons, Egrets, Purple Gallinule, Waders, Terns etc

    Rough miles 100

  • Proposed Itinerary

    7th April La Lantejuela, Osun, Arahal triangle, (Fuente di piedra possible) Key species Great Bustard, Little Bustard, Black Bellied Sandgrouse, Roller, Spanish Sparrow, Iberian Grey Shrike, Black Winged Kite, Great-Spotted Cuckoo, White-Headed Duck, Breeding Herons and Ducks, Lesser Flamingo at Fuente Habitats Steppes, wetlands, lakes Proper Steppe birding and a chance to explore a very under watched area. A lot of driving but regular stops to scan at each site for Bustards and some walking sites as well. Day of this may change depending on temperature. Cloudy/cooler day would be ideal for scanning for Lesser Flamingo at Fuente de Piedra.

    Rough miles 280 miles max (220 if leaving out Fuente de Piedra)

  • Proposed Itinerary 8th April Day on the Straits. Bolonia, Los Lances etc. This day will be entirely weather dependant. Whale trip possible Key species Ruppells Vulture, rarer falcons/Pallid Harrier, Migrating birds, Back-Eared Wheatear, Sharps Woodpecker, Blue-Rock Thrush, Sea watching, Cetaceans, Audouins Gull, Lesser Crested Tern, Common Bulbul, European Chameleon, Oscillated Lizard Habitats Beach, wetland, Woodland, Cliffs, Scrub Far more relaxing day. Lots of good migration hopefully and some good sites to visit if its quiet (Will make sure we go a day when it isnt). Can split up and do different sites depending on what and where people want to do/go. Chance to revisit La Janda etc if time allows and there has been a good movement of raptors/storks. Rough miles 100

  • Proposed Itinerary 9th April Grazalema, Llanos de Libar, Jimena de la Frontera Key species Black Vulture, Golden Eagle, Black Wheatear, Rock Bunting, Rock Sparrow, Rock Thrush, Bonellis Eagle, Migrants, Wryneck, Short-Toed Treecreeper, Sylvias, Forest Warblers, Orchids, Ibex Habitats Mountains, Forests, Farmland Mountain birding Always a lot of species to see Early morning excellent as cold start leads to confiding birds INCREDIBLE scenery Mountain butterflies and flowers Can split up into groups to cover the best areas

    Rough miles 130

  • Proposed Itinerary 10th April Bonanza, Brazo del Este, Chipionia, Rota, Cadiz and Seville lagunas Key species Little Swift, White-Headed Duck, Marbled Duck, Azure-Winged Magpie