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  • NIHR Supporting collaboration in life sciences research

    Dr Matt Hallsworth - Head of External Relations, NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI)


    Discovery Development Delivery Data

    Expert UK researchers are supported by expert research funders and charities: ● Medical Research Council (MRC)

    – Strong basic / discovery science portfolio

    ● Innovate UK - Supports the Cell Therapy Catapult - Developing the Precision Medicine Catapult - Funds promising SME-led translational projects via the Biomedical Catalyst

    ● Wellcome Trust and medical research charities – Rich and diverse disease focused research programmes

    Research funders build capabilities and directly support academic research and collaboration with partners including industry


    Discovery Development Delivery Data

    The NIHR is making clinical translation more efficient by:

    ● Investing in health research infrastructure to support experimental medicine and clinical trials

    ● Working with the Health Research Authority to streamline approvals for clinical research

    ● Encouraging patient participation in research studies

    ● Introducing performance metrics for patient recruitment and study start-up

    ● Unlocking data and bioresources to enable rapid recruitment, patient and disease stratification, and real world studies

    ● Simplifying access for industry via the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI)

    Early translation into clinical development underpinned by a dedicated, expert national infrastructure


    Late-phase clinical research

    NIHR Biomedical Research Centres

    Early-phase clinical research

    Invention Evaluation Adoption

    NIHR Biomedical Research Units

    NIHR Clinical Research Facilities

    Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres

    NIHR Clinical Research Network

    NIHR Health Technology Cooperatives

    NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Cooperatives


    > £0.5 billion p.a. investment in relevant infrastructure to support clinical research at all points in the development pipeline

    NIHR clinical research infrastructure

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    Enabling translation into the clinic: NIHR Biomedical Research Centres and Units

    Discovery Development Delivery Data

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    Structured models for collaboration: NIHR Translational Research Partnerships (TRPs)

    Discovery Delivery Data

    36 NHS Trusts and University partners

    Single Point of contact for









    Kings College



    Barts & London


    University College London


    Operational Management



    Respiratory Inflammatory Diseases

    Joint & Related Inflammatory Disease

    Translationa l Research Partnership

    Academic Centre

    Academic Centre

    Academic Centre

    Academic Centre

    Academic Centre

    Academic Centre

    Academic Centre

    Academic Centre

    Academic Centre

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    Dementia TRC • Formed of NIHR Dementia BRUs and BRCs with Dementia theme

    - Cambridge, Imperial, King’s, Newcastle, Oxford and UCL • Industry Collaborations:

    – Identification of new Biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease • All D-TRC centres plus industry partner

    – Deep and Frequent Phenotyping project: early biomarkers in AD • Pre-competitive industry consortium, broad industry interest; co-funded by NIHR and MRC

    Rare Diseases TRC • 13 disease themes plus cross-cutting paediatric theme; deep phenotyping

    projects of rare diseases • Complements and links with other national and international initiatives.

    Discovery Development Delivery Data

    Structured models for collaboration: NIHR Translational Research Collaborations (TRCs)

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    Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMCs)

    Discovery Delivery Data

    ECMCs are jointly funded by Cancer Research UK, the NIHR in England and the Departments of Health for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    •ECMC Network is made of up 18 Centres across the UK. •Support pioneering, early-stage clinical trials and translation of scientific discoveries into new cancer treatments for patients. •Both adult and paediatric centres. •

    Discovery Development Delivery Data


    Diagnostic Evidence Co-operatives act as a catalyst for the generation of high-quality evidence of clinical validity, clinical utility, cost effectiveness and care pathway benefits of commercially-supplied IVDs.

    Diagnostic Evidence Co-operatives are focused on: • Enabling collaboration between clinicians and other healthcare professionals,

    patients, the IVD industry, providers of pathology services, NHS commissioners, academic researchers including health economists, and patient groups.

    • Creating new, world-class methodologies for IVD assessment, where required

    Enabling translation into the clinic: Diagnostic Evidence Co-operatives (DECs)

    Discovery Delivery DataDiscovery Development Delivery Data


    Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Gut health, Infectious diseases, Metabolic medicine, Primary Care, Respiratory diseases.

    Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust Primary care IVDs: Horizon scanning and rapid reviews to identify new and emerging IVDs, Identifying unmet needs for IVDs, Integrating primary care with laboratory services, Patient, carer and clinician factors in implementing IVDs, improving evidence for primary care IVDs.

    Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust Cancer, Cardiovascular disease and stroke, Genetics, Infection, Liver disease, Musculoskeletal disease, Respiratory, Transplantation.

    Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Liver diseases, Musculoskeletal diseases, Renal diseases.

    Enabling translation into the clinic: Diagnostic Evidence Co-operatives (DECs)

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    Delivering clinical trials at pace and at scale: NIHR Clinical Research Network

    Discovery Development Delivery Data


    • 15 Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRNs)

    • Research active clinicians across 30 therapy areas

    • Detailed understanding of care pathways

    • Flexible deployment of resources

    • Links with rest of UK

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    The NIHR supports access to unrivalled, clinically-coded health data and biorepositories, to better understand disease and care pathways.

    Unlocking data to drive innovation

    More than 60 million people are served by a National Health System

    ●Example data resources: – UK Biobank is a unique resource of data and

    samples linked to medical histories and health records from 500,000 adult participants.

    – Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) enables observational studies, clinical trial feasibility and protocol optimisation, post-market surveillance, and the collection of patient-reported outcomes and samples.

    – NIHR BioResource enables recall to clinical studies by genotype and phenotype and helps stratify and select patients for trials

    Discovery Development Delivery Data

    UK data can support ambitious population and research studies, innovative and adaptive clinical trial design, and even real world studies and better clinical decision making

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    Accessing expertise and capabilities

    Discovery Delivery Data

    To work with the NIHR infrastructure contact the team at:

    • Signposting • Finding the right experts • Introduction • Advice and tools to establish collaborations