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    +Visit the heart and soul of Niagaras wine region;

    top five innovative chefs; and unforegettable golf.NIAG















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    Scotiabank Convention Centre6815 Stanley AvenueNiagara Falls, ON L2G 3Y9Tel.: 905-357-6222Fax: 905-3576212Toll Free:






    Flexible Meeting & Pre-Function Space


    Fallsview Theatre

    5,000+hotel rooms

    Minutes from our doorsteps!


    Free-Span Exhibit Hall.

    Niagaras Largest!


    Niagaras perfect

    year-round meeting


    Canadian Innovation Conference

    2013Annual Conference

    2013Proud Host Proud Host

    Annual Conference & Showcase

    2014Proud Host

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    CALL US AT 1-800-563-2557

    Start your celebrations for Canada's 150th birthday in Niagara Falls. Call Niagara Falls Tourism at 1-800-563-2557 or to learn how attendees at your 2017 meeting,

    convention or event can experience one of the legendary attractions at Niagara Falls for free.

    Generously supported by the Tourism Partnership of Niagara

  • 4 | 1-888-669-5566 | | Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

    At Vintage Hotels, we are always working to up our game, and host better and better conferences and

    meetings. Why? To help you make your business better. Niagara-on-the-Lakes top three hotels combine to

    offer dozens of meeting and event spaces of all sizes and styles. Our expert meeting planners arrange every

    detail from set up to menus to planned excursions. Your guests can make use of all the amenities from

    world-class spas to award-winning restaurants at the Prince of Wales, Queens Landing, and Pillar and Post.

    Book a better conference or event in a location sure to energize and inspire. Talk to one of our event planners today.

    Better business is done here

    Excellent venue and staff! TripAdvisor Review, May 2015I had the pleasure to host a Client event at Queens Landing. The hotel and premises are stunning! I worked very closely with Peggy during the prework and onsite. She was very efficient and offered her expertise on a number of things to ensure our stayand event were memorable...For our dinner at the Fort George (Queens Landing catered), Karen was my manager onsite and she executed everything on time and still hot on the plate. She remained calm and delivered beyond expectations. I have always loved Vintage Inns for their passion and great service...they continue to deliver and I look forward to my next visit.

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    Theres something for everyone in Niagara Falls!Theres so

    much excitement here that we know youll need to come

    early and stay later to enjoy all that we have to offer.We are

    the worlds most famous address and have one of the earths

    most amazing natural wonders. Have you seen it lately? If

    you havent, I guarantee that there is a lot more to explore

    here than there has ever been! I invite you to come and take

    it all in. In every season, our landscape changes and gets

    refreshed.With each month, there are new, exciting things

    to see and do.From world class golf courses, to a renowned

    wine route, to our first-class hospitality, dining and shopping,

    and attractions that will leave you awe-struck, Niagara Falls

    has what you need to revive, explore and re-set.We want to

    be on your bucket list!






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  • NIAGARA FALLS TOURISM09 WHY NIAGARA? Well start you off with ten reasons

    Food & Drink11 FROM FARM TO TABLE We give fresh a whole new meaning

    15 FROM THE VINE Visit the heart and soul of the Niagara Region

    17 TAKE FIVE For these top chefs, innovation is a matter of choice

    21 NICHE NOOKS Some of Niagaras unique venues

    Lifestyle & Culture24 AT YOUR LEISURE Get Active. Have Fun

    30 SERVE CHILLED Niagara in the wintertime

    34 MEETINGS AFTER DARK The Importance of Networking

    Here. See. Do.37 HERE. SEE. DO Niagaras Signature Events

    40 UN FORE GETTABLE Highlighting Golf in Niagara

    43 LET THERE BE LIGHT Lighting up the sky and the water

    45 CONQUERING THE MAJESTIC FALLS Highlighting some of the Falls most exciting attractions

    48 ON THE MAP Handy maps of Niagara

    51 GETTING HERE Its easier than you think!

    52 GETTING AROUND How to move once youre here

    55 CHECKOUT Shopping in Niagara

    58 ONSTAGE Highlighting Niagaras best professional entertainment

    63 ON THE HILL Discover Niagaras famous amusement district

    TAKING UP SPACE65 EXHIBITION EXCELLENCE Whatever size your group, Niagara has a venue to meet your needs

    68 ICONIC OPENINGS AND CLOSINGS The importance of starting and ending with a bang

    70 RENDEZ-VOUS CANADA 2015 Event Highlights

    72 PAST TIME Niagaras Most Historical Venues

    TOOL KIT75 ITS YOUR EVENT The Niagara Falls Tourism team has got your back

    79 BUDGET BOOSTER NFT Sponsorship Program

    81 NIAGARA BY THE NUMBERS Stats on all of Niagaras business event properties

    82 SWAG Dont leave an impression, send it home with them


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    Indulgein Selection

    CHOICE No.

    9Unique venue options including a new craft brewery

    CHOICE No.

    5State of the art spaces for productive meetings

    CHOICE No.

    1Exceptional cuisine by Jamie Kennedyand Massimo Capra

    Jamie Kennedy Massimo Capra

    Niagara Brewing Company

    905 374 4444

    Meetings Like Nowhere Else!


    Why Niagara?

  • www.fallsmeetings.com9

    1 We have this natural wonder we are pretty proud of (you may have heard of it, its a pretty big waterfall), and there are numerous attrac-tions that get you up close and personal with the roar of the mighty falls.

    2 Contrary to what still may be popular belief, Niagara Falls is ac-tually really easy to get to, from and around. We are close to four major airports, are accessible by bus and train, and have an extensive transportation system to get delegates around once they are here.

    3 Niagaras continuously growing culinary scene ensures that local food is used at restaurants whenever possible, making for some delicious farm to table meals, even for large groups. PLUS, Niagara is Canadas wine country. So not only do we have amazing local cuisine, we have a Niagara wine to pair with every meal.

    4 A new and innovative convention centre full of unique spaces; from small to big to WOW! 5 16,000 hotel rooms with 50% of inventory dedicated to meetings and conventions. World renowned branded and independent prop-erties ranging from 2 diamond to 4 diamond status.

    6 There are numerous venues to choose from, whether you are aim-ing for traditional or eclectic, there is something that will suit your style here in Niagara.

    7 Natureits synonymous with Niagara, and its because we have lots of it! If its getting out on the golf green you crave, we have dozens of world-class courses. If its a hike you fancy, there are endless trails highlighting the best Niagara scenery has to offer.

    8 Our nightlife is bold and bountiful. Whether you want to do your evening networking nestled in an authentic cozy Irish pub, or sit-back in one of our many street patio lounges, posh it up in our casino lounges or dance to the hottest hits, there is a spot waiting for you.

    9 We have Vegas style shows, but with a particular Niagara touch! Whether its live theatre, magic or music you think your delegates will enjoy, its on stage here.

    10 The Niagara Falls Tourism Team has an incredible wealth of ex-perience and expertise that can help you plan the perfect conference.

    43.1167 N, 79.0667 W

    Why Niagara? Niagara is a pretty happening place. Every year, its growing; its getting more enticing and more innovative. Its a really fun (and beautiful) place to live, and its an exciting place to discover as a visitor. There really are a multitude of reasons why you ll want to consider having your next meeting or conference here in Niagara Falls:


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    FARM TOfrom


  • www.fallsmeetings.com11

    A REGION SOAKED IN THE SEDUCTIVE AROMAS OF ITSELFIts been called the Burgundy of Canada. Niagara is an agricultural region with a large number of small farms. Drive the back roads and the checker board landscape reveals orchards, fields, gardens, vineyards and greenhouses.

    Depending on the time of year you could pass corduroy fields of strawberries with people dotting the green horizon picking to their hearts content. You may wonder why there is a crimson colour to an orchard youre passing and then you realize youre salivating for the deep red, ripe, sweet taste of cherries. Or perhaps youre biking the back roads and all you can smell is the sweet, vinous aromas of another Niagara grape harvest. Niagara is soaked in the seductive aromas and sights of its own fare.

    In between the abundant orchards and lush, green vegetable gardens are net covered blue-berry farms, hay-covered endive fields, fra-grant, acres of purple lavender, a fromagerie, heritage pig farms, Highland cattle ranches

    and farms that sell chickens, rabbits and eggs. Roadside signs are traditionally hand painted and pounded into the ends of laneways alert-ing drivers of the farmers daily offering.

    Summers are full of multiple harvests with road-side stands and farmers markets overflowing with fresh strawberries, raspber-ries, corn, tomatoes, onions, lettuces, plums, peaches and apricots. Get out of the city and drive through the back roads where the true flavours of a region are found in the fields. Its most likely youll catch a farmer loading his truck with tomatoes still warm from the summer sunshine and wet from the morning dew. A wagon full of just harvested garlic sits to the side of the field littered with dried garlic stalks while melons dot another field like a young girls polka-dot dress. Follow that truck as it meanders through the countryside for it will most likely lead to a great restaurant where tomatoes will be featured on the menu that day, ripe and juicy, rich in flavour and screaming of pure joy as theyre bathed simply in a sweet, aged balsamic and sea salt.

    Niagara is a region of culinary smells, sights, sounds and moods. Each and every harvest emits their own aromas, like the church bell calling parishioners to mass, local food calls to hungry eaters and they gorge themselves on perfectly ripened, incredibly succulent local food until its all gone. They eat their fill of gooseberries, zucchini flowers, sweet peas, yellow corn, yellow plums and then never eat these foods again for the rest of the year.

    More than that, each season in Niagara has a food purpose. The summer is for can-ning and preserving, the fall is for wine and sausage making, while the winter months are occupied with pasta and bread baking. When you live in Niagara, food and cooking is about more than just filling your stomach. Its a way to share, to love and to be connected to your food and your surroundings.

    Its called the rhythm of a region and suc-cumbing to this rhythm means always craving the next harvest and next season. Its about the powerful seduction and bewitching culinary hold that hits you in your psyche, makes your juices flow and your appetite ache.

    So what makes Niagara so agriculturally prolific you ask? Its about geography. Niagara is surrounded by water that warms in the summer. In the fall when the weather turns cooler, the warmth from the water rises and is then trapped in the region by the Niagara escarpment. This warmth prolongs a grow-ing season and moderates the climate so all produce grows slowly, building flavours (and nutrition), balancing acidity and producing excitement in flavours found no where else in North America.

    Its the reason why people drive to Niagara from near and far to indulge in the sweet straw-berries, juicy cherries and succulent peaches. Tomato plants grow in fields next to vineyards, each affected by the same soil, climate and geological influences. Each achieving similar characteristics of lively acidity and full, ripe flavours. Animals graze in pastures and grass-lands also affected by the same influences, a...